wXw Amerika ist Wunderbar (4.4.19) review

wXw Amerika ist Wunderbar (4.4.19) review

wXw Amerika ist Wunderbar


April 4 2019


We start out with tape of David Starr ‘congratulating’ Lucky Kid on winning 16 Carat. He’s gone a bit heelish ever since WALTER kicked his ass at Carat.


Bad news from the stream though. It takes 9 minutes to get the feed live, which is irritating when this show is sandwiched in ahead of WrestleCon later. Great to see Thommy Giesen hosting in New York. Shame he has to use WWN’s shitty PA system. God, it’s awful. At least you can hear the commentary from Sebastian Hollmichael and Jeremy Graves. A first ever team up for wXw.


LAX vs. The Crown (Jurn Simmons & Alexander James)


As well as wXw commentators we also have Tas in the ring and it feels like an authentic wXw experience. LAX are a cracking modern tag team but the Crown are a traditional heel team that do the basics to perfection and don’t mess around. It’s perhaps not the tag team to unleash on NYC in the opening match. It does make for a contrast when LAX are doing all their flips though. It ends up being a fun match because while the Crown are tradionalists they can take all the crazy spots too. LAX double team AJ for the pin. This was enjoyable. A little formulaic at times but that worked in the match’s favour.

Final Rating: ***


Darby Allin vs. Avalanche


Tops come off for Avalanche. They immediately gel here. Darby avoiding the wild swings from Avalanche and throwing himself at the big man confident he’ll be caught. Avalanche, knowing he can just throw someone around because they’ll take the bump, is great to watch as a power wrestler. The fallaway slam is great. Dreisskerbomb finishes and I could have lived with a lot more of this.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Yuu vs. Jordynne Grace

Grace needs to get herself some actual music instead of stealing Sekimoto’s. Yuu was due to face LuFisto today but she had a family emergency so we switch to Jordynne. Yuu is a lovely person but she is inexperienced so Jordynne has her way with her here. Overpowering her and dominating the bout. Grace decides to use a Vaderbomb, which was literally the finish in the last match. Not great planning on her part.


The match has a lot of clubbing blows and it’s heartily contested. It’s bordering on sloppy at times. Grace drops Yuu on her shoulder hard before dropping on virtually on her head for the finish. This was hard-hitting but loose. I imagine if they got together again it would be better.

Final Rating: **3/4


wXw Shotgun Championship

Emil Sitoci (c) vs. Marius Al-Ani

Sitoci just won the title back. Both guys are incredibly athletic but are both heel.


Jeremy trying to explain Marius Al-Ani and the cavalcade of awful nicknames he’s gone through is bizarre. The match is technically fine but it’s soulless. Crushingly so. The crowd are sort of into it but if one of them was a babyface it would work far, far better. When Al-Ani unleashes his combos it’s incredible to watch but at the same time there’s no investment. Why should I care? Sitoci retains with the Spanish Fly. This was technically sound but lifeless. Much like Sitoci’s music.

Final Rating: **1/4


Video Control gives us the Lucky/Starr thing from earlier. “I beat WALTER, you can too”.


David Starr vs. Lucky Kid

Starr has been miserable ever since he failed to beat WALTER at 16 Carat.


At least he gets motivated enough to sing-a-long to his nicknames here. The crowd side with Lucky Kid and I suspect the Irish are to blame. Starr is still a face in wXw, barely, but he’s a firm heel everywhere else. They have explosive chemistry and do great logical things. I love Starr leaning towards heel because he’s mad at Lucky for beating WALTER. Literally his entire life now revolves around his inability to beat WALTER. He’s so angry with WALTER and now he’s so angry with Lucky Kid. Then he gets angry with Tas for looking at him on a demanded count out. Tas turning his back on Starr is great character work. It’s a really well put together match between two fo wXw’s better wrestlers. It’s intense, it feels meaningful and the timing on the big spots is perfect. The handspring into the snap German suplex especially. Blackheart Buster and the Kaepernick both don’t get the job done!



When Starr can’t get the pin he stops to rant and it’s so great. Starr completely loses his focus. He gets caught in the crossface, then the 450 Splash, then the Crossface again and he has to tap! Holy shit this was great.

Final Rating: ****1/4


Post Match: David Starr gets on the microphone and addresses “that evil corporation” who you’ve allowed them to hijack independent wrestling. Rants at length about WWN, wXw and WWE taking over the Indies. Then he calls WALTER a coward and quits wXw. I hope he’s back sooner rather than later because he’s killing it right now.


Absolute Andy vs. Chris Brookes


Brookes has new life in wXw as the head piece in Schadenfreude. Normally he wouldn’t be on Andy’s level as Andy spent most of last year as wXw’s main champion. This is a fun little match with Brookes teasing Andy about his mobility and age until he attempts a moonsault and misses. It’s good to bait old people. The crowd is a little quiet as the previous match was so strong. It’s harsh on Andy especially who clearly has his work boots on, grafting like he’s a babyface again. Brookes ends up rolling him up for the pin. Good match! Shame it had to follow a great one.

Final Rating: ***1/2


wXw Tag Team Championship

Aussie Open (c) vs. The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry)

Aussie Open forget the tag belts, which is awkward. If the Workhorsemen win them they’ll have to Fed Ex the belts across at a later date. Henry pairs off with Kyle nicely while Davis and Drake are similar wrestlers. I like that Davis runs clean through Henry but then bounces off Drake. Workhorsemen have a lot of double team crutches that I don’t care for. In particular the ‘partner DDT’s partner’ spot that I’ve seen a lot of times and never done well. Kyle does a great job of selling for the challengers and plays from underneath with aplomb. The challengers do a great job of convincingly building to a victory and the moonsault/dive part feels like a finish. Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck sets up Henry for the Fidget Spinner and Aussie Open retain. Another very good match.

Final Rating: ***1/2


wXw Unified World Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Gunns (c) vs. Shigehiro Irie

Glad to hear “Gunns. Bobby Gunns” ringing out in NYC. Shame he’s not allowed to smoke in New York.


This is the fourth Irie/Gunns match. Irie is 2-1 ahead but this is the first time for the wXw strap as Gunns only won the title last month. There seems to be a worrying lack of familiarity with not only Irie, who has worked most for DDT, but also Gunns who’s only recently risen to the top in wXw and hasn’t worked anywhere else in Europe. The trouble with Bobby is all the heel stuff he used to do that got him over as a face (I know, I know) he can’t do here. So Irie is the one with the better spots who gets over. Both guys take sickening German suplexes, release, on the neck. I am legitimately worried both guys are hurt. Gunns in particular as Irie has a thicker neck. Irie steps it up too. The pounce, the cannonball. He seems quicker to the punch. Bobby gets dumped on his head again and holy shit, how is he still moving around? He catches Irie in an armbar and gets the submission but at what cost?

Final Rating: ****




Post Match: Joey Janela is here! He’s been talking shit about Gunns on Twitter!



wXw put on a very solid show here with two stand-out matches. Starr-Kid and Irie-Gunns. The latter had some absolutely sickening bumps. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gunns is hurt. The rest of the show was rock solid and although it went against a very hyped Bloodsport show it’ll go down as one of the more consistently good shows this weekend.

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