wXw Shotgun #301 review (4.18.17)

wXw Shotgun #301 review (4.18.17)

wXw Shotgun 301


April 18 2017


Video Control kicks us off backstage where Jurn Simmons chats with Karsten Beck. Jurn hopes Karsten gets cleared to wrestle, although Kim Ray thinks his health is more important. “Instead of counting the days, you should make the days count” says Simmons, getting me all fired up. Karsten too.


Either that or Jurn farted as he left. From there Robert Dreissker cuts a promo about being the best and making WALTER tap out despite having a broken shoulder. He seems a little testy about having to make up for missed time and blames his doctors for costing him a year.


Bad Bones & Alpha Kevin vs. Bobby Gunns & Jaxon Stone

Footage here comes from the Hellraiser in Leipzig. A fantastically bad-ass named club with metal artwork painted straight onto the walls. Klinger and Kevin have clearly made up after Bones beat some respect into Kevin a few weeks ago. All three of the non-Klinger athletes are underwhelming in a variety of ways. Whether it’s Kevin’s insistence at stomping on the mat as he throws punches, like it’s 1988, or Jaxon’s movements around the ring. Jaxon is one of these guys that throws punches to the top of someone’s head. He’s a hair puncher. To me that’s a mistake. If you’re legitimately throwing a punch you wouldn’t aim at the top of someone’s head. Besides punches are illegal in wrestling. Jobbers. While he’s working at house show speed, Bad Bones still easily looks like the best wrestler in this. It’s not close either. Jaxon isn’t going to break out like David Starr, unless he dramatically improves. Bones and Kevin have issues and Bobby Gunns, a-hole extraordinaire, rolls up Klinger for the win. The Bones-Kevin angle is ok but Alpha Kevin simply isn’t on Johnny Klinger’s level.

Final Rating: **



Video Control runs us through the Superstars of Wrestling card and I get livid at the prospect of Buff Bagwell being on the card. Vampiro is too, as is Shane Helms. Also loads of luchadores. It’s some strange talent acquisition but wXw likes to think outside the box. I can’t imagine Bagwell or Vampiro having a match that’s anything worthwhile but hey, it’s not the same guys getting booked everywhere in Europe. Elsewhere Da Mack and Francis Kaspin have a chat about wrestling and Mack rejects Kaspin’s offer of assistance. Elsewhere the London Riots promise to “fuck shit up”. Elsewhere Sebastian Hollmichael gets a word with Robert Dreissker. He doubles down on his earlier statements before pointing out all the Cerberus business was a distraction from his true destiny; winning 16 Carat.


Avalanche vs. Johnny Rancid

Rancid is a wXw guy. Due to my infrequent viewing of their product I’ve not seen him before. He’s in his late 20s and lacks confidence. Despite Dreissker moving away from Cerberus he’s still unpopular with the Leipzig crowd, who cheer on Rancid. Avalanche dominates the match and finishes inside five minutes with a sitout powerbomb. If you’re able to, check out the screencap here. Amazing look from the venue and Dreissker looks like he’s freaked out by something happening off camera. Like he’s seen a ghost and wants to leave but he also needs to get the pinfall first.


Final Rating: *1/4


Video Control takes us backstage where Dreissker is met by Ilja Dragunov. The crazy Soviet suggests Avalanche could beat anyone in wXw but Ilja. I love that Dragunov comes across as nuts at all times while Dreissker is calm and even-headed away from the ring.


Elsewhere Julian Nero, with really harsh lighting, cuts a promo based on the previous segment. He’s claiming to be neutral in the Avalanche-Dragunov situation. He’s refereeing their match in Frankfurt on April 29. I guess we’ll find out what his deal is then when he turns on one of them.


Elsewhere Hollmichael gets a word with Jurn Simmons, who has a delightful habit of standing in front of his interviewers as if they’re of no consequence whatsoever. He cuts a promo on Emil Sitoci for Emil’s bizarre claim to be the “best Dutch wrestler”. Jurn points out that he was champion for ten months of last year whereas Sitoci was barely booked.


Kim Ray vs. WALTER

Kim is obviously not on WALTER’s level, especially in terms of size but also with strikes and grappling. There’s a huge gulf. So they have to work hard at establishing Kim as a threat and WALTER’s selling for Ray’s kicks is exemplary. WALTER, despite often murdering opponents for 90% of a match, will quite happily and convincingly sell for anyone who brings aggression into a match. WALTER is a genuine contender for best wrestler in the world at the moment. I’ve never had much interest in Kim Ray but it speaks volumes about WALTER that I’m glued to the action here. Christian Michael Jakobi corners WALTER while Ray is cornered by Karsten Beck as the battle of the authority figures continues. While I’m not keen on heel authority figures CMJ is one of the best. WALTER really doesn’t need a manager though. But then neither does Brock Lesnar. WALTER goes after the leg, using the same stamp on the ring steps that he used on Matt Riddle. The idea being that Kim Ray only had any joy due to his kicks and WALTER has taken that away from him. Kim’s defensive wrestling shows he’s done his homework on WALTER’s moves. CMJ runs in but Beck cuts him off and nails WALTER with a chair, which is obviously a DQ.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Video Control takes us backstage where WALTER is all pissy with CMJ about Ringkampf. Thatcher is in America and Axel is leaving. Jakobi blames egos! It’s a shame that Ringkampf is essentially a dead entity because of Axel leaving. They really had something there. I love that there’s genuine heat between WALTER and Axel over Dieter going to WWE. Especially after WALTER said he’d never leave wXw because he feels responsible for the promotion. It’s a shame they only have one shot at the match between them and it’s not even on one of their big shows. Imagine a match build up over the course of a year going down at Carat? I’m sad we instead get a house show in Frankfurt and then Axel is gone.




Ringkampf has been a great storyline and it’s a real shame that Axel Dieter Jr leaving has essentially caused the angle to be curtailed. It had legs. wXw are doing good things with supporting storylines and angles on Shotgun and it keeps the product ticking over but when you hit on something big like Ringkampf then ideally you want to milk it for all it’s worth. They don’t have that opportunity. Unless plans are afoot to replace Dieter. Even though the core of what Ringkampf stood for was WALTER & Axel Dieter Jr.
















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