Furious 100 (June 2018) Top Ten

Furious 100 (June 2018) Top Ten



As long as he is able to walk into a professional wrestling ring this guy is going to be great. He’s already a legend and has basically destroyed his body saving New Japan. His back is fucked. He seems to break a new limb every year. He’ll probably hobble into G1 with one kneecap hanging off or one foot taped on. And he’ll still have great matches. I am a month older than Hiroshi Tanahashi so I’ve been there watching his whole career and it embarrasses me how great this guy is. The only thing I had on him was my hair but he’s spent the past 10 years gradually making his hair the best trait he has and he’s one of the best professional wrestlers of all time! I hate him. I also love him. I’m conflicted. His career makes me very depressed.




I initially put Tanahashi just above Suzuki but then was reminded of the way MiSu treated Tyler Bate in January. Beating him and utterly no selling for one of the most talented wrestlers in the world because he perceived him as being not worthy and devoid of character. In turn Tyler has completely changed his entire personality. He was that badly shook here! MiSu makes sure them young boys get the shit kicked out of them, year in, year out and he doesn’t stop there. You have to earn Suzuki’s respect. That’s what pro wrestling is about at the very highest level.




The Man of the Hour. The King of the Ring. Bask in his Glory! When I’ve been looking over Indie talent in recent years the one guy who seemed destined to conquer the world was Keith Lee. The things he can do in the ring are only comparable to the incredible personality he brings with him at all times. He feels larger than life. And he has his own dope entrance music. I’ve spoken to him and he feels so down to earth. He still feels like he’s learning and he’s going to kill it in NXT and I can see him winning the WWE title one day. He has every conceivable tool.




If Sekimoto wrestled for NJPW and not BJW he’d be a household name (relatively) the same way that all of NJPW’s top boys are. I keep hoping for him to get a G1 spot. I keep hoping he’ll just go to New Japan and establish himself as a goddamn all-timer. I get the feeling his work is somewhat hidden right now. An absolute beast.




In recent years Big Kaz has taken over the top end of New Japan and I was far more into him chasing Tanahashi and finally capturing the gold and then defeating Tana at Wrestle Kingdom. That was the hunt. I loved that. Since he’s been on top a string of great matches, and snazzy pants, have defined him and I feel like he doesn’t need my support as much. What keeps him this high is that I know how much he loves the other members of CHAOS and how much of a nerd he is at heart. He can pretend to be a tough guy all he wants but he’s not and that’s why I like him.




An incredibly talented young man. When he first went to NJPW I knew he’d improve and he was already fucking great at that point. What’s happened has been twofold. One: he’s learned how to effectively sell without hurting his massive repertoire of Movez. Two: he’s switched his offence around to become better at the hard-hitting puroresu style. His strikes are way better now. The Decapitation Elbow is evidence of this. Plus he’s changed his finish from the underwhelming OsCutter to the far more stylish Stormbreaker. He’s great at telling stories in the ring and even his promos are getting great. If he could be less idiotic on Twitter he’d be perfect. Also, he needs to tone down the verbalisation of his selling.




With the exception of Manami Toyota, she might be my favourite women’s wrestler of all time. I’m incredibly thrilled that I got the chance to meet her and also thrilled that she was a delight. Again, with almost all Japanese women, she really only has her height to count against her. Her in-ring style is as intense and hard-hitting as anyone. I watch an entire promotion just because of her (Sendai Girls).




The best technician in the world today. The smoothest pro wrestler I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m still bothered that some of his bumps don’t look right (the Rainmaker ones for example) but otherwise he’s the perfect mixture of skill and cockiness. The best exponent of the British style since William Regal’s heyday but without Regal’s issues away from the ring. An artist.




If all you see with WALTER is the chops then you’re not paying attention. Yes, he does have some of the best chops in wrestling. Maybe the absolute best. Yeah, he cuts people up with them in vicious fashion. However WALTER is also capable of wrestling different styles and telling different stories. He’s one of the best trainers currently working and he’s passing this information along to the next generation of pro wrestlers. He feels like a Big Match just by turning up and is one of the few wrestlers on this list I feel you must see live to appreciate his presence in the ring.




