Suzuki September – GO Asakawa vs Minoru Suzuki (9.4.2017)

Suzuki September – GO Asakawa vs Minoru Suzuki (9.4.2017)

GO Asakawa vs Minoru Suzuki – K-DOJO TAKA Michinoku 25th Anniversary Show (9.4.2017)

Minoru Suzuki has ventured over to K-Dojo for his 18th K-Dojo match in his career, the reason being that it’s TAKA Michinoku’s silver Wrestling anniversary. He is paired up against a Rookie of 2 years experience, GO Asakawa in a Korakuen Hall semi main event. This is terrific off the bat, GO tries for all on two seconds to tie Minoru down in a gold only for Minoru to counter it straight away and just contort GO with his arm folded behind his back and head caught in a head scissors, this is such a great sight.


GO Manages to squirm his way out of the head scissors only to be held in a double under-hook which GO’s head resting upside down on the mate, a pedigree type hold on the mat, again this is such a great sight. (It is a double arm-bar).

Minoru is done holding GO in strange uncomfortable positions, so this gives GO a chance to feather Minoru with strikes, Minoru absorbs a good five strikes before luring him into an arm-bar whilst hanging from the ropes, Minoru then takes him into the crowd in typical Minoru style and beats the life out of poor GO. This just doesn’t stop, Minoru just doesn’t relent, everything he does to GO is stiff as anything but it is highly enjoyable, It isn’t like GO didn’t fight back here, he had tremendous spirit, he is a real tough lad, obviously not the level of Minoru who even though is getting a few hard shots thrown at him, is still toying with GO.

I don’t want to call this a masterpiece or anything, but this is easily the best one sided match I’ve seen, I wouldn’t call it a squash at all because GO Asakawa did some serious business here and showed a hell of a lot, but Minoru had this match in the bag from seconds into the match it was just a matter of how long. Minoru Suzuki wins with a nasty Gotch style piledriver in 12 minutes 8 seconds. Star Rating (****)

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