Wrestlecon Supershow review (4.5.18)

Wrestlecon Supershow review (4.5.18)

Wrestlecon Supershow 2018


April 5 2018


We’re in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the first show I’ve seen from WrestleCon’s building the Sugar Mill. It’s almost a relief to not be watching something in WWN’s venue. The set was starting to look very familiar. With the WWN shows I knew the cards ahead of time, mostly, so I wasn’t surprised. Here I know Cobb vs. Ishii and Penta vs. Janela. That’s it. There was not much announced here. Hosts are Marty DeRosa and Excalibur.


Joey Janela vs. Penta El 0M


The crowd is so loud here, drowning out the music. Bryce calls for the bell and they don’t have one! Oh dear. These guys both have tonnes of charisma and wacky high spots. It’s fun from the bell (or lack thereof). The building is so superior to Gabe’s box with gym lighting. It makes me wish I’d just seen three days of shows from this venue. They do a lot of cool stuff before both teasing piledrivers, which are notoriously banned this weekend by the heel Athletic Commission.


This match is all big bombs. All crazy shit. It’s ideal! You want a madcap opening bout. Penta clears out Penelope Ford with a superkick to stop her interfering and drops Janela for the win. This was a hot opener. All action. Loved it. I was quite sleepy when the show started so that was what the doctor ordered.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Joey Ryan vs. Jerry Lawler

Joey comes out here and does the entire Andy Kaufman shtick. “This is soap”. “This….is a razor”. It’s almost verbatim. Beautifully done.



He challenges any woman to a match, a la Intergender Wrestling from the 1970s, and Jerry Lawler answers instead. It helps immensely here that WrestleCon’s microphones work. Imagine doing this with Carnie Gabe’s piece of shit sound system? Joey Ryan points out Lawler can’t beat him because the piledriver is BANNED in Louisiana. “Jerry Lawler? Touch my dick”.

Chris Roberts disqualifies Lawler for it and that’s the match. Amazing.

Final Rating: Many, many stars


Tenille Dashwood, Nicole Savoy, Tessa Blanchard, Madison Eagles & Shazza McKenzie vs. Trevor Lee, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Jake Manning, Caleb Konley & Zane Riley

This is a boys vs. girls ten person tag. The men are all scumbags. “Trevor Lee and all his dickhead friends”.


MJF manages to out sleaze Trevor Lee by suggesting they skip the match and get to “smooching” with Tenile. It’s notable how much more aggressive Tessa and Shazza are than Tenille. Dashwood has been in WWE where this kind of thing doesn’t happen. I also like that all the men are scared of Madison Eagles.


There’s a lot happening in this match. Submission chains. Individual issues all over the place. Shazza does some killer selling and Eagles continues to stand out throughout the match as one tough competitor. Man Scout does the trust fall but wipes out his entire team as the women just move out of the way. MJF has a great match. He’s a complete dick but also his bumps are crisp as anything. Savoy also has a good match, hitting an insane high speed tope. The Dashwood situation is of great interest to me. She has that star power but she’s clearly not a touch on either Savoy or Eagles. The Indie scene has grown while she was in WWE. All the men tap out to submission holds and the ladies win. This was fun. The men were suitably sleazy and all the women looked good.

Final Rating: ***


Jeff Cobb vs. Tomohiro Ishii

The pop for Ishii appearing on the screen is huge.


“Just a collision of beef” – Excalibur. These two collide a lot and battle over suplexes. Everything feels important. Everything is a struggle. Cobb isn’t great at connecting to crowds so it helps he has someone he can just mirror. Base the match on Ishii’s power beats and follow suit. It ends up being one hell of back and forth with both guys unloading with big offence. I like how it’s all fine and dandy until Cobb makes the mistake of taunting Ishii. This gets him a severe beating and many, many forearms. Ishii is so good at the ‘no sell’ because his selling beforehand is always so clinical that you feel he’s overcoming that pain to no sell, rather than just not selling at all. This honestly feels like a G1 match. It’s so feisty. They battle until one man cannot stand and that is Cobb, eating a brainbuster for the pin. This match was so intense and hard fought. I fucking loved it.

Final Rating: ****1/2


Flamita & Bandido vs. Rey Fenix & Rey Horus

Time for some palate cleansing lucha-libre! I love all these guys, so much. They do wacky flips and wacky flip counters and it’s NUTTY AS SQUIRREL SHIT!! Fenix is one of the best luchadores in wrestling. WWE would be insane not to sign this guy up and build around him. He’s insanely good. His work here is on another level.


This match reminds me of every time a luchadore has gone somewhere new and blown the roof off (WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW). It’s mind-blowing stuff and I’ve seen all these guys wrestle before! Imagine if all these guys were new to you? The dives. The flips. The strikes. It’s all so fantastic. This is so my graps! When lucha is good, when everything clicks, it’s insanely good. The timing and difficulty in this. It’s so good. I’m running out of superlatives. I can’t even begin to describe the spots here. It’s wall to wall insanity. Like Fenix satellite throwing Horus into a flying DDT. Or this:

Fenix picks up the win right afterwards. This was absolutely special. Incredible action. I could have watched it for another 30 minutes! I might just rewatch this match for the rest of the weekend.

Final Rating: ****3/4


Teddy Hart, Matt Classic & Jason Cade vs. Psicosis, Super Crazy & Chico El Luchador


Chico is a comedy wrestler. His t-shirt reads “Never Job”.


