WWE Super Show-Down review 6.10.18

WWE Super Show-Down review 6.10.18

WWE Super Show-Down 6th October 2018


Wow, we got another big show here, Melbourne Cricket Stadium is for sure one amazing stadium, definitely has the feel of Wrestle Mania, (despite the big tarp covering entirety of upper left side of stadium, but let us ignore that and focus on the positives) WWE have insanely great production and the set looks brilliant, no matter how this show is, be it mediocre or great at least it looks pretty great!


Smackdown Tag Team Champions New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus)

This opener is for the Smackdown Tag Titles. These two teams have had countless matches over last three years and they are never bad and on all too many of occasions they are great, (see 8/7 Smackdown). This was real good, like most New Day matches it had a great sense of urgency, every move they did was cool looking but also felt like it was something they were aiming to damage The Bar with. It was really a bit paint by numbers as compared to other matches these have had but it worked, pretty hot crowd and a few great spots and you got a *** ¼ opener. One Thing I will note is that this match made me continue to want Cesaro & Sheamus to split, they are a great team but a little stale in some ways, where as New Day should never split up, even if Big E goes singles, he has to stay in New Day, they are the best group in WWE by far. Star Rating *** ¼


Smackdowns Womens Champion Becky Lynch vs Charlotte

Becky vs Charlotte

This is for the Womens title.I am Actually pretty high on this feud despite WWE doing it completely wrong, both have had some really good matches recently and Becky is on fire at the moment. Unlike the summerslam match they had, which was very engaging and well worked this, just wasn’t that great, it got pretty good towards the ending as they picked up the pace and crowd got into it, but the portion where Charlotte was on top wasn’t all that engaging and mix in the bad finish which was to be expected in hindsight and it was disappointing. Star Rating ***


Bobby Lashley & John Cena vs Elias & Kevin Owens

Elias is insanely over everywhere, who’d have thought the under card guy in NXT that was dry as dust getting “drift away” chants would have every crowd he has, no matter the size at his every word it is lovely to see. As for the match itself I literally cannot remember anything that happened outside of the finish it isn’t worth your time really, the finish though and John Cena himself need to be talked about. Right so, John has been in China for the last three months for a film role, he has turned into… Matt Damon…JBL….The guy who sold you, your car at the Suzuki Garage….Simpsons character in real life…Cricket player…yer Da if you were born somewhere upper class but still very handsome. John also won with a new finisher “the 6th move of doom” in which he charged up and punched Elias in the face. Star Rating **


Asuka & Naomi vs The IIconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

The IIconics get a good reaction in their home country here and that is all you need to know about this match. It was awful. Star Rating *


WWE Champion AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

No DQ match here for the WWE Title, this is the third instalment of this feud, it is almost a carbon copy (match wise) as the Nakamura feud but much better. The theme early on in this match seemed to be how hard can Joe hit AJ and how hard can AJ bump for him and it was great. This continued for a while untill a sick Electric chair drop spot through a table, Joe injures his knee, tremendous sell job from Joe and AJ takes advantage and targets the knee,even hitting a springboard 450 on Joe’s knee which is kind of strange, why do a 450 but hey AJ is 41 and can do a 450 so I won’t question him. This portion is where the match really picked up. Really loved this, as great as all the Joe/Styles matches have been they lacked that angry AJ and here you got it. You got some great moments in this too with Joe pulling out an Emerald Flowsion as well as a brilliant sleeper suplex, basically this match ruled and I hope they continue wrestling each other. Star Rating ****


Bella Twins & Ronda Rousey vs The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan)

This is I guess to preview Evolution and give Bellas and Ronda a win. The Match was nothing, absolutely nothing, thought the added edge of Brie having actually knocked Liv Morgan out last week would have added something, so this was a nothing match, but a harmless one with Ronda winning by hitting her double arm bar on Liv and Sarah for the win. Star Rating * ¼


Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy

This is the most anticipated match of this show for me, Aussie National Buddy Murphy challenging for the Cruiserweight Title. Cedric also hasn’t been pinned all year. (I hated the way they introduced Buddy here by the way, despite being the challenger he came out last and Jojo introduced him before his music hit, completely killed any big pop he would have got). Commentary pointing out that both men have been frequently cutting weight to wrestle in this division. This starts off with a ridiculously high pace, Murphy hits a high knee for a near fall straight away then ridiculously overshoots on a tope. Excellent spot follows not soon there after, Buddy tried twice to run up the top rope and superplex, failing both times and on the third gets caught with a top rope Michinoku driver. This is ridiculously creative. I won’t even try and keep up with the sequences that follow. This was an absolutely great match with a hot crowd fully behind Buddy Murphy and a brilliant moment with Buddy Murphy winning. Seek this out. Star Rating ****


Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs The Shield (Ambrose,Reigns,Rollins)

For some reason Braun is a heel despite being one of, if not the most over person in WWE, but he is aligned with Dolph and Drew who are a fantastic team so I guess it works. Shield are the Shield, never not very good at least. This match was very lethargic, It had arguably the 6 hottest acts on the Raw Brand but the crowd (although it followed the Cruiserweight Title match and they also really weren’t given much to shout about early on) were very quiet for half of this and despite some pretty good action, it was just really hard to care for this, maybe if this was the main event it would be different. Star Rating ***


Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

This match is for number one contendership for the WWE Title and it is very good that they are doing a singles match in front of so many people considering it won’t be the big Wrestle Mania match that a lot of people want. It is amazing how badly WWE have botched the Bryan return. This match went 2 minutes 25 seconds after a roll up from Bryan, I don’t know if this was a botch or not, if it was, that is a shame, if not though I can’t even comprehend thinking this is a good idea. Star Rating N/R


The Undertaker vs Triple H

So this is a match that literally no one asked for at all, also no one asked for HBK and Kane to be ringside either, but here it is main eventing the Australian Wrestlemania. It is a No DQ match which is actually a good thing. Despite the overall negativity and sighing about this match, it does have a big match feel and I do like both wrestlers. Both men have slugged about for 7 minutes and get a “this is awesome” chant, I don’t know why, it isn’t awesome, it sucks. My lazy description of this match is, “imagine a Undertaker vs Triple H match with all of their key spots” and you are right on the button, nothing new here, it went 27 minutes and I don’t know what was achieved from this. I didn’t enjoy it. Star Rating ** ¼   



This overall was an alright show, two great matches, some decent under card matches, great Wrestle Mania like production, but a lot of bad and just way too long. Bring on Crown Jewel!!!!

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