wXw Shotgun 371 review

wXw Shotgun 371 review

wXw Shotgun 371


We’re on the road to Tag League, which looks incredible on paper, so I’m very into Shotgun at the moment. I watched the super long version last week but didn’t review it.


Video Control kicks us off backstage where Thomas Giesen interviews Lucky Kid about the whole Tarkan Aslan situation. His ambition is to actually retire Tarkan Aslan. “This time for real”. That’s an upset man.


Elsewhere Fred Yehi is introduced to the Shotgun audience and Tarkan Aslan crashes the interview to propose an alliance or something. Curious! VT resumes outside on the mean streets of Oberhausen. Yehi gives Tarkan the slip under the ruse of taking a piss. No alliance there.


Jurn Simmons vs. Veit Muller


Muller has seemingly come from nowhere this year and become a commodity in wXw, wrestling a throwback style of old timey grappling. Or at least old timey German wrestling. He has a lot of size, power and technique. By doing that different style he really stands out, although most of what he’s doing is merely a throwback. It’s very well done. It terms of gimmick he can’t compete with Massive Jurn Simmons who has his character down. The whole match is rock solid, apart from a suspect shoulderbreaker where Jurn almost lands on his head. It all feels like gritty. Like I’m watching a match from the 70s. Jurn wins with a piledriver and I was into this.

Final Rating: **3/4




Video Control gives us a quick look at the card for Tag League (as above) before moving on to Cerberus chatting about the upcoming shows. Ilja is still bothered by how Absolute Andy tricked him at FAN. Bobby Gunns shows up to mock Dragunov’s inspirational Twitter game. Monster Consulting point out that Dragunov has issues with control and focus. Ilja is then jumped by Andy. Bad day at the office. Verbally beaten by Gunns, physically beaten by Andy.


Elsewhere Bobby Gunns shoots on just about everyone, pointing out he’s cashing in his title shot at Tag League. Andy is too old, Ilja too emotional. He’s planning on coasting in and bagging the strap.


Elsewhere Giesen interviews Julian Pace about the potential for him getting a Shotgun title match. Pace claims he’s been training hard over the summer. Tarkan Aslan shows up again to try and manipulate someone in that #1 contenders match.


Pace points out he’d rather lose than listen to Aslan, which gets him slapped. That Shotgun #1 contender’s match is intriguing. I could make a case for any of the four to win and challenge Al-Ani. Interesting that Emil Sitoci has not been involved in the storyline as yet.


Ringkampf vs. Lucky Kid & Fred Yehi


Lucky Kid’s transformation from ‘the weird one in RISE’ to one of wXw’s top stars has been incredible to watch. He deserves every success. It’s a prime example of investing in your character and believing in it. Thatch vs. Yehi is happening at Inner Circle. Given their mat interactions here I am very excited to see that. Ringkampf are the obvious favourites here. Both because they’re larger but also because of experience and they’re in Tag League (Yehi and LK are not). Lucky plays games with WALTER and that ends badly for him; at one point lying across the top rope while WALTER stands on his neck and groin. Thatcher looks like he’s enjoying himself. Once again he’s a true professional. He sells when he needs to, he dominates when he needs to. He knows his role. Both Lucky and Yehi give a good account of themselves in a competitive match. Yehi showing both mat skill and timely strikes. It’s a little less substantial than recent Ringkampf matches but the design is to show Lucky Kid as a proper heavyweight and Yehi as a threat. It gets that job done. Thatcher eventually catches Yehi in a Fujiwara Armbar and Ringkampf head into Tag League with a win under their belts.

Final Rating: ***1/2



I am so very hyped for World Tag Team League (#wXwWTTL) and you should be too! The cards are incredible. It promises to be a killer weekend of pro wrestling. Not just with the league itself but all the assorted feuds and dream matches around it. The weekend is stacked. I’ll be in Oberhausen that weekend. Hope to see you there!


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