RVR Year End Awards: Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic

RVR Year End Awards: Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic

Hello and welcome to the Rear View Reviews 2017 Year End Awards spectacular. Before we get to handing stuff out here are a list of contributors:


Arnold Furious. Director of Content. Reviewer of the matches. @ArnoldFurious

Amanda Why. Interviewer Extraordinaire. Watcher of NXT. @manda_why

Ian Hamilton. Has seen more wrestling than you this year. @theianhamilton

Aqeel Khalid. Podcaster. Spewer of Lovely Takes. @AqeelKhalid

Chris Boyle. Website Organiser. Editor in Chief. @boyleybugs

VK. Your Pal. Progressive. @vilinskikonjic

Jack Stevenson. Dragon Gate Guy. Rad as heck. @stevensonj95

Mark Ashford. Likes Live Shows. Sorry, “loikes”. @iloikewrestling


Not everyone contributed to every award, nor submitted a “top 3”. Points are given thusly; 3 points for first place on a ballot. 2 points for second. 1 point for third. I present a list of total points and everyone who got votes…


Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic:

  1. 5* Wrestling blaming Manchester bombings