WWN Supershow Mercury Rising (5.4.19) review

WWN Supershow Mercury Rising (5.4.19) review

WWN Super Show Mercury Rising


April 5 2019


We’re in New York at La Boom. It’s weird how a nice refreshing two hour break allows me to know where we are. Last time I had no idea. Bad news before we start; Lucky Kid is injured and misses this show. I’m actually amazed he’s hurt and not Bobby Gunns who landed badly on his neck three times during the main event. Lenny Leonard and Ron Niemi are hosts.


FIP Championship

Anthony Henry (c) vs. Absolute Andy

Veteraan Andy seems a bit miffed at having to be in the ring with this rookie. Andy throws a lot of big hands and doesn’t take any crap. He’s methodical and patient and that stands out on this weekend. I just literally watched an entire show of people doing ten minutes sprints with lots of flips. A methodical dissection is a welcome break. He doesn’t have the heat that he has in Germany and he’s better with storyline attached. It allows Henry to be flashier too.


We briefly lose signal before we return with Henry controlling the leg. Andy has always had weak knees but Henry focuses on the ankle. Andy perhaps doesn’t make the best of decisions, from a character stand point. He actually attempts a super rana.


Henry gets back to the Anklelock and taps Andy out. They told a nice logical story here with Andy overreaching and getting himself into trouble after largely coasting with power moves. Henry was persistent in going after the ankle though so we had a logical arc. I appreciate that.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Cyrus Satin vs. Barrett Brown vs. Anthony Greene vs. Colby Corino vs. John Silver vs. Harlem Bravado vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi Blackheart is mad that no women are in this match and she wants in! Shotzi eliminates Cyrus immediately, which is fine because he looked like Mickey Rourke’s stunt double from the Wrestler, from really far away, if you squinted. Shotzi gives it a lot of fire, which she needs to as she demanded in. She does a dive that she needs to buy Anthony Greene a beer for because he totally saves her on the catch. Good job Marty Scurll wasn’t out there. Everyone works really hard and there’s a devil may care attitude. Colby eats a knee under the chin at one point from Brown that pops me. I feel old, I can remember when Colby was born. Colby rolls up Silver, and he was killing it so I’m pissed off.


Shotzi pins Brown after Barrett refuses to hit her. They try and gang up on Shotzi. Men’s Rights! Bravado pins Shotzi and that leaves two dick heels and Anthony Greene, the knight in shining armour. It feels like they’ve gotten rid of the most interesting prospects. Greene rolls up Colby so we’re left with the most devious bastard and a babyface for him to bully. Greene picks up the contract. I could not care less. I’m cheered up by the miserable pricks in the crowd shouting “read it dummy”, when he goes to sign the contract, and (this kills me) “don’t do it!” Genuine laugh out loud moment.

Final Rating: **1/4


SHINE Championship vs. Princess of Princess Championship

Allysin Kay (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita

However Mercedes Martinez isn’t happy about this and arrives to bitch Allysin out for ducking her. Yamashita looks great here. Her presence and style show how advanced women’s wrestling is in Japan at the moment. That’s why they keep having great Japanese wrestlers go straight to the top in WWE, or elsewhere, whereas most American women get stuck on the Indies.


On the mat Yamashita has an advantage but Kay overpowers standing up. The match really drags as Kay seems obsessed with hooking rest holds. Yamashita looks great in the stand up too, especially with kicks and chops.


Comms are persistent that Kay beats everyone. Yamashita belts Kay with a roundhouse and chokes her out. Yamashita wins the SHINE title! Yes!


Kay, shitty loser, comes after the new champion but she’s still got no belt now. Miyu has two belts. “Come to Japan” she tells Allysin Kay, if she wants the belt back. Allysin is still mad and still a loser.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Darby Allin & Priscilla Kelly vs. Austin Theory & Brandi Lauren

Theory is the EVOLVE champion. Allin has had a long standing story about chasing that belt. He has, to date, failed. It would have been nice if EVOLVE had done that match this weekend but WWE. Apparently Darby is leaving EVOLVE. Given the shit booking in that company I’m not surprised. Allin spends a lot of this match getting beaten up. He’s an oddball. Theory is Gabe’s hand-picked champion. I’m shocked this isn’t the story going forwards but hey. Despite him being on his way out Allin still throws himself into this but can’t get the win. Brandi pins Kelly. I actually missed the move that led to the finish. Josh Briggs, with his one leg, makes the save. If I was Josh I’d be worried because if they drop the ball with Allin you’ve got no chance pal.

