Rear Booze Reviews: Pirate’s Grog



Date Drank: April 28 2018


Pirate’s Grog has one of those stoppers that when you pull it out it makes a ‘blop’ noise. You can literally pull it out with your teeth too. It’s so goddamn satisfying. BLOP! I could have sat there all night just pulling the stopper out and popping it back in. I highly advise that you go and buy a bottle so you can do this. It’s £30 or so but it’s money well spent imo.


It also tastes divine. Cheap rum is utter bullshit. It may be the worst of all spirits. It is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. Pirate’s Grog does that too but it goes down smooth. I pretty much lapsed into a coma after a few drinks (although the beer chasers probably didn’t help because I had 6 or so).


There really is only one downside. It’s so delectably moreish that one glass is never enough and before long you’ll be slurring your words and singing shanties.


And really bad eggs.


Final Rating: *****

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