WWE RAW 4.3.17 – RAW after WrestleMania

WWE RAW 4.3.17 – RAW after WrestleMania

Air Date: 3/4/17

We are still in Orlando and it’s the RAW after Wrestlemania! Last night’s show was perhaps not the strongest from an in ring point of view, but a lot went down and tonight’s show is always a blast so I am excited.

The show opens with the crowd chanting Undertaker non-stop for what felt like five minutes, as well as a very strong Roman Sucks chant which causes the Big Dog himself to come down to a chorus of boos.

In one of the coolest performances I’ve seen from him, Roman just stands in silence in the middle of the ring while the crowd chants obscenities at him. He then says this in his yard now and leaves in what I legit believe is one of the best segments of RAW in a very long time.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)(c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (RAW Tag Team Championship)

Matt and Jeff made their return to WWE last night in one of my favourite moments of the show and won the tag titles, which lead to this rematch. In terms of match quality this was a very paint by numbers tag match with some cool spots, but the crowd was super-hot as expected and this was about The Hardyz return to RAW and nothing more. Matt Hardy pins Luke Gallows ** ¾

We get a quick recap of the Seth Rollins/Triple H match from last night which stunk up the joint before Neville starts making his way down to the ring. He talks about having a proper ceremony on 205Live but tonight he plans to prove that he is still the best Cruiserweight in the world.

Neville vs. Mustafa Ali

These two had a great match on 205Live a few weeks ago, and Ali is very high on my list of underrated talents. This was another great match, very similar to the 205Live match, however the crowd was too distracted by a beachball to actually watch the damn match. I am all for hot crowds, but there’s a difference between being hot and just straight up being assholes and these geeks don’t understand that difference. Scream and shot, do whatever the hell you want but don’t ignore the fucking matches. Neville submits Ali *** ½

We see a limo arriving backstage, out of which comes Vince McMahon to a huge pop.

Vince comes down to the ring and announces that the draft is next week, what a hoot. He then goes on to say how Stephanie will be out of action because of going through the table last night, and then calls the crowd bloodthirsty for cheering.

Because Stephanie is out of action and Mick Foley was fired Vince has to announce a new GM, someone that was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Out comes Teddy Long, only to be told it isn’t him but Kurt Angle!

New Day are out in the next segment, they talk about being upset about not getting a match last night and so issue an open challenge tonight which is answered by The God Damn Revival!

New Day (Xavier Woods and Big E w/Kofi Kingston) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

This was obviously just a showcase match for The Revival, although the match itself was pretty good for what it was. It’s a very good sign that Revival beat the top team in the entire company clean, I am very excited for the future match between them and the Hardy Boyz. Dash pins Woods with the Shatter Machine ** ½

After the match, The Revival attack Kofi Kingston and leave the New Day laying.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass meet with Kurt Angle backstage in a pretty funny segment where they complain about not getting a fair shot at the tag titles. Angle makes a number one contendership match between Enzo and Cass and Sheamus and Cesaro.

Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks vs. Emma, Nia Jax, and Charlotte Flair

Emma is back to her Evil Emma gimmick after the failure that was Emmalina, she got like no pop on her return which is incredibly disappointing. The match itself felt like a NJPW undercard six man tag where we got one or two cool spots and the rest saw the women walking through a match. Sasha Banks submits Charlotte to the Banks Statement ** ½

After the match Charlotte argues with her partners and gets laid out by Nia Jax for her troubles, I wonder if this is supposed to be a face turn?

Sami Zayn is backstage with Kurt Angle and is made to look like a geek by being super neurotic. Jinder Mahal interrupts and demands justice, causing Angle to make a match between Jinder and Sami.

New Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are out next. Heyman cuts a promo gloating about Brock beating Goldberg last night and how he won’t be back. Heyman says that Brock is looking for new challengers and runs down some possibilities like Seth Rollins and The Hardyz. He then calls out Roman Reigns while the crowd chants for Finn Balor. Heyman gets the crowd back on his side masterfully by challenging Roman tonight, but Braun interrupts and my pants are off for this already. Braun says he still wants Roman, but wants Brock as well. The two stare down and Braun backs down.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage about the six man tag main event tonight. He cuts a pretty good promo on wanting to get revenge on Kevin Owens and adds the tip of Owens’ finger to The List. He gets attacked by Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe and put through a table.

Seth Rollins meets with Kurt Angle and tells him that Jericho won’t be able to make it to the main event tonight and Kurt will find a replacement for him.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Sheamus and Cesaro (RAW Tag Team Championship Number One Contendership)

This was every Enzo and Cass match you’ve ever seen, except Enzo got killed in the end. Right guys won and they were more over with the crowd than Enzo and Cass. Cesaro pins Enzo Amore **

Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

Mahal attacks Sami before this match could start proper. Luckily this was a pretty quick match, and very clearly just a way to get Sami on the show, because I can’t sit here at 4 in the morning watching a long Jinder Mahal match. Sami pins Jinder with a Helluva Kick *

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor

His return was somewhat expected here, but it’s awesome to hear Finn get a huge pop for his return. This match was built around the heels working over Seth’s injured knee, leading to a Balor hot tag. That story was told pretty successfully, if in one of the most boring ways possible. Balor didn’t show any signs of being off his game and I am very interested to see what he does going forward. Balor pins Owens with the Coup de Grace ** ¾


This was a pretty damn good show overall, as expected. I kind of wanted an Undertaker retirement ceremony, but this show delivered enough that I am not even upset. We got one or two really fun matches, a hot crowd that only pissed me off once, and some cool debuts/returns. Right now the future of RAW is pretty exciting, sadly I don’t think that will last long.

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