NXT Notes – June 05, 2019

NXT Notes – June 05, 2019

It’s the traditional post-TakeOver show this week, so there are two featured matches which were filmed in front of the TakeOver crowd. Mia Yim and Bianca Belair have their third match, they currently hold one victory each. And Keith Lee faces Kona Reeves. Other than that, we can expect the usual assortment of match recaps and post-match interviews.


Keith Lee def. Kona Reeves

Mia Yim def. Bianca Belair


The show started with the overall recap package for NXT TakeOver XXV then we were straight into the first match.

Keith Lee vs Kona Reeves

Can anyone remember the last time Kona Reeves won a match? Me neither. Something suggested that this wasn’t going to be his lucky night either, that being the fact he was fighting Keith Lee.

Things didn’t start well for Reeves and he collapsed against the ropes after an innocuous-looking lading, clutching his knee. He ref back Lee off and while they were talking, Reeves jumped up and headbutted him.

Keith Lee leapfrogs Kona Reeves
Credits: wwe.com

Even after that, it took Reeves a bit of time to get Keith Lee off his feet, but he eventually managed it. A knee to Lee’s face gave Reeves the opportunity to cover, but he barely got a one count.

Lee fought back into it but Reeves halted his momentum by dragging him into the ropes. Reeves best chance of the match came after a very impressive slam.

Unfortunately for Reeves, that was his last chance of the match. A pounce and a Limit Breaker finished it in Keith Lee’s favour.

The first recap of the night was for Shayna Baszler’s successful title defence against Io Shirai, and the fallout after the match. The brief post-match interview went to Io Shirai. All she said was ‘I’m not done with Shayna’.

Io Shirai and Candice LeRae have a match against Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir next week.

The next recap was for the NXT Tag Team Championship match and we got to see some very enthusiastic celebrating from the new champions, Street Profits. They dragged their cameraman into being in the shot with them then went off to get him some of their merch. Their title reign is going to be fun.

Recap three was for the North American Championship match between Velveteen Dream and the newly returned Tyler Breeze. Velveteen Dream retained. Prince Pretty got the post-match interview and was asked what’s next. He said, if we’re being really honest with ourselves, that match could have gone either way. Velveteen is North American Champion for a reason. He knew it coming in, but after that they have gained respect for each other. The point is he’s back in NXT and he sees the landscape has changed a little bit. Not only with Velveteen, but with the entire locker room. But he’s not going anywhere.

Damian Priest (Punishment Martinez) is on his way to NXT.

Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is still too fond of posturing when things are going her way, and it cost her the early momentum in the match. Mia Yim was al business, but Belair tipped things in her favour when she slammed Yim face first into the mat.

An abdominal stretch slowed Yim down and a gutbuster put her down for two. Belair followed with a bow and arrow submission to keep the pressure on, but Yim wouldn’t submit and struggled out, landing on top of Belair for a one count.

Belair kept working on Yim’s ribs, but stopped for a pose when she should have been piling on the punishment and her next move landed her with Yim’s knees impacting her inner thighs.

Bianca Belair stretches Mia Yim

Mia Yim sent her into the ropes and rolled her over for a cover, but Belair kicked out and slammed her face into the mat again. Yim went for an arm-breaker, but Belair put Yim’s shoulders on the mat to make her break it. Yim’s guillotine was broken by Belair dropping Yim’s back to the mat.

Yim shoved Belair out of the ring, Belair wrapped her around the post and pulled, Yim grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the post.

They slugged it out at ringside. Yim reversed Belair’s elevated double chicken wing and sent Belair into the steps. Mia Yim rolled Belair back into the ring at eight.

The desperation and brutality increased from both of them from then. Belair kicked out of a Code Blue. Mia Yim kicked out of a series of pin attempts and almost got a submission with another guillotine. She got out of it by tossing Yim over her head, aggravating the existing rib damage.

Finally, Mia Yim delivered Protect Ya Neck from the top turnbuckle and got the win. She cried after she’d won.

Drew Gulak was interviewed after his loss against Kushida last week, and we got to see it. He didn’t take kindly to someone else being called the best submission specialist in the world and was insulted by being pinned. He’s challenging Kushida to a Submission match. That’s next week.

Also next week, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch face Undisputed ERA to get some of the leftover TakeOver angst out. Roderick Strong will take Bobby Fish’s place alongside Kyle O’Reilly because Fish was injured in the TakeOver match.

The final segment went to the recap and fallout of the NXT Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole, which saw Cole become the new NXT Champion. Surprisingly, there was no post-match interview, just footage of Cole celebrating in the ring with the rest of Undisputed ERA.

Final word

Next week’s episode is quite well set up already, with three announced matches. Post-TakeOver is always the most interesting time. There is revenge to be had, then new feuds to set up and new title challengers to find. It is a few weeks where the possibilities are endless, before the build to the next TakeOver (SummerSlam weekend?) begins. Let’s hope the feeling of optimism lasts when the storylines start to unfold.

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