The Crash: WrestleCon Review

The Crash: WrestleCon Review

The Crash is a lucha company out of Mexico used to be run by Konnan. Their shows don’t make tape but this Wrestlemania show did. Unlike Arn, I know a little bit about lucha and am hyped for this show.


Black Danger and Lacey Lane vs. Angel Fashion and Christi Jaynes vs. Barbi Hayden and Joey Ryan vs. Douglas James and Thunder Rosa




These seems like a “get as many people on the card as possible” type of match. Obviously the match starts with Joey Ryan asking everyone to touch his dick, because it’s a Joey Ryan match and he has one joke. The match eventually gets going and the crowd is so silent you’d mistake this for an EVOLVE show. There’s some okay, if pretty basic, action here as well as dumb Joey Ryan dick spots. For a match like this to really work you want fast paced action, but this didn’t really have too much of that. Fine opener I guess. Black Danger wins ** ¼


Daga vs. Bandido


I know Bandido as a regular tag partner of Flamita who is very good in his own right and is starting to show up in the US more. Daga is billed as El Padre de Strong Style, he is someone that tried to follow in the footsteps of Penta and Fenix in becoming big in the US but never really caught on outside of a few AAW appearances. Randomly two people show up on commentary, one of whom sounds super nervous. There’s also a weird buzzing in the background that is super annoying. Bandido starts flying all over the place while Daga tries to ground him. I can see why he never really made it big in the US since Daga is good but feels a little lifeless, he doesn’t have the personality of the Lucha Bros or Hijo de Fantasma which really helped them break out outside of Mexico. Daga pins Bandido with End of Heartache ***


Laredo Kid vs. Rey Horus vs. Flip Gordan

Rey Horus is the nephew of Rey Mysterio Jr and son of Misterio Sr. He wrestled for a little while as Hijo de Rey Misterio and Dragon Azteca in Lucha Underground. Laredo kid is a regular on Texas indies and has worked Impact Wrestling recently. Flip Gordan doesn’t believe the Earth is round and is a cop. Flip grabs a Mexican flag from ringside and starts pandering to the audience, I still hate him and cheer when Laredo Kid kicks him straight in the chest.

Unlike the previous match, this is three high flyers flopping and diving all over the place. The two Mexicans try to team up against Flip, but it doesn’t last. Another short match that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Short little story, some flips, and we go home. I am into this. Laredo Kid pins Rey Horus ***


The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) vs. oVe (Jake and Dave Crist) vs. Black Diamond and Aeroboy vs. Curt Stallion and Jason Cade

There are far too many US dudes in this match for my taste, give me more luchadors. Diamond and Aeroboy hit twin dives to the outside and it rules. I have no idea why Dez and Wentz changed their tag name but it’s very mid 00s. Each team takes turns being in control, with some highlights including Diamond hitting a spear off the top rope and Jake Crist hitting a diving cutter off the top rope. Another super fun, super breezy match. Zachary Wentz pins Dave Crist *** ¼


Willie Mack vs. Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan

Reminder that Sami Callihan is a piece of shit and you should consider donating to RAINN (


All three of these guys are regulars for The Crash so it’s not super weird for them to be here. Good change of pace here from all the previous matches as we get a heavyweight hoss fight. Willie Mack is a guy that I don’t really enjoy all that often, there are a ton of people that do the agile big man schtick better than him and the Stone Cold cosplay stuff actively turns me off, but he tones down a lot of that here and I really enjoy him. This was the longest match so far but even that was barely 10 minutes and didn’t feel like it.

Willie Mack wins ***


Rey Fenix vs. Flamita


This was the big draw of the show for me and a lot of people, but it got changed a lot. Originally this was billed as a singles, and then Rich Swann was added, and because he’s a coward he pulled out of all of his bookings and this is back to a singles. These two only went like 5 minutes but it was the most action packed 5 minutes I’ve ever seen, the very definition of a sprint. I really hope we get a longer match from these two at some point soon.

Fenix pins Flamita *** ¾


LWO (LA Park, Damian 666, and Nicho El Millionaro) vs. La Rebelion Amarilla (Bestia 666, Garza Jr, Mr 450)


There are two different La Rebelion factions in The Crash who are feuding, think nWo and Wolfpac. So who better to take on the nWo than the LWO? LA Park is the original La Parka and Nicho El Millionaro is the original Psicosis. The two teams immediately start brawling around the ring. This isn’t quite the wild brawl as commentary would make you think, but it’s still a cool spectacle. There’s an interesting little story going on with father and son on opposite teams which I like, it makes this feel more important than just a random nostalgia six man. LA Park just beats the shit out of Garza Jr with belt whips and stiff as fuck chops. What a legend. Someone book me LA Park vs WALTER. LA PARK FUCKING SLAPS THE REFEREE FOR GETTING DISTRACTED I LOVE THIS MAN SO DAMN MUCH! Most of this match was just about seeing LA Park who is super rarely in the US, but the whole thing worked well and was an absolute blast. LWO pin LA Rebelion *** ½


Austin Aries vs. Penta El 0 M


What a weird main event. We start off with a little bit of schtick but they both men are all business. I think whoever put this show together made a mistake not having the last match main event, since this crowd doesn’t care at all anymore. Aries shouts at someone in the front row to speak English because he’s in America now and I have stopped caring about this match as well. All of the work is solid but it’s just not connecting, I don’t know who thought Aries was the right person to main event a show like this but the fans in attendance clearly don’t give a shit about him. And then he pins Penta clean to a massive groan from the crowd. Aries pins Penta **


If not for that weird main event, I would call this a slam dunk show. I am someone who values consistency in a show and outside of the main event everything was at least good with Fenix/Flamita being the stand out. I highly recommend this show.

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