RVR Year End Awards: Most Improved

RVR Year End Awards: Most Improved


Hello and welcome to the Rear View Reviews 2017 Year End Awards spectacular. Before we get to handing stuff out here are a list of contributors:


Arnold Furious. Director of Content. Reviewer of the matches. @ArnoldFurious

Amanda Why. Interviewer Extraordinaire. Watcher of NXT. @manda_why

Ian Hamilton. Has seen more wrestling than you this year. @theianhamilton

Aqeel Khalid. Podcaster. Spewer of Lovely Takes. @AqeelKhalid

Chris Boyle. Website Organiser. Editor in Chief. @boyleybugs

  1. VK. Your Pal. Progressive. @vilinskikonjic

Jack Stevenson. Dragon Gate Guy. Rad as heck. @stevensonj95

Mark Ashford. Likes Live Shows. Sorry, “loikes”. @iloikewrestling


Not everyone contributed to every award, nor submitted a “top 3”. Points are given thusly; 3 points for first place on a ballot. 2 points for second. 1 point for third. I present a list of total points and everyone who got votes…


Most Improved:

  1. Braun Strowman 11
  2. Jack Sexsmith 8
  3. Hirai Kawato 4
  4. Oney Lorcan 3
  5. Takehiro Yamamura 3
  6. Velveteen Dream 2
  7. Lars Sullivan 2
  8. Kurtis Chapman 2
  9. Dezmond Xavier 2
  10. Cassandra Miyagi 2
  11. Keith Lee 1
  12. Juice Robinson 1
  13. Gabriel Kidd 1
  14. James Drake 1
  15. Kotoka 1


It’s hard to argue with Braun Strowman. He’s been well handled by WWE and has had a great 2017, despite having his legs cut off by a clean loss to Brock Lesnar. When he first debuted in WWE, he was clumsy, green and generally despised for his lack of ability and undue push. Fast forward a few years and everyone loves him because he was willing to put the effort in. He doesn’t make the same mistake twice, he keeps in tremendous condition and he learns and listens and improves all the time. Jack Sexsmith came into Progress from their own dojo, like a lot of other guys (Eaver, Moser, Sebastian etc) but his level of improvement is significantly better than anyone else. He’s been determined to succeed, despite being a small guy. His selling is realistic, his last gasp kick-outs are getting to be some of the best in the business and his reputation is improving at a startling rate. He’s also moved to Wolverhampton to train with Travis Banks so he can work at being a better wrestler. His dedication is admirable. He’s come on leaps and bounds this year and deserves the adulation. Hirai Kawato sneaks into third and it’s hard to believe he’s barely out of his rookie year. He’s 20 years old and is already one of the best trainees to bust out of the New Japan dojo in recent memory and that’s coming up against a lot of terrific talent. Remember the name; he’ll be a star some day.

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