wXw Shotgun 328 review

wXw Shotgun 328 review

wXw Shotgun 328


This is the road to 16 Carat and there are a lot of big events coming up for wXw so I’m going to start watching Shotgun on a regular basis to ensure I’m on the wXw ball.


Video Control kicks us off with David Starr making his return to wXw’s dojo where Alexander James is waiting. He’s excited to talk about Starr’s weekend in London. David is a little unhappy that Jurn Simmons didn’t text him to say he wasn’t going.


James points out Jurn Simmons’ track record. “Where’s Karsten Beck now?” The tease of dissention with Massive Product is a storyline that has basis in their reactions to each other at Tag League after Absolute Andy’s heel turn. They don’t trust each other.


Elsewhere Chris Colen is invited to a RISE photo shoot and perhaps predictably gets his ass kicked. Bad Bones Pillmanises his arm. With Colen receiving a title shot you have to believe this makes his chances of escaping with the belt unlikely.


Jaxon Stone & Bobby Gunns vs. Dirty Dragan & Young Money Chong

This is taken from the Bielefield tour show on October 21. This went on second after Emil vs. Al-Ani and before Tim Thatcher against dojo favourite Steve Pena. Dragan & Chong are pure comedy guys and so is Jaxon, which leaves Bobby Gunns in a strange spot. He’s very over but he feels like he belongs in a different world. I’ve certainly turned the corner on Bobby during this year. I literally couldn’t stand him as recently as April and yet he’s now consistently delivering. I can’t help but feel Jaxon may be dragging him down a bit, especially after that big WALTER match. There’s way too much comedy here.


Gunns is at his best when he’s pushing the boundaries and he goes after Dragan, getting an armbar over the ropes when Dragan isn’t even in the match. The vast majority of this match is comedy and when it does get serious it’s pretty sloppy. I spent the whole thing hoping Bobby snaps and kills everyone. He sort of does but Jaxon gets the pin with the Smiles Clash.

Final Rating: **1/4


Video Control catches up with Marius Al-Ani who tries to chat with Da Mack. He’s not interested and Bad Bones turns up to shush him. He also points out they had nothing to do with Absolute Andy turning and Andy is not anything to do with RISE. Instead of it turning into a fight Al-Ani accepts the explanation and walks off. We’re not any closer to learning why Andy turned heel.



Elsewhere Julian Nero butters Francis Kaspin up. Jay Skillet tries to mock him but Avalanche strolls in to shut him up. They agree to have a tag team match up.



Broken Rules card: Bad Bones (c) vs. Chris Colen, Da Mack vs. Ilja Dragunov, Jinny vs. Martina in the women’s tournament and a Next Step Battle Royal featuring an assortment of new faces looking make it in wXw. That’s on the pre-show.


Video Control catches up with Tommy, who interviews Marius Al-Ani and he says he’s heard nothing about Andy and doesn’t know why it happened. Tommy also suspects the hand of RISE in this but Al-Ani points out they battled RISE so that doesn’t feel right. Elsewhere Gunns and Jaxon attack Tim Thatcher and burn his eye with a cigarette. That’s a crime, lads.


Session Moth Martina vs. Melanie Gray

This is from Borken and the women’s title tournament. Rather confusingly on the same show Chris Colen was still in RISE and tagged with Pete Bouncer. Martina has gotten over in wXw swiftly and has already won two matches. She brings a lot of shtick here but it’s almost all over. Martina has had a strong year. Her in-ring wrestling is not what you’d call good but it’s good enough to get a pass and her shtick is great. The beer comes into play here, plus the Broncobuster, which goes on for an extremely long time. Mella goes about her business, running through spots while Martina does a bunch of daft shit. It is an entertaining match. Maybe not one for the purists but hey, you can’t please all the people all the time. Martina puts Mel down with the Codebreaker and Mella is out of the tournament! Holy shit. She’s the one that announced the tournament so having her fail to make the finals is a shocker.

Final Rating: **1/2


Video Control gives us time with Chris Colen who points out he was ‘betrayed’ by John Klinger. Mate, you’re the one who wanted a title shot at the man who leads your stable. You’re the bloody trouble maker! Then after asking for the show you’re still walking around with a RISE shirt on like it’s all cool!


Chris Colen vs. Alexander James

Colen vs. James headlines this weeks Shotgun. This is from Leipzig and back on October 15. The way Shotgun jumps backwards and forwards can be quite confusing and I’m not sure why they do it. It is quite clever the way some of the matches are taped specifically to air and others are for the live crowd. Colen is ‘headlining’ Shotgun so they can hype Bones-Colen and James is sufficiently heel that the crowd won’t yell abuse at him. He’s very specific about his approach that the crowd boo James not him. Colen uses all his power stuff and James is a sensible pro wrestler who knows his role. We had a seminar with James where he explained how he felt matches should be and he does fine work when it comes to turning into moves and being surprised. It’s all about logic and timing. I’ve never noticed before, because wrestling on VOD doesn’t always have my fullest of attention. The match is a little clunky but I would put that down to a lack of familiarity. You can see James having to stop every now and again when Colen isn’t where he expects him to be. They still put together a very solid match up. It’s not particularly interesting but at least it makes sense. They head into some big spots at the end, having avoided them all match and Colen wins with the Rock Bottom and Angels Wings combo. He is in line for a title match so he had to win here.

Final Rating: ***



I’m aware I’m not exactly ‘on the ball’ here as this was released almost two weeks ago but wXw is a product I do want to keep tabs on and dipping into their product where possible can’t hurt. This was fine. No major matches or anything but it keeps all their storylines fresh in my head.


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