There’s a certain style of pro wrestling where two guys just leather each other and the toughest man wins. That’s the Ishii match. It’s not for everyone. I know some people who think it’s boring and that’s completely fine. What irks me somewhat is that people don’t understand the psychology behind Ishii’s matches. It’s the purest form of contest. Two guys who want to prove themselves superior, by honourable means. Ishii is so great at that. Whether it’s in dishing out abuse, not selling abuse or in finally collapsing after taking too much abuse. Ishii knows the beats of this match inside out and it never fails to get me fired up. Plus he’s lovely in person. He’s actually gone out of his way to speak to me when he sees me wearing his merch. He’s also the only wrestler I’ve ever paid to have a mark pic taken with. Ishii is the fucking best.


Ok, so here’s the list in full. My 100 current favourite wrestlers. Will this change in a year? I’m pretty sure it will. It’ll change by the middle of next week. I’m excited to see how much it changes or whether certain wrestlers will continue to head up the pack. Thanks for reading. See you soon!


1.       Tomohiro Ishii

2.       WALTER

3.       Zack Sabre Jr

4.       Meiko Satomura

5.       Will Ospreay

6.       Kazuchika Okada

7.       Daisuke Sekimoto

8.       Keith Lee

9.       Minoru Suzuki

10.   Hiroshi Tanahashi

11.   Kento Miyahara

12.   Yuji Hino

13.   Mayu Iwatani

14.   Kenny Omega

15.   Johnny Gargano

16.   Ilja Dragunov

17.   Rey Fenix

18.   Pete Dunne

19.   Io Shirai

20.   Kota Ibushi

21.   AJ Styles

22.   Matt Riddle

23.   Timothy Thatcher

24.   Oney Lorcan

25.   Katsuhiko Nakajima

26.   Hiromu Takahashi


28.   Tyler Bate

29.   Aleister Black

30.   LA Park

31.   Ricochet

32.   Tetsuya Naito

33.   Mark Haskins

34.   ACH

35.   Tommaso Ciampa

36.   Jun Akiyama

37.   Go Shiozaki

38.   Zeus

39.   Lucky Kid

40.   Chris Brookes

41.   Seth Rollins

42.   Kohei Sato

43.   Toni Storm

44.   Lars Sullivan

45.   Braun Strowman

46.   Masaaki Mochizuki

47.   Ronda Rousey

48.   Sasha Banks

49.   Absolute Andy

50.   Tam Nakano

51.   Hana Kimura

52.   Pentagon Jr

53.   SUGI

54.   Hirooki Goto

55.   Asuka

56.   Trent Seven

57.   Cesaro

58.   Kairi Sane

59.   Roman Reigns

60.   Shuji Ishikawa

61.   Samoa Joe

62.   Millie McKenzie

63.   Yuji Nagata

64.   Gene Munny

65.   Shingo Takagi

66.   Travis Banks

67.   Momo Watanabe

68.   Kyle O’Reilly

69.   Dirty Dragan

70.   Naomichi Marufuji

71.   Maho Kurone

72.   Sami Zayn

73.   Daisuke Harada

74.   Kazusada Higuchi

75.   Flamita

76.   Daniel Bryan

77.   Ruby Riott

78.   Zack Gibson

79.   Jurn Simmons

80.   Eli Everfly

81.   Shinsuke Nakamura

82.   Kevin Owens

83.   Takuya Nomura

84.   Masa Fuchi

85.   David Starr

86.   Daniel Makabe

87.   Killer Kelly

88.   Mike Bailey

89.   Shane Strickland

90.   Bryan Cage

91.   Flip Gordon

92.   SHO

93.   Jordan Devlin


95.   Alexa Bliss

96.   Chuck Mambo

97.   The Rotation

98.   Ryusuke Taguchi

99.   Doug Williams

100.                       Orange Cassidy

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