Wrestling Revolver: Pancakes & Piledrivers 3 (4.6.19) review

Wrestling Revolver: Pancakes & Piledrivers 3 (4.6.19) review

The Wrestling Revolver: Pancakes & Piledrivers 3


April 6 2019


We’re in New York City at the Hilton, which is the WrestleCon venue. I don’t care for Sami Callihan so I wasn’t paying attention to it. Attendance is surprisingly good. There’s a fucking load of guys on here. Rich Palladino is in the ring and his co-host is Jimmy Jacobs. The hotel told them they couldn’t give pancakes away. The crowd launches into a “we want Pancakes” chant. Commentary comes from Bork Torkelson and Don Callis.


David Starr vs. Moose vs. Brian Cage

Jimmy Jacobs does none of Starr’s nicknames and he’s hot about it.


He gets even madder when Jacobs calls him a “curtain jerker” and “pro wrestling’s most pretentious asshole”. “It doesn’t say that on the card!” Starr doesn’t have a verbal thing he can do like the Terminator or “Moose!” and he’s also much smaller. So he’s not sure what to do. It’s an odd match but then we are dealing with Sami Callihan. He probably thought it’d be funny. It’s actually quite a nice little match with Starr picking spots. Cage is not nice to him at all and poor David gets dropped on his head three times in this. Cage nails Starr with his finish (I remembered the name of it once…Drill Claw?) but Moose steals the pin.

Final Rating: ***


PWR Tag Team Championship

This is a gauntlet. The incumbent champions are the Rascalz. Besties in the World and Aussie Open start.


They have incredible chemistry. Aussie Open seem to have a natural ability to get along with just about anyone and the Besties are very good. Dunkzilla has quite the showing here. Fletcher isn’t quite as good but he launches himself into his selling and his last gasp kick-outs are great. Besties eventually best Fletcher and Don Callis debates whether the finish made sense.


Besties in the World vs. The Rascalz

The Rascalz are the current champions so they have a lot to do here. There are three other teams. Hot Fire Flame puts the Besties away and their ardurous opener cost them here.


The Rascalz vs. Lucha Bros

Huge pop for the Lucha Bros. This is Fenix’s 8th match of the weekend. He’d finish up later in the day at House of Glory. I believe nine is the most times anyone wrestled this weekend (Lucha Bros/LAX). Penta pins Wentz and we are getting new champs. This was very rushed.


Lucha Bros vs. LAX

The Rascalz help here and LAX win in short order. We had a great opening part to this match and it has gone to shit since then.


LAX vs. Team Tremendous

LAX are very deliberate heels here, which makes sense as they’ve wrestled eight times already this weekend. I’ve just checked in with Cagematch and apparently LAX are the defending champions, not the Rascalz. This is what I get for not paying attention to the continuity of Pro Wrestling Revolver. This is the other good part of the match, which makes you wonder why they booked a meaningless gauntlet. They could have booked Besties vs. Aussie Open and this match and it would have been fine. Plus the Lucha Bros could have gotten some sleep. Team Tremendous come away with the straps. This started out great with the opening part and then the rest of it was rushed and pointless. Big win for Carr and Barry though!

Final Rating: ***


AR Fox vs. JT Dunn vs. Ace Austin vs. Sammy Guevara

It probably doesn’t surprise you that there are a lot of flips here and all these guys are very good. The Skulk decide to dive too and one them literally ends up in the front row. This is very movesy, which is quite deliberate because it’s the morning and these people need a nice wake up call. They do a good job of working together so that the moves and sequences flow together. I like the selling too because you see guys take a move, see another get pinned and try to shake off the move to try and break the pin. There’s some surprisingly subtle stuff at play here. Is there overkill? Of course but it’s a fun match and an easy watch with some nice choreography. Far too many thigh slaps (I’m looking at you Fox) but when Dunn drills Fox with the Death By Elbow I’m satisfied.


Final Rating: ***1/2


PWR Scramble Championship

Only Sami fucking Callihan would have a Scramble championship. Current champion is Caleb Konley. This is an open invite so I’m not listing off the mass of opponents. How many people did Sami book on this show? I do a quick bit of maths and there are 51 wrestlers on this show. A few highlights of the mass of people; Irie, Daga and Trey Miguel.

Real star of the match is clearly Tas. I haven’t giffed it but the way he shuffles off into the corner with his head down is also a nice moment. Mance also stands out in this by refusing to dive and instead going on an eye raking rampage.


