PWH Live in Rotterdam (4.7.19) review

PWH Live in Rotterdam (4.7.19) review

PWH Live in Rotterdam


April 7 2019


We’re in Rotterdam, Netherlands at Worm Rotterdam. I’ve been meaning to watch a Pro Wrestling Holland show for a while but they weren’t putting up full shows. This is actually on YouTube so here we go!



PWH is the place where Jurn Simmons, Emil Sitoci and Dirty Dragan made their names. This is an odd show because Jurn and Sitoci are too busy and therefore we have less big hitters in action here, which I am fine with because it means finding new names. As with 3-2-1 Battle and Kaiju comms comes over the house mic. I find that works better with comedy promotions but maybe we’re in for a few laughs here.


We have a fairly basic set up. The room looks like a nightclub and is dark and boxy. I can imagine this being a discotheque or one of those drug fueled raves I hear so much about.



PWH Tag Team Championship

Work Hard Play Hard (Joel Vox & Rami Romeo) (c) vs. The Circus

Maverick Rennson is the ringmaster for the Circus. The various masked weirdos are interchangeable. If you look up this card on Cagematch it has ???’s next to the guys because who knows? Rami Romeo is fun to watch. He’s very fired up. The tope he hits is great. The champs retain and the Circus lived up to their name. This was short, like five minutes, and didn’t outstay its welcome at all.

Final Rating: **


Georges Khoukaz vs. John Francis

Cagematch has this as Dr Butt vs. John Francis but I can tell you that’s not accurate. Khoukaz is a much larger man with “Jesus” tattooed on his arm. Francis is Dutch but has done that weird thing of anglicizing his name. It’s such a dumb European thing of making yourself sound English so you don’t stand out at all Internationally. Khoukaz has some dodgy looking strikes. They don’t do much for me. Francis is far better at striking but has a dumb name. Francis looks like he’ll finish off the top but Khoukaz has a mate (Zafar Ameen) who crotches John on the ropes and it’s a DQ finish. Hmm. I didn’t enjoy this.

Final Rating: *1/4



UFO Joe vs. Zafar Ameen

Ameen is already in the ring, the cheating bastard, so UFO Joe gets to look special by having his entrance afterwards. Shame he doesn’t wrestle in the weird goggles/LED hairpiece. Joe, when stripped of gimmick, is just a hairy guy who yells “come on” and wants crowd support. I’m sad the gimmick hasn’t been thought through. When they keep it basic this match is ok. There’s a lot of headlocks and that’s fine as Joe is trying to thrive off the crowd support but when they switch it up, the clothesline to the back of the head for example, the wheels totally fall off. I’m sure in a pre-match discussion some of this stuff sounded great but in real life it doesn’t work. Like Joe getting a two rope run up to hit a bulldog. And not even a good bulldog. The John Cena, I’m gonna hit something better in a second, bulldog. Joe picks up the win and this struggled to find a groove throughout. At least the crowd were into it.

Final Rating: *3/4


Chong vs. George Meddleson

Chong has misplaced his “Young Money”. Meddleson is better known to us as Dr Butt. You can see from the opening armdrag that both guys have trained in wXw and gotten sharper than the average guy around here. Technique wise we jump up quite a bit here.

The crowd are very pro-Chong, which isn’t exactly the plan of the match and they have to wing it a bit. Which again is testament to their experience in wXw. Imagine if UFO Joe had gotten heat?

They do some butt stuff, as you’d expect with Dr Butt involved. They end up getting a lot out of very little. They don’t have to kill each other to get mad reactions. It’s Chong pointing his finger and Meddleson pointing his fingers with shit on them. It works. Meddleson misses with a diving Oil Check, which could have been fatal (or fecal, one or the other) and Chong is able to score the win. A great example of how less can be more. They built around character and had a smart match.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Kenzo Richards vs. Ymah Pain


Pain is a 6’4” giant of a man with a decade of in-ring experience. Kenzo has been wrestling in Holland for some 15 years. He’s definitely a veteran of a relatively weak Dutch scene. Pain is such a big man that his sheer presence amuses the crowd. He barely has to leave his feet to get a pop. Which is ideal for him. It speaks volumes about this crowd that Pain breaks a chair out and the crowd chant “E-C-Dub”, a company that’s been dead for 18 years. They proceed to do some inane stuff with the chair. Kenzo wins with a Russian legsweep. This was plodding, cumbersome and did nothing for me whatsoever.

Final Rating: **


Carlos Roberto vs. Dirty Dragan


Dragan is looking skinny. His opponent is a big dude and he has backup. Zero10 run in and it’s a no contest. Tengkwa, Johnny Evers and Rico Bushido make the save. I’m a little sad that’s it. Just a few moves and we move on to the main.

Final Rating: NR


Zero10 (Daniel van Kuijk, Max Damon & Santos) vs. Tengkwa, Johnny Evers & Rico Bushido

Rico just got a nice workout at AMBITION so he’s out here throwing kicks like he belongs in the main event. Considering this is the main event the heels don’t draw much heat and I get the feeling the Dutch crowds would rather cheer their faves than boo the bad guys. The match works fine when they stick to basics. Heat on Evers is fine. Hot tag to Tengkwa is fine. Monkey flip into a double heel KO…less good. There are some clumsy moments in there, for sure. Evers comes out of this looking the best. He’s consistently solid. We get a ref bump and a really obvious heel turn. If you run in with a chair and delay hitting the heels with a babyface within swinging range you’re turning heel. Tengkwa eats the pin and this was some 20 minutes long for that finish. I can’t say I liked this much.

Final Rating: *1/2



I don’t think it’s in any way fair to call this “bad”. It was done on a small budget with local wrestlers in an area of Europe that has next to no scene. And the show was missing the two top stars in Dutch wrestling in Jurn Simmons and Emil Sitoci. There were angles that I didn’t entirely get because of the language barrier and as a whole the show seemed to do well with the crowd in the building. So it’s hard to hate on it for those reasons. However, if you’re looking for recommendations it’s hard to give any reason for seeing this. There are a lot of small Indies all over the world putting on shows around this level. Why watch this one in particular? Aside from a smartly worked Dr Butt vs. Chong match there’s nothing really to see here. Hopefully the Dutch scene picks up as rivalling scenes have done so in recent years and Holland feels fairly accessible in Western Europe. Everywhere that has a big wrestling fanbase can get there quite easily. Plus they’ve taken to putting shows on YouTube so if they got good they’d be immediately available for the entire world to see. We’ll put these guys in the ‘revisit in 12 months’ folder.

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