Suzuki September – Minoru Suzuki vs. Tetsuya Naito (8.4.13)

Suzuki September – Minoru Suzuki vs. Tetsuya Naito (8.4.13)

4th August 2013

This Suzuki match comes from Osaka in front of 6,700 fans and is a Block B encounter from the 23rd G1 Climax. What I think I love most about this match is the atmosphere, the crowd are excitable from the get go and keep the excitement all the way throughout. Match starts with an excellent bit of grappling for the first two minutes and leads to the typical Minoru Suzuki crowd brawling, which I usually dread as it is dead boring and never really leads to much but here he is working on Naito’s leg and laughing like a maniac while he does it so I am more than ok with it.

Suzuki controls the middle portion, again whilst working the leg, I am aware this may sound not that exciting but it bloody well was, this leads to an incredible spot with Suzuki having Naito in a kneebabar, but Naito keeps sitting up and slapping Suzuki and vice versa.

God Bless Tetsuya Naito

God Bless Minoru Suzuki

Naito is just so bloody great in this, as a resilient babyface he really did fantastic here and his charisma was off the charts and Suzuki was at his best as the bad ass villain, taking Naito apart that ultimately loses in the end. Naito wins with a stardust press in 16 minutes. Fantastic Match. **** 1/4

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