WWE 205 Live (1.9.19) review

WWE 205 Live (1.9.19) review

205 Live 111


January 9 2019


205 Live has been sneaky good for a year now. I’ve been watching it but basically skipping to the matches I wanted to see. I’m going to try and watch it more consistently in 2019. Unless it goes to shit.


Noam Dar vs. Tony Nese

Dar was signed way early and if WWE were in the habit of releasing people he’d probably have gotten chopped. He’s benefitted from the company harvesting any and all available talent and not wanting to release a UK based talent to give a boost to UK rivals like Rev Pro. Nese was born to be a WWE superstar. He’s chiselled out of marble and looks every inch the Vince McMahon favourite.


Both are competent pro wrestlers and go about having a competent pro wrestling match. I’m not really invested in either guy but I’ll take a decent match over some of the shit they were doing on the undercards for 205 back in the day. Nese is probably the better of the two and has the more exciting ideas but while he’s setting up something specular Dar rolls him up for the win.

Final Rating: ***


Video Control gives us clips of The Brian Kendrick reading a letter from Tozawa saying he’s “honing his skills wrestling in Japan”. What it doesn’t say is he’s wrestling in Japan as a make up to Fight Club Pro for gutting their roster for Japan by telling BSS they couldn’t work it.


Elsewhere Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher pitch a load of mat grapplers to Drake Maverick for 205 recruits. He’s not interested. Mike Kanellis then turns up to protest his lack of matches over the past five weeks.


Cedric Alexander vs. Hideo Itami


Winner of this contest advances to the four-way at the Royal Rumble. Currently qualified for that are Tozawa, Kalisto and current Cruiser champ Buddy Murphy. Itami has help on the floor from Ariya Daivari, who is some kind of sycophantic follower of Itami. The good news about this match is Hideo wrestles it like he’s in the main event of a NOAH show at Budokan Hall. Cedric is placed in the gritty underdog role, which unfortunately leads to the flip side of Itami; rest holds. Hideo does elect to murder Cedric wherever possible. The Falcon Arrow off the apron is fucking sick. Why would you even do that on 205 Live? Save it for a crowd that gives a shit mate! Cedric beats the count but eats a modified version of the Lumbar Check and Itami is going to the Rumble.


Comms call it “the biggest win of his career”. Erm. Joseph later modifies that comment to “WWE career” as to not sound quite so monumentally stupid.

Final Rating: ***1/2


I was hoping the Itami/Alexander match would be a killer bout but I found it to be quite patchy. It had a few pacing issues in the early going and the finish was sloppy. One big murderous spot doesn’t make for a world beating match. Buddy Murphy offers an open challenge to anyone in the 205 division to come and fight him next week. Which opens up the possibility of someone from NXT or one of the big boy brands to come and wrestle him.


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