wXw Shotgun 298 (3.28.17)

wXw Shotgun 298 (3.28.17)

wXw Shotgun 298


March 28 2017


Video Control kicks us off backstage where ring announcer Tommy Giesen has Emil Sitoci, the new Shotgun champ. He has some ideas to make the show better;

  1. More guys with abs
  2. Every other week should be stripper week
  3. Jurn should never be booked again


Elsewhere Alpha Kevin is mouthing off about Bobby Gunns but he’s cut off by Bad Bones who criticises him for missing training. Klinger promises to teach him the business in Dresden.


The Avalanche vs. Francis Kaspin

This is a solid Big Guy vs. Little Guy match with Kaspin using his speed to make the match work logically. Kaspin’s offence only works for so long until Dreissker takes over. The contest does continue to make good logical sense with Kaspin using what works, dropkicks mostly, and Dreissker taking him lightly. Kaspin’s missile dropkick is a peach, rocking Avalanche’s head back! Dreissker does a fantastic job of selling for Kaspin before putting him away with the Vaderbomb. This was a nice little match. Kaspin kept plugging away but ultimately couldn’t overcome Dreissker’s power. Sometimes this kind of straightforward story is all you need.

Final Rating: ***


Video Control takes us backstage where the Avalanche chats to Julian Nero, former running buddy in Cerberus. Nero asks interesting questions about Ilja and the future of the former Cerberus members. Dreissker calls Carat the “first round”. He’s not done with Dragunov. Elsewhere Dirty Dragan and his obscene pink suit make a phone call so he and the mysterious other man can “rule the world”. Elsewhere Christian Michael Jakobi announces Jurn will defend his title against Axel Dieter Jr. at True Colours and against Mike Bailey and against WALTER. It’s a four-way dance lads! Ringkampf has half the participants.


Ringkampf (Axel Dieter Jr. & Timothy Thatcher) vs. Jurn Simmons & David Starr

Starr has been taking various shots at Ringkampf and coming up short. The presence of Timmy T seems to give him a better shot than ever, because he can’t beat WALTER. This was taped before 16 Carat so Axel and Starr still have their belts. Speaking of which; Axel vs. Starr would have been a great wXw Unified title match. What with Starr’s crowd support and their combined in-ring skill. From the live crowd’s perspective the story is Axel vs. Jurn, with the title match in the future, from their POV. Meanwhile you’ve got Alan Counihan talking about that match in the past tense, because it’s already happened. Taped shows make my head hurt. Remember WCW with the old Universal Studio tapings? That taping schedule was a head-fuck. Not to mention giving away the results of PPV’s ahead of time. Axel and Thatcher act like a pair of assholes, isolating Starr and working over his arm methodically. Jurn gets to hang out on the apron before coming in and hitting all his spots. Being the hot tag guy looks like a laugh.

CMJ pulls the ref out after the piledriver and discovers that, even if it’s your promotion you’re not allowed to do that. Thatcher tries to go after Starr’s arm some more but gets caught in the JML Driver 104 for the loss. Starr finally gets that big win over Ringkampf, although it’s only Thatcher so no harm is done.

Final Rating: ***1/2



This was a solid little TV show from wXw. Two good matches and the announcement of the main event for the next big show, True Colours. I like that Shotgun has a lot of pre-taped backstage segments that help to build character and develop feuds. That’s what TV is for. You build people up and make the audience want to see the big showdowns in person. But they’re not ignoring the in-ring and delivered on that front too. TV 101 right here.

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