WrestleMania Weekend: The Plan

WrestleMania Weekend: The Plan

WrestleMania Weekend: The Plan


Hiya. Something a bit different today. I’m having extreme difficulty planning out my ‘Mania weekend so I’m turning the plan itself into a column. Here’s how my weekend is shaping up:


Thursday: I am at work. I get home at around 6pm. Nothing has taped so I have an anxious three hour wait for…GGW Presents Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport. 9pm UK time. This is my first live show of the weekend and a chance to test out the Fite/WWN streams. If it’s a disaster I’m going to bed early in floods of tears. It’s on at a reasonable time and I should be fairly awake. I am excited about this. Main event is Matt Riddle vs. Low Ki.




Friday: I am at work but not starting until 9am, which means I might be able to sneak in some of Beyond’s intergender show “Lit Up”. 6am UK time. Some really cool stuff on there including Tim Thatcher vs. Toni Storm. Outside the box booking from the Beyond boys. Seeing as nothing streams on Friday night until 2am, when I’ll be asleep, this is it for Friday so I should comfortably get Beyond reviewed by nightfall. Two shows down.




Saturday: Now this is where it goes all to hell. I’m going in to work, which is the bad news. I’ve asked if I can go in late so I can watch Joey Janela’s Spring Break II. 6am UK time. Last year’s show was a blast and because everyone else is asleep it might even stream perfectly. Then it’s off to work. I should get back around 6-7pm. Which is good because I need to watch the WWN Supershow, which aired at 2am the night before.


There’s also the little matter of AJPW running Champion Carnival starting this weekend. The first show is Saturday 10am UK time so I might try to sneak that in before NXT Takeover NOLA. 12.15am UK time. If I’m feeling really brave/awake I might even watch Style Battle. 3am UK time.


Oh shit, wait, hang on, SHIMMER 100 is also Saturday night at 10pm UK time. I’ll watch that. Then NXT. Then Style Battle if I’m not dead.


SLEEP. Thank fuck.


Sunday: Finally a day without work. I’ll need the rest too, especially if I stick it out and watch Style Battle. The aim is to, at some point, watch Kaiju Big Battel. 6am UK time. It will not be live. Sunday day is relatively free for me but I do want to watch Style Battle if I didn’t man up on Saturday night. If I find myself with any spare time I’ll be watching EVOLVE. Ian Hamilton has graciously agreed to cover these for RVR review purposes so I can cherry pick like a motherfucker. Then obviously WrestleMania. 10pm UK time. It’s a two hour pre-show before we even get to the main card at Midnight. It’s due to finish sometime around 4-5am.




Monday: This is where I caught a break. I’ve managed to book the start of the week off so Monday I’ll be sleeping late to recover. This is my chance to watch ROH Supercard of Honor. 1.30am Sunday morning UK time. The temptation was to watch it live but I learned my lesson last year and won’t be doing that. The show was good last year though so I’m excited to see a card with Omega, Tanahashi, Mayu Iwatani and Tomohiro Ishii. I may also sneak in WWE Hall of Fame on Monday but primarily it’ll be catch up day if anything slipped through the cracks due to streaming issues. Then I’m watching RAW because it’s the RAW after WrestleMania and anything might happen.




Tuesday: This is a time for quiet reflection and I’ll probably be doing a podcast with the RVR crew on the night. Then if I’m feeling stupid I’ll stay up for Smackdown. This is unlikely. I also might catch some Champion Carnival depending on what gets uploaded. I only know the April 7 show is live.



  1. Bloodsport. 9pm Thursday. Live.
  2. Beyond. 6am Friday. Partially live. Finish night time.
  3. Spring Break II. 6am Saturday. Live.
  4. WWN Supershow. Overnight Friday. Watch Saturday night.
  5. SHIMMER 100. Saturday night. Live.
  6. NXT. Saturday night. Live.
  7. Style Battle. Saturday night. Live if I’m awake. If not next morning.
  8. Kaiju Big Battel. Sunday morning live. Watch later.
  9. Wrestlemania. Sunday night. Live.
  10. EVOLVE 102/EVOLVE 203. Cherry pick on Sunday/Monday
  11. ROH Supercard of Honor. Monday. Probably.
  12. RAW. Monday night. Live.
  13. AJPW Champion Carnival N1. Probably at some point.
  14. All other ‘Mania shows taped for VOD….later.


Pretty standard weekend. I’ll get the Monsters in. See you on Twitter. Expect content.

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