Juventud Guerrera is also out here, making this a Mexicools reunion. They can’t live up to the action of the last two matches so they go pure comedy. Classic in particular going after the (devastating) Iron Claw. This lucha stuff isn’t anywhere near as crisp as it was in the last match with Super Crazy trying his heart out and doing wacky spots with Ted Hart.

Matthew Classic does so many logical, sensible things. I love it. Super Crazy absolutely busts his ass in this match. Maybe he was freaked out by the last match and thought he’d look shit. He brings that super A game. Dude, you’re an old man, no one would mind if he were rubbish! Look at Psicosis! He barely gives half a shit. So while the vast majority of the match is comedy Super Crazy goes all out. He’s flipping and bumping like a teenager while everyone else just fucks around. He totally deserves the pinfall victory, which he gets over Cade. What a fucking performance.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Adam Brooks vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Shane Strickland vs. Will Ospreay

Oh my. This show just doesn’t let up! As these guys come out here it just gets better and better and better. Although I’d rather people didn’t chant “swerve” over Chaka Khan. Have some respect people. Even the Americans sing along with Chaka Khan. The POP for Ospreay though. Oh wow. That’s just enormous.


Strickland is underrated. I don’t really understand why he’s not getting booked in more places because his in-ring is phenomenal. It’s telling that Guevara can do all Will’s flips. He’s very good too. Their flippidoo sequences are just sensational. It’s a trailer for a future singles match I’m sure. Will comes into this weekend with a serious neck/shoulder problem but he wanted to be here and do his thing. The match has some insane ambition and a less than 100% fit Ospreay can’t be in position for all his spots. He’s lacking strength and it causes issues. The level of difficulty of the shit they attempt does not help him. They want to steal the show. I do worry about Ospreay. The John Woo he takes into the corner and sickening and he doesn’t check his neck or anything. He’s right back up and flipping around. His neck is fucked and there he is hitting the Space Flying Tiger Drop. It’s an advertisement for his style of selling because he really is hurt and with adrenaline he can still do insane flipz. Adam Brooks generally seems to have ideas that are bad for your health. There’s a load of nutty spots here and it’s yet another blinding match on this tremendous show. Everyone is so good, so creative and they hit a bunch of wacky shit. Ospreay’s tornado kick to break up the pin when Sammy has the match won is incredibly well timed. He follows with the Oscutter and we have another cracker. Will is so hurt, it’s painful to watch. His work this weekend has been nuts. He fully deserves that “thank you Ospreay” chant.

Final Rating: ****


Sami Cuntihan, Juice Robinson & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. David Starr, Brian Cage & Minoru Suzuki

Why is Tana on the same team as Sami? It’s like having a nice steak dinner with a dog turd on the side of the plate. Tanahashi’s arrival gets an enormous ovation. Seeing as nothing was announced the crowd are not expecting Tana, which makes his appearance that much more special.


Starr is upset he doesn’t get the full introduction so he does it himself and Tanahashi plays air guitar to put him off. Suzuki’s arrival is another huge pop. The benefits of having a killer show and not announcing half of it beforehand. Putting the “super” in Supershow. All the other boys want to work with Tanahashi or Suzuki. It’s lovely. It creates a match where it’s such a random collection of guys who may never appear in the same ring ever again. In Sami’s case, hopefully not. Suzuki pops me by refusing to dive and instead climbing out to the floor and slapping Callihan in the face. Sami manages to low blow the only other heel in the match thus getting no heat for it whatsoever. What an absolute dipshit. The crowd chant “go away” at him. Oh, could he? That would be delightful. Tanahashi and Suzuki get by on fame and the rest have a fun time working them. Sami actually spits on Suzuki and deservedly gets taken down and submitted. Unfortunately Suzuki doesn’t break his arm.


Final Rating: ***1/4


The Golden Lovers vs. Chuck Taylor & ?

Trent was supposed to be tagging with Chuck Taylor but he’s out for 6 months (“some asshole hurt him”). So his partner is the Swamp Monster. He gets thrown out. Chuck names Orange Cassidy but he’s asleep. Dan Barry is the third named partner but he follows the Swamp Monster. Chuck decides on Trent Beretta but he’s injured.


Rocky Romero reunites Roppongi Vice to talk Trent out of wrestling with a broken arm. These were all decent potential partners but instead we get Flip Gordon. The boos are resounding. And this show was so good too. “This son of a bitch will have to do” – Chuck of Flip. The crowd are not in any way receptive to Flip Gordon and don’t want him in the match. It really hurts the dynamic because Chuck is a fun-loving babyface (of sorts) so they don’t gel and it hurts the Golden Lovers. They still do ok out there. The stuff with smoking and sunglasses are a nice distraction. It might also be due to the time getting late but the crowd are tired and the main event can’t live up to what has gone before. The Golden Lovers are fairly energised but it’s not happening. The magic isn’t there. Flip eats the Golden Trigger and that finishes.


Final Rating: ***



What a wild ride this show was! Massive overperformances in the midcard before it tailed off towards the end but hell, this might be my favourite show of the weekend. Everything was pretty damn great! Definitely watch the lucha tag, the Ishii match, the Ospreay four-way and the Joey Ryan angle. Those are all must see.


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