Final Rating: **3/4


Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy & Shane Strickland vs. Marius Al-Ani, Jurn Simmons & Alexander James

Big changes here. Lucky Kid announced he was injured earlier today. Bobby Gunns was clearly hurt last night when Irie dumped him on his head.


It’s a lucky break for Jurn in particular, who’s surely wanted the change to show off in front of a big American audience. The trouble we have here is they’ve booked three heels against three heels. I cannot get into it at all. The crowd is made up of fans from all over so the only reactions are heat for whoever the various fans hate. It’s a pity because everyone is trying hard but there is no one to route for at all. Jurn vs. Kingston in particular is cool and hard hitting. Al-Ani vs. Strickland would be great too if Shane was a babyface. Strickland pins Al-Ani and we can all move on with our lives.

Final Rating: **1/2


WWN Championship

JD Drake (c) vs. Kazusada Higuchi

I feel like Drake is a Japanese style heavyweight.


So this should work. There’s a lot of meat in that ring. The chops, early doors, are beauties. They’re turning each other in hamburgers. They be clubberin’ Tony! It feels like a Japanese match like a Big Japan heavyweight bout. Higuchi easily slots into a big American spot and looks like he’s been there for years. The chop duel that erupts organically sets the crowd off. I love it. These boys are dropping the big bombs. I love it all. They just batter each other. One shot after another. Usually at the same time because they’re evenly matched. The Doctorbomb from Higuchi (yeah, really) has me buzzing. It feels like a finish and I jump when Drake kicks out. Unfortunately JD decides to hit a series of stupid looking Stunners that completely takes me out of the match. Moonsault finishes for Drake. This was great. Easily the best thing on the show to this point.


Final Rating: ****


AR Fox, Leon Ruff & Adrian Alanis vs. Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Soma Takao

Here are; main event time and yet another all heel affair with nobody to route for. At least here they’re all fast heels so it’s very flashy. Leon Ruff looks to be having a lovely time. DAMNATION look confused whenever there’s cheering directed their way. They quite deliberately cheat and use the numbers game, even though the Skulk do much the same thing. Basically everyone works heel apart from Leon Ruff who does a whole bunch of flips until Sasaki pushes him off the top rope. The only time this match is any good is when DAMNATION beat up Ruff and he does flippy comebacks. The rest of the match is a total waste of time. The Skulk, after Ruff has been isolated for ages, come to terms with having to play babyfaces in this match. It’s a very long time coming. Although with it being pre-planned you have to wonder why it took them so long to figure it out. When it starts to click, which is very late in the day, it actually gets good. Which makes the entire match before it all the more frustrating. They do a load of heel cut off stuff that just rules. Like AR Fox doing his hand-stand block and getting kicked in the face for it. Fox and Ruff do a bunch of dives. It’s great. Where was this match for twenty minutes?


Endo then tries to murder AR Fox by hitting a DVD off the top onto the top rope. Yes, ONTO the top rope. With Fox dead Endo is free to wallow in his own crapulence and he pins Alanis with the SSP. If this was as hot as it got we’d be talking about it in hushed tones. Tough rating on this but I can’t look past how bad the match was for the bulk of the run time. Skip to the last ten mins and you’re looking at ****1/2, legit.


Final Rating: ***3/4



This was a unique show. In that normally when you book people you know who they are and what their strengths are. I feel like this was booked with a vague idea of who was coming but that’s about it. The Drake/Higuchi match is an obvious home run but the bulk of the main event was a let down and it only got good towards the finish, which it got great. Henry/Andy and Yamashita’s title win were good but you can skip everything else. Normally 4/7 is a decent hit rate but it didn’t feel like a good show at all.

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