SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba 3rd Night review (4.18.18)

SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba 3rd Night review (4.18.18)

SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba 3rd Night


April 18 2018


We’re in Shin-Kiba 1st Ring as you can tell from the show title. Just over 300 in attendance. It is quite sad to me that despite increased exposure for women’s wrestling that women’s only shows still draw massively smaller numbers than the men’s shows. This is the first SEAdLINNNG show I’ve seen. They start off by having 25 minutes of talking in a studio. It’s odd. Skip in 33 minutes for the actual show start.


Mio Momono vs. Arisa Nakajima

This is a match in the Catch the Wave tournament being held by Pro Wrestling Wave. Mio is 19 years old and very much the underdog against Nakajima, who’s ten years older and one of Japan’s biggest talents. It’s evident in the match they have. Mio being all plucky and trying dropkicks and roll ups. Arisa responding by stomping on her and putting her in holds.


Commentary appearing in screen is weird. I’m not keen on it at all. I do enjoy a gutsy underdog vs. generational ace set up and they play off it well. Arisa is a little too dismissive of Mio and that’s what allows her opportunities. Arisa is so complacent that Mio gets a load of near falls from sheer desire to score the big scalp. Arisa should probably be more vicious when she does take over. Her offence has a ‘bare minimum’ feel about it, although she is wrestling again later tonight. The dynamic is strong enough that they can get away with that. The stretch is a small version of the total match with Mio trying loads of roll ups but getting countered when she goes for anything more ambitious. The last gasp kick-outs from Arisa are really great near the finish, selling how Mio is coming closer to getting the upset. Arisa is having none of it and wins via moonsault.


Final Rating: ***1/2



Sae Nomura & Saki Akai vs. Rina Yamashita & Kaori Yoneyama

I know everyone in this match bar Sae Nomura, who’s only wrestled a dozen matches, so that’s fine. Saki is still very skinny.


Not to mention super tall compared to the others. Yoneyama’s level of upset at not being able to reach is on a level with me dropping a pizza on the floor. Yoneyama being unable to kick Akai is high comedy and they do a lot of interesting stuff with Saki’s height. Her duelling with Yamashita is actually good and Saki has definitely improved since her debut a few years back. She’s still a little bit awkward but that’s largely due to her frame. But she looks like a wrestler now, rather than Bambi on ice. Now she’s using those long limbs as a positive. The kicks are great but her spider pin is incredible. Poor Sae can’t keep up with Yamashita and she eats the pin. This was solid with good comedy and Akai is developing into a legitimate star, slowly but surely.

Final Rating: ***


Makoto, Nagisa Nozaki & Ryo Mizunami vs. Aoi Kizuki, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Misaki Ohata

This is the reviewer’s nightmare. Not knowing half the wrestlers. Ohata is the champ, so she’s easily identifiable, as is Matsumoto who’s worked for Stardom (and everywhere else). I’ve seen Aoi before too. So that leaves the entire other team. Thankfully a quick Google search reveals Mizunami has an easy to recognise look of red and blue gear. That just leaves the other two, who have similar gear and looks. I think Makoto has slightly skimpier ring gear but don’t quote me on that.


Which would make this girl, stuck in a camel clutch, Nozaki. My expectations for a midcard trios bout are low but everyone works their asses off. There’s a lot of comedy in there, usually involving the referee and Matsumoto’s opponent not staying down for a spot. I’m starting to think Matsumoto is really good and heavily underused by Stardom, a promotion short on top-end talent and constantly trying to build up their own youngsters to take those spots. My main beef with this match is there’s too much ‘heel ref’ stuff, when comedy ref stuff is connecting and it becomes too overblown and messy. The triple roll up near fall stuff is fucking incredible though.

This goes on for ages! I love it so much. Everyone ends up gassed, including the ref. Ohata is really good in this. Nozaki is good. Matsumoto is low key great. Ohata ends up getting the pin with a slick reversal and the Blue Fairy gets her hand held high.


Final Rating: ***1/2


Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Command Bolshoi & Yoshiko


Arisa is book-ending this show. I’m excited to see her, the wonderful Tsukasa Fujimoto and the masked Command Bolshoi. Worthless piece of shit Yoshiko makes up the numbers. The match is decent unless Yoshiko is in there. I can’t believe anyone books her. I know she’s mates with the SEAdLINNNG owner but fuck Yoshiko. If you go off book and shoot on someone, legitimately injuring someone you should be blackballed from wrestling forever. Go find a line of work where you can live up to your true worth as a performer. Like picking up litter along public roads. It’s been three years and I’m still mad about the Ghastly Match.


When Yoshiko isn’t in there the stuff between Command and the other two is solid, with the unfortunate spectre of Yoshiko on the apron. It’s a shame because the effort is great but the match just doesn’t click with me at all. Yoshiko is this cursed presence and all the bad things about this match happen around her. Including a botched double team from Nakajima & Fujimoto and a load of awful power stuff from Yoshiko herself (a couple of vicious clotheslines aside, and those make me anxious for an injury so she can’t win). Arisa survives the lariats and rolls Yoshiko up for the pin. Very patchy main event and an unfortunate downer to end the show on. Simple solution though; stop booking Yoshiko.

Final Rating: **1/2



I was very into this show until the main event but that’s literally on one person so I have to think this is a promotion worth checking out. It was better top to bottom than Sendai Girls or Oz Academy shows I’ve seen this year. Obviously they’re lower on the spectrum than more ambitious women’s promotions like Stardom, Shimmer or EVE but there’s plenty to enjoy here.


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