WWE 205 Live 112 (1.15.19) review

WWE 205 Live 112 (1.15.19) review

WWE 205 Live 112


January 15 2019


We’re in Birmingham, Alabama. Hosts are Vic Joseph and the steadily improving Percy Watson.


Lio Rush vs. Lince Dorado


The Lucha House Party feels a massive waste of talent because WWE see luchadores and just throw into one faction. The match starts out innocently enough until Lince takes a flip bump off the apron. It does worry me a little bit that with this style the guys feel the urge to take such huge bumps onto the floor. I’m starting to get numb to the kind of bump that used to be a guaranteed herniated disc.


When the big bump approach doesn’t get a reaction they settle into chinlocks and having a bit of a chat. You don’t see many mid-match conversations anymore. People tend to figure their match out before they get in the ring. After that brief issue they settle into the meat of the match although the crowd still don’t care, which is unfortunate. They do slap their thighs way too much in this match. There are a lot of basic kicks but in weird positions and the thigh slaps are so blindingly obvious it’s upsetting. Lio wins with a frogsplash and this had issues, no doubt.

Final Rating: **3/4


Video Control takes us backstage where Noam Dar is interviewed. I like that he’s using the term “daftie” on television. Tony Nese is mad about Dar beating him last week so wants a rubber match. Elsewhere TJP is here and Drake Maverick shoots down his attempts to take a shot at Buddy Murphy later. TJP just laughs and walks away. Remember when everyone was really happy for TJP winning the Cruiserweight Classic?


Elsewhere the challengers to Buddy Murphy hype their chances. Tozawa is being mentored by Brian Kendrick from 2003. Holy shit he looks young clean shaven and with his hair cut.


Buddy Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo


Carillo, the former Ultimo Ninja, is from NXT. I’ve seen him wrestle in NOAH and my fucking god is he good. I was absolutely blown away and he just disappeared because WWE snagged him.


No reaction for Humberto but that’s because no one knows who he is. Time to get your shit in, kid. If he’s not careful he’ll be in the Lucha House Party next week. Even though they don’t unleash Carrillo here, and largely keep it simple, he gets to show how good he is. There are two reasons why the crowd don’t respond; 1. They were probably expecting someone more exciting. 2. Limited flippydos. I’d have been tempted to throw out a huge dive early doors to pop the rubes. Instead they build logically and slowly. Buddy then fakes a knee injury for almost a minute. I fucking hate those faked injuries. At least this deception lights a fire under Carrillo and forces him to unleash the outta control tope. Buddy knees him in the face though and hits Murphy’s Law for the win. Decent debut for Carrillo but he’s way better than he showed here.

Final Rating: ***



Not the best of 205’s this week. Neither match really clicked and I’m sure everyone involved will be disappointed they didn’t live up to the hype of 205 Live. Carrillo is someone to watch. There’s no doubt about that but I’m a little disappointed that he’s in a system that rarely ever seems to reward Mexican talent. Maybe Andrade’s sudden main roster push will help these up and coming Mexicans to push through the hard times.

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