Stardom American Dream in Big Apple (4.5.19) review

Stardom American Dream in Big Apple (4.5.19) review

Stardom American Dream in Big Apple


April 5 2019


We’re in the NYC Arena in New York City. I literally just saw the HOG show from this venue. This show took place right after the IPW:UK show in the same building and they broke the ring. So the VOD kicks off with them repairing it. The bottom rope is broken. Jim Valley and Fumi Saito are the hosts. The latter explaining Japanese wrestling to the former. The massive delay means the show is 1h50m. I love how giggly and nervous everyone is out there.


Sonya Strong & Violette vs. JAN (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora)

We’re down to 1h40m at this point. Fucking IPW. Sonya has brought Violette with her. She’s not good. American Indies are not deep in talent right now but especially the women’s divisions. A lot of people got signed. It’s a pity for Jungle, who’s been one of the most consistent (and overlooked) wrestlers in Stardom for some time. Jungle bumps like hell to get Violette’s stuff over. The backflip bump off the Codebreaker is enormous. Jungle puts Violette away with the Spiralbomb.


This was fine.

Final Rating: **1/2


Britt Baker & Brittany Blake vs. Hana Kimura & Bobbi Tyler vs. Queen’s Quest (Bea Priestley & Konami)


Bobbi two belts. Hana is the clear cut star of this match although Konami has a big following on the joshi scene. Happy babyface Hana is still something I’ve not come to terms with. She’s jumping around all happy and shit with her rainbow boots on. There’s a mixture of talent here and it feels like they dumped a load of people into this match because they had no plans for them. Konami kicking the fuck out of Hana is the absolute peak of this one. Although Bobbi Tyler decides she’s going to make a name for herself by wrecking Bea “controversial” Priestley. Hana slays Brittany Blake with a missile dropkick and that’ll do it. This was pretty good but in fits and starts. Hana vs. Konami is something I want to see with stakes on the line.


Final Rating: ***


High Speed Championship

Hazuki (c) vs. Dust

Give Hazuki two years and she’ll be the best wrestler in the world. Dust is hugely underrated. She’s trying to improve through Stardom.


The broken bottom rope causes its first issue here with Hazuki going to use it to pull herself back into the ring and being unable to. The Stardom draft is next week. That doesn’t always mean big chances but it’ll be Momo’s first chance to shape Queen’s Quest. Hazuki’s springboards are great in this match. If she was in a ring that wasn’t a piece of shit the match would likely be better.


This is a weird match as they do two near falls where the cadence is weird and Hazuki kicks out really late.

Hazuki finishes with la Majestral. There were some timing issues here but I can’t fault the champ. She was in a weird spot. Give her a little time and all those little issues will be gone. Potential world-beater here. So slick.


Final Rating: ***


Wonder of Stardom Championship

Momo Watanabe (c) vs. Utami Hayashishita


Momo has grown up in front of our eyes over the last 18 months. From an excitable child to a strong woman, a boss of her stable and a leader in the promotion. She’s taken over as the companies top star, breaking the title defence record in the process. Momo is almost showing Utami who’s boss in this match. Basically inviting her, a stablemate, to challenge for the belt so she can put her in her place. The issue with this is if Utami ends up in another group in the draft it could come back to bite Momo in the ass. Utami is getting better in front of my very eyes. She’s still in her rookie year. A lot of the work is so clever because it’s a struggle and you feel like they’re trying to grind out a win throughout but they don’t do any dumb spots. I know that sounds pretty obvious but I just came off the HOG show where it was wall to wall dumb spots. Utami’s last gasp kick outs are a thing of beauty. The match feels like it could be over, because she’s so inexperienced, so it’s not just a near fall for the sake of it. Even when it feels over, like with the diving double knees, the shoulder shoots up at the last second.


I like how calm both of them are. Momo is already a veteran at a tender young age and Utami is going to be incredibly good in a few years. She’s in the same boat as Hazuki only she’s a much different wrestler. Where Hazuki uses the ropes and lucha style Utami has judo and is a big match wrestler. They’ll probably have some killer matches later in their career. Speaking of killer matches; this is so close to being one. The execution isn’t quite there but it’s so close. It does have Utami falling out of pins with gravity at times but the kick outs are not quite timed right and I wonder if there’s a lack of trust in this referee. Peach Sunset puts Utami away and this gets a huge reaction from the crowd. Excellent.

Final Rating: ****1/4


Elimination Tag Team Match

Stars (Mayu Iwatani, Saki Kashima, Tam Nakano & Arisa Hoshiki) vs. Oedo Tai (Kagetsu, Andras Miyagi, Jamie Hayter & Session Moth Martina)


I’m thrilled that Mayu gets enough streamers for her to turn into a spinning streamer mummy. There’s not a massive amount of time left on the show and they kick this off with a crazy brawl all over the place.


Miyagi is a relatively new addition to Oedo Tai and is one of the better workers in Japan, normally working in Sendai Girls. If you regularly wrestle with Meiko Satomura you’re going to get good. There’s a bad kick-out spot on Miyagi that the ref gets wrong. Miyagi immediately piledrives Kashima. 4-3 Oedo Tai. This pays off when they all try to suplex each other and Oedo Tai have a one person advantage. Only it doesn’t because the Stars overpower them. Odd spot. Hoshiki knocks Martina out. 3-3. Martina is really good in Oedo Tai. She looked lost on that first tour but she’s put those pieces together. “If Onita liked pandas he’d be Tam Nakano”. I’ve been praising everyone here but Tam kinda feels like she’s gone backwards over the last year. She was pushing her way up my favourite wrestler list but she doesn’t work as stiff anymore and her storyline has gone into the background. Kagetsu gets rid of her. 3-2 Oedo Tai. There’s another dodgy kick-out where Mayu is pinned and kicks out late. The refs are causing the problems because there’s a lack of familiarity there. It’s happened all night. Miyagi gets thrown over the top by Mayu, as she couldn’t pin her. 2-2. Kagetsu goes to throw Hoshiki over the top but she hangs on and they both fall out. 1-1. It shows how highly they think of Hayter that they have her here at the finish. But also she can take the pin. Swings and roundabouts. Moonsault puts her away and Mayu, Stardom’s icon, is the sole survivor. This was a fun main event.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Post Match: Tam Nakano cuts a promo and it’s so adorable. They keep screwing up so House Mom Jungle Kyona storms out there to insist all the factions are involved. They unite to make the S sign and Oedo Tai all make their O for Oedo Tai just for giggles.




This was a great little show from Stardom. They had obvious issues with the ring but it didn’t effect anyone. They kept going through various issues and put on a nice event. Momo/Utami was really good and the main showcased a lot of the companies better talent. Plus it’s under two hours, which is an absolute joy for me when I’m watching 36 shows in a week.

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