World of Sport review (8.4.18)

World of Sport review (8.4.18)

World of Sport


August 4 2018



I may have given the impression that I didn’t enjoy last week’s show. That’s not true. I may have disliked production and commentary but the wrestling was fine. Especially Ospreay/Smith Jr. Commentary comes from Alex Shane, So Cal Val and token authority figure Stu Bennett. The latter announces a new women’s title and Alex Shane sounds surprised, despite a recording of him saying the match would happen tonight has already aired and he mentioned it last week. This is simple stuff boys.


Championship Celebration

Rampage Brown is happy he won the title last week so he’s out to celebrate with Sha Samuels and the other guy (CJ Banks, who’s still in his gear and still hasn’t wrestled). We only have 45 minutes on this show so the gloating is short lived and Joe Hendry interrupts. Imagine if RAW was this short? The opening 20 minute promo would be 2 minutes long! Hendry wants a title shot and it’s on! They’re just burning through storyline here!


WOS Championship

Rampage Brown (c) vs. Joe Hendry

Full kit wankers Sha and CJ are ringside.


I’m not particularly keen on Hendry but they keep this basic and it works. I hope the idea is to build Rampage up as the unstoppable champion all series long to make an eventual title change more satisfying. Maybe not even this series. Hendry plays dipshit babyface quite well and gets distracted by CJ Banks. Rampage drops him with the Impaler DDT and retains. This was very fine. Rampage continues to be The Man.

Final Rating: **1/2



“Don’t try this at home”


Ladder Match

Liam Slater vs. Gabriel Kidd vs. Robbie X vs. Lionheart

Hanging over the ring is…”an opportunity”. I honestly don’t know what that is and Alex Shane doesn’t either! Super! Why should I care who wins then? Think about it. Why do any of these guys want to win when they don’t know what they’re winning? There’s a few guys here that are well kept UK secrets. Kidd is a cracking young talent. Slater is relatively unknown. Robbie X is a mystery man! He has a mask and a beard. The trouble with doing a ladder match is they can’t show any contact with the ladder because it’s a daytime TV show watched by kids. It does make you wonder why they did the match at all. But then doing something on TV is difficult. Ask Vince Russo.


I hope the case contains a little crown made of tiny ladders, making the winner the Ladder King. A title represented by a crown and defended only in ladder matches. I will be disappointed.


Lionheart does that painfully slow climbing that I hate. He doesn’t seem to have any logical reason for doing so either. Kidd shoves him off and grabs the “huge opportunity” with both hands. TELL ME WHAT IT IS! It’s a contract for “a huge opportunity” next week. Just tell me what it is!

Final Rating: ***


Adam Maxted & Nathan Cruz vs. Doug Williams & HT Drake

This is part of the tag team tournament WOS have going on. Maxted is a passable wrestler but he has TV connections as he was on Love Island (or something like that). Doug is a classic World of Sport style wrestler and he works the mat and thanks to no one else working that way he stands out. Maxted and Cruz work heel and both ooze that sleaze factor. Cruz could turn into a secret weapon for WOS. WWE took a look and passed. Surely he’s mad about that considering the sheer number of guys who got WWE UK deals. It’s astonishing to me how much better Doug looks here than he does wrestling in PROGRESS. He’s having fun. Being on TV must mean a lot to him. He’s a little bit older than me so he probably grew up on the original World of Sport. Sadly he doesn’t get a run here as the heels double team Drake and move on. Doug’s ‘oh well’ reaction says it all. He loved being on TV but didn’t see himself as a long term fixture so the loss doesn’t hurt so much.

Final Rating: **3/4


Women’s Championship

Kay Lee Ray vs. Bea Priestley vs. Viper


“The real life girlfriend of Will Ospreay” is in action here. Jesus fucking Christ, what good does that do her at all? Also “real life”? Let’s just stop with that. KLR and Viper were both on WWE’s radar. KLR should be there but didn’t impress in the Mae Young Classic. Viper did impress but still isn’t signed. I’d rather they’d gone for a singles match here but they use Viper’s size as a way to turn it into a virtual handicap match. Viper alternating between who she crushes and the other woman making the save. Triple threats are hard to organise but this plays out quite well. Credit to the wrestlers for putting it together. Shame the TV coverage is shite. Too many weird cuts and often big moves are completely missed or shot from a crap angle. This includes the better moves like Viper’s Cannonball and Bea taking a powerbomb on the floor. It feels slightly rushed, given the TV time that’s to be expected, but when KLR powers Viper up for the Gorybomb it feels like a huge achievement. Kay Lee Ray is the first ever World of Sport women’s champion!


Final Rating: ***1/2



Many of my issues with week one remain but it was a lot easier, knowing what to expect, to ignore them and just focus on the wrestling. This was a good show that whipped along at a decent pace and the main event worked. There’s still a lot to do to transform this into a worthwhile experience in the long run but wherever a shortfall is occurring the talent are making up for it in the ring. Everything this week was decent at least.


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