wXw Shotgun 299 review (4.4.17)

wXw Shotgun 299 review (4.4.17)

wXw Shotgun 299


April 4 2017


This is the ‘go home’ show before wXw True Colours this weekend. Host is Jeremy Graves.


Matt Riddle kicks us off to announce his wXw “dee-butt”. From there we get a sit-down interview with Julian Nero. He claims to have used Cerberus to get onto the wXw roster. He also claims he is superior to the Average Joe on the streets because he’s really clever and talented.


From there we get Tommy Giesen interviewing 16 Carat Gold winner Ilja Dragunov. Our Tommy wants to know why Ilja is forgoing his due title shot in favour of battling Robert Dreissker at True Colours. Ilja could literally say anything because he’s a complete loon (in a good way). He promises to “climb into wXw’s throne like a czar” once he’s clear of the “risk of Avalanche”. He’s beautifully unhinged. 16 Carat created a genuine star. Ilja concludes his interview by screaming “UNBESIEGBAR” into the camera.



Julian Nero vs. Alpha Kevin

This was taped a month ago in Dusseldorf. The post-Van Beethoven feud era Kevin is a cocky one, bordering on heel. It’s a big switch in personality after his serious feud with Marius. Nero’s inexperience shines through here, which is unfortunate but the crowd happily cheer away regardless. Nero is a five year pro but he doesn’t feel that far advanced. Maybe it’s tougher for him because he’s so big, 6’4” with the appearance of a monster. When you’re that big it’s hard to sell and bump for smaller guys, which is why a lot of bigger men either adapt their selling or don’t bother with it. Nero hasn’t found a technique that suits him yet and Kevin rolls him up for the cheeky pin.

Final Rating: **


Video Control takes us backstage where Melanie Grey is on the phone putting over Alpha Kevin. Sleazebag Bobby Gunns then walks in to interrupt and says, and I quote, “I hope your sweet ass hasn’t forgotten what happened between us?” Urgh, what a dickbag. A big old bag of dicks. He walks out saying “call me, bitch”. Good grief. I just want to slap him.


Elsewhere Chris Colen tries to have a chat with Da Mack but he’s a bit miserable because he’s not done anything since losing the Shotgun strap to Pete Dunne. Colen’s advice is for him to “stop whining like a girl”. I persist this man is a heel. Why will no one listen to me? Colen goes on to quote Michael Jackson lyrics suggesting Mack should look at “the man in the mirror”. Make a change! Apparently Colen’s pep talk works.


A4 get a little promo time too and Absolute Andy runs through a few new nicknames. The Master of Fire? Elsewhere Mike Bailey says he has “nothing but love” for Jurn Simmons. He’s been thinking about his last match with Jurn and has designs on the wXw title.


WALTER vs. Matt Riddle

This is from the same Dusseldorf show that Nero-Kevin took place on. Basically Riddle came over before Carat and wrestled a one-off match with WALTER before spending some time hanging around in the wXw Academy. They must have enjoyed this match because they met again during Carat. I was very excited at the prospect of these two clashing and they’ve since met in Progress too. This has moments that made their way into the Carat match like WALTER targeting the leg to stop Riddle from kicking him. It feels like a dry run for their later match and yet it stands alone nicely, thanks to WALTER’s aggression. Like the Carat match they beat the absolute hell out of each other. WALTER in particular looks determined to put the outsider in his place. That’s what leads to him going after the leg, which in turn makes me appreciate WALTER’s leg work at Carat even more. A lot of the Carat legwork makes it in here too, like WALTER stamping on Riddle’s exposed ankle on the ring steps. The match makes sense too. Outside of the Carat weekend environment Riddle isn’t worn down, with no AMBITION 8 run to take away his energy. His explosive offence comes out of nowhere as he fires up on WALTER and they drive each other to a higher level. When WALTER laces in those big chops it merely serves to drive Riddle into hitting a ridiculous series of strikes, coming from all manner of angles.


They try some wonderful stuff like Riddle attempting the Bret/Piper counter for the Gojira Clutch before unloading with a shit-tonne of elbows and getting the Bromission for the win. My word this was great. Better than the Carat match in my humble opinion.

Final Rating: ****


Video Control takes us to WALTER and Axel Dieter Jr. They debate where Ringkampf should be and what they should be doing. Axel calls Marty Scurll an “English dwarf” and takes great glee in defeating him in front of his own countrymen. Axel calls WALTER “snooty” and that almost turns into a fight until Christian Jakobi turns up but he angers Dieter by mentioning his “failure”. Jakobi calls them both “just wrestlers”, which gets them united in anger. “There’s the unity” we need he smiles, walking away.



You need to see Riddle vs. WALTER. Especially if you missed their 16 Carat match. I get the feeling their baseline is around ***3/4 so any time they’re in the ring together it should be pretty fucking special. Excited to see the Progress match when it drops on VOD too.

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