Suzuki September – Minoru Suzuki & Kana vs. Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Syuri (10.7.14) review

Suzuki September – Minoru Suzuki & Kana vs. Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Syuri (10.7.14) review

Suzuki September


October 7 2014


This match is taken from a show Kana produced called “ProMania Party” that ran in Korakuen Hall in October 2014. Around a year before she upped sticks and signed for WWE. If you’re confused by the name “Kana” that’s what Asuka called herself in her native Japan before the move stateside.



Minoru Suzuki & Kana vs. Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Syuri

This was ProMania Party’s main event. Kana with her dream choice of partner in Suzuki. Syuri being one of Kana’s rivals during her run in Japan. She has a background in karate and tennis? Her nickname is Karate Girl because Tennis Girl just would have been weird. I mean, a tennis gimmick probably would have been where WCW went with it to be fair.



This is how Kana enters her own show…like an anime character. You can see the video game nerd in her shining through. She has Joker makeup under there and blood pours out of her mouth when she takes the helmet off. It’s a pretty cool visual. A huge contrast to Syuri, who is pure as driven snow.


I wasn’t watching much joshi when “Asuka” was there but its easy to see why WWE took a shine to her. Suzuki has a field day here; slapping around an old man and a young girl in the same match. The beating he puts on Syuri is horrendous in all the best ways. The slaps, the kicks, the stretches. He even punches her. Kana equally has a fun time laying into Fujiwara until the dirty old bastard lays a liplock on her. Maybe he has a Joker kink? I’m learning a lot about Fujiwara during this project. Those that hate intergender will not have their minds changed by this match as the male on female violence is fairly extreme. Fujiwara at one point having Kana pinned down and punching her.


A major issue with the match is the production. It doesn’t feel produced at all. The hard-cam literally doesn’t move and the shot is bang in the middle of the ring so during introductions you can’t see anything and they only have one ringside camera who goes too close and when he’s scurrying around the ring there’s nothing to cut away to. It’s strictly amateur hour and quite distracting.


The match sits on the border of disturbing and creative. They do an armbar chain, for example, but a lot of the violence is mean spirited and slightly unsettling. Both women are left prone under a rain of fists during the match. I do like Kana and Suzuki slapping each other to get themselves fired up. The main issue with the action is that I don’t buy into the IG stuff. If they’d spent the match segregated for the most part and then finished with some decisive IG it would have been far more effective.


The match culminates in a lengthy Syuri vs. Kana sequence with the men jumping in to make the save until Syuri roundhouses both MiSu and Kana and gets the pin. This was structurally odd and a lot of wish fulfilment on the part of Kana with the booking. The camera work was off-putting and the structure just added to that. The action is solid enough but this is nothing more than a curio.

Final Rating: ***






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