PWG All Star Weekend Night 1 (4.20.18)

PWG All Star Weekend Night 1 (4.20.18)

20th April 2018


Back in sunny Reseda, California for the first night of PWG All Star Weekend. Having just come off their first show outside the American Legion Hall since 1/29/12 they are back for its last weekend. Excalibur is on commentary.

Rey Horus vs Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee hasn’t wrestled for PWG since last All Star Weekend, Excalibur lets us know this is because of a “150 day suspension” and “stakes his claim as PWG’s prodigal son” and wants a title shot. It is nice to see Trevor back in PWG because he is a brilliant wrestler but PWG is the only place he seems to actually have good matches anymore. Match starts off hot with a hurricanrana pin attempt straight off the bat and the match along with the crowd continued to stay hot the entire time. Rey Horus did some of his absolute mad moves again and gelled so well with Trevor. This was a perfect opening match, it was hot action the entire time with a clear babyface and heel that didn’t overstay its welcome at the under 12 minute mark. Star Rating (****)


Bandido vs Taiji Ishimori

This is Bandido’s second match for PWG and his first match in Reseda, this is also Taiji Ishimori’s PWG Debut, he had not long left NOAH and started his debut run for NJPW, which couldn’t have gone better, this run hadn’t happened yet so this is strange to see after the fact.

Wow this match starts off hot, you can see how excited the crowd are to see this match, they go mad for the opening first few minutes of exchanges, including Bandido’s slow backwards handstand flip.

This match had some of its not necessarily sloppy moments, but stuttering in some of the spots, but that was a minimal, as they pulled off some incredible spots like a pop up cutter spot with Ishimori getting some of the most insane elevation I’ve ever seen from a pop up spot and the crowd brought into everything. A Very good match, not quite great but absolutely zero complaints. Star Rating (*** ¾)


Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) vs. Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Tyler Bateman)

This is a very interesting match, the second time Ringkampf have tagged in PWG & the first time seeing Violence Unlimited as a team and Tyler Bateman in PWG. First thing to notice is how clearly the crowd want Brody King & WALTER interactions, so they started off with a strength battle and they tease them having the inevitable chop fest for a little while, this meaning Thatcher & Bateman were doing quite a bit of the wrestling in the beginning as the match had a rhythm for half of it, where King & WALTER would be on the outside, each would get tagged in be it King hot tag against Thatcher & WALTER against Bateman leading into the big moment and did the crowd lose their minds, did they ever.

Then the latter portion starting with Brody doing some really good big lad lucha spots spurned the tag move onslaught from Violence Unlimited, Bateman didn’t really get much shine apart from this part of the match. This match was great in so many ways, really what I love about tag wrestling and did wonders for all involved. Star Rating (**** ¼)


Morgan Webster vs Robbie Eagles vs Sammy Guevara

Thanks goodness Sammy Guevara is in this match as he has had a brilliant PWG run so far, whereas Robbie Eagles hasn’t impressed me in what I’ve seen of him and quite frankly Morgan Webster is a awful wrestler. This match was all highspots which is what you would expect of course and Sammy did his part in this match very well, he was very well timed and his stuff looked great whereas Webster was a pure stain on this match and Eagles was good but not good enough really, match would have been much better as Guevara vs Eagles. Star Rating (** ¾)


Joey Janela vs Jonah Rock

This was not the most appealing match on paper, Janela has very bad in PWG since becoming a regular, Jonah is a very good wrestler but yet to really do anything of note in PWG, but this match did start off pretty well with Janela and Rock brawling into the crowd including Rock military pressing Janela into the crowd.

If there was more of this in the crowd brawling, which isn’t ideal but it suits this kind of match, then I’d have been happier with it but instead they tried to do the ‘resilient Janela vs the monster’ and it just didn’t work as Janela isn’t good enough to make it work. Match had some fire to it towards the end with Janela hitting a nice Orihara moonsault and few nice moves but he had already killed my interest in the match at the five minute mark. Star Rating (** ¾)


Hangman Page vs PWG Champion Keith Lee

This is Hangman’s PWG debut, I am surprised it took so long for him to get in PWG, he seems like the perfect fit and being with the Bucks etc, just a perfect match. This is also Keith’s first match since winning the title and is a non title match. Hangman hasn’t tanned his back for some reason, everything else is tanned beside his back, maybe because of back bumps etc. I couldn’t tell you but the crowd, Keith and I found this hilarious so after five minutes the match starts.

This match was strange, It was very good but it really had some off moments one being a Ganso bomb on Keith that I don’t know got the required affect and Hangman definitely did do well in this match but It was a bit too much of friendly, funny Keith and Hangman doesn’t have the real charisma to match it so it felt a bit off. These two definitely could have had a fantastic match but as it stands it was a very good match that warrants a watch. Star Rating (*** ½)


PWG Tag Team Champions Chosen Bros (Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle) vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Chosen Bros making their second title defence here against PWG legends and 4x champions The Young Bucks and the the new to PWG, well Zachary anyway the team of The Rascalz or as they are known in FCP and AAW “Scarlet & Graves” .


Won’t go move by move as like any PWG three way it is just too much, what I will note is that at the start of the match and later on at the ¾ mark, there was a lot of interaction between Riddle & Xavier and I would love to see that match along the line, anyway Rascalz impressed early on, the crowd were into Wentz straight away, all it took was a heated exchange with the Bucks.

This match went from well oiled great three way tag action to pandemonium, in a good way though. After one of the Bucks’ brilliant superkick sequences they knocked out Justin the referee, Chosen Bros get a visual fall on the Rascalz & just as they are about to win Nick takes out another ref, so we are fifteen minutes in and two referees down when Rick Knox, who is injured comes out and counts two before giving the Bucks the bird and a superkick, yes that happened and yes it was actually good in the moment.

Chosen Bros dispose of the Bucks, get Xavier up for their finish when Xavier reverses into a holding crucifix, Wentz comes off the top with a meteora and 1,2,3. New Champs, The Rascalz. The match went from really good on its way to great as a wrestling match standpoint, but ventured into PWG territory as of course it would and was great as a fun,exciting match rather than a classic, if you are ok with the PWG shenanigans. Star Rating (**** ¼)


Night one of All Star Weekend was a very good show, you have two fantastic matches, one great and a whole lot of good and a hell of a show overall leading into night two.

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