wXw Shotgun 338 review

wXw Shotgun 338 review

wXw Shotgun 338


January 17 2018


Shotgun is a great TV show and one I’m going to attempt to keep up with in 2018. It won’t happen but I’ll be giving it a shot. Host is Jeremy Graves.


JayFK vs. Cash Crash & Oliver Carter

This is from Munich. Cash Crash is a nightmare for commentators. Especially as I already know a wrestler called Caz Crash. I’ve seen Oliver Carter elsewhere, in Rev Pro in fact, and he looked excellent. It’d be a good move for wXw to use him. This match actually took place on December 8th. JayFK are starting to really click as a tag team. They’re both good wrestlers in their own right but it’s taken time to gel as a team. They seem to be there now and you’d think by the time Tag League rolls around they’ll be top contenders for that. Some of their double teams are really nice. The move they almost killed Julian Nero is the finish here but they also have a spear/clothesline combo that works.

Final Rating: ***


Video Control takes us backstage where JayFK are fired up for 2018. Back to the Roots is shaping up nicely and JayFK are on the pre-show.


Elsewhere Starr is not best pleased with Jurn Simmons turning on him. Starr cuts a wonderful promo saying all he wanted to do in wXw was win 16 Carat but now all he can think about is Jurn. So first round of 16 Carat he wants Jurn in a no DQ, knockouts only match. Oh shit. That’s main event of night one. Only two months away! Excitement is real.


Chris Colen vs. Kim Ray

This is from the same show as the JayFK tag. Colen has Da Mack at Back to the Roots. A bout pitting a current RISE guy against a former RISE guy. Kim Ray is stuck in an odd spot with Colen having drifted back babyface. He’s almost defacto heel because he has nothing going on. wXw are very good at run-on booking but sometimes people fall through the cracks. Maybe he’s on the verge of something dastardly. He’s not particularly good at being a face. There are few awkward moments, thanks to miscommunication. It’s a pity because the general standard is good and Kim’s strikes are effective versus Colen’s power. Urinage sets up Angel’s Wings and Colen wins. Not a shock, considering Kim is rudderless and Colen has a big match at Back to the Roots.

Final Rating: **1/2


Video Control gives us clips of the Starr-Simmons feud and the subsequent Simmons-Dragan match that has been booked for Back to the Roots. Poor Dragan. So pure, so wholesome, so about to be dead.



Elsewhere WALTER cuts a shoot on that “rabble of a women’s division”. CMJ agrees and promises it’ll be better after Back to the Roots.



WALTER’s shot at Martina is harsh. WALTER seems to think Toni should just be given the belt. Also he’s confused by fridges until he discovers there’s nothing in them. I didn’t understand this. Ian Hamilton did. Here’s the explanation:



Absolute Andy vs. Juvenile X

The crowd greet Andy with chants of “Absolute Scheisse”. Excellent. I was worried he was going to get no heat for that turn. This is my first look at Juvenile X, who has been making a name for himself around Europe and got into the WCPW World Cup, German section. He lost to Lucky Kid. Andy treats him like crap, totally underestimates what he can do. X comes flipping out of some harsh looking spots, like the F5, only to get clubbed back down. Andy does some bang-up cheating including the old abdominal stretch with a handful of ropes trick. Come on Reiner! The oldies are the besties. Juvenile X eats the F5 and Andy would rather torture the poor bastard rather than get the straightforward pin. The match rumbles on after Andy can’t get an F5 off the top. It seems strange that X manages a full on comeback after that and even after that Andy hits the F5 again. Marius Al Ani runs in for the distraction and a distracted Andy gets rolled up for the pin. This was super Sportz Entertainment.

Final Rating: **3/4


Video Control stops off to shill Back to the Roots before we leave and the cage war between RISE and the pairing of Ringkampf and Monster Consulting. It screams out for a heel turn, although Avalanche has a great record here so maybe the faces just win clean. Part of the downward spiral of RISE and creating a new challenger to Klinger’s wXw Unified title.



A solid show, highlighted by the Starr-Simmons angle and a decent JayFK tag. I’m starting to get excited about 16 Carat so wXw are about to get more eyes on their product. 2018 is going to be a good year for them.

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