Warner and Cannon stop to drink beer and Clayton Gainz toasts them with a protein shake. This is why I’m fat and Gainz is ripped but beer is better than protein. There are, of course, way too many guys in here so most of them stand around waiting for guys to do their thing in the ring or to hit a dive. Jake Manning brings his tent out here and there’s a tower of doom superplex through it but Caleb Konley steals the pin. Man Scout was robbed. This was a big fucking mess.

Final Rating: **


Adam Brooks vs. Matt Cross

Brooks is starting to look unerringly like a young CM Punk. His switch to blonde hair is the main reason but his movement is pretty similar. He blew people away at the WrestleCon US vs. World show with some insane high spots. He tries to do a few here and they just don’t come as well. Sometimes the stars align and sometimes you eat an SSP off Matt Cross in short order.

Final Rating: **1/2


Impact X Division Championship

Rich Swann (c) vs. Chuck Mambo

Bring it home Mambo!


They do the beach balls gimmick! Mambo also busts out a great phone call gimmick that Swann plays along with. I’m happy with Chuck here because he fucks up a rope spot and just slides with it. Straight into the next sequence, totally unaffected. Everyone makes mistakes but the worst thing you can do is get drawn into it. Repeating the spot is the fucking worst. It’s pretty cool that Mambo flew out to be on the FCP show and ended up getting in a big match here when there was so much talent in the last match. It’s a good showing for him too. Don Callis claims if Mambo wins the title he’ll have to kill him because he’s not signed to Impact. Mambo, after having had a wobble on the ropes, hits a double springboard 450 to the floor, which has to feel good. Swann’s manager, Jason Cade, interferes and Swann wins with a roll up. Good showing for Mambo here.

Final Rating: ***


Hoss Fight Six Pack Challenge

Ace Romero vs. Fallah Bahh vs. Larry D vs. Dan Maff vs. Madman Fulton vs. Jacob Fatu vs. Jessicka Havok

Havok wasn’t listed but she joins in because everyone in the ring is “a bunch of bitches”. As with most of the matches on this show there are too many participants. Fatu and Maff is a decent match but it gets lost amongst the rest of it. I like Acey too. He lands some scary stuff in this. Squashing people and doing a tope that nearly breaks the guardrail. That get the “holy shit” chant. Fatu takes out Havok with a moonsault and he’s your winner here.

Final Rating: **


Rickey Shane Page vs. Tessa Blanchard


I’m two hours in and ready for this show to end. It has been surprisingly underwhelming. Tessa lays it in here, putting a beating on RSP. Blanchard is trying to establish a reputation as an indie badass and you can see it here. Is she angry that her career has stalled somewhat and is resorting to IG to take herself to another level? I feel bad for Rickey. He takes an absolute beating here.


His own offence is probably too tame by comparison. There’s a lot more thigh slaps. RSP dies for his art here and takes a Canadian Destroyer off the top. Which is not the finish! Don Callis is surprised it’s not the finish, as am I. Tessa hits Magnum and the hammerlock DDT for the win. Just finish with the big spot guys. Jesus fucking Christ.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Sami Callihan & The Crists vs. Eddie Kingston, Shane Strickland & Joe Gacy

This is Shane Strickland’s last indie booking. What a tragic way to go out.


Piece of shit Sami Callihan jumps Shane before his entrance thus denying me the pleasure of an entire crowd singing along to Chaka Khan. If my love of wrestling is represented by one entrance it’s Shane Stickland’s and if my hate of wrestling is embodied by one wrestler it’s Sami Callihan. He sucks the fucking life out of the business. Everyone does a dive and the ref is like “fuck it”.

Shane Strickland looks to be having a nice time saying goodbye to the indies. They’re quite deliberate about him being a focal point. He even takes a piledriver, the second on the show so at least half of the show title is legit.


Callihan does his usually disgusting spitting stuff. Let’s keep those bodily fluids inside. Swerve Stomp puts Sami away and Shane Strickland is off to Florida. I’ll miss him. He was a phenomenally gifted indie wrestler. Always classy. So smooth, so fluid. He should become a household name if there’s any justice.

Final Rating: ***1/2



There were too many guys on this show. Way too many. Every match seemed to suffer from an overload of guys. There were 51 wrestlers booked on this show. FIFTY ONE. Shane Strickland is the big take home. His post match promo is from the heart and I love this man. I wish him all the success in the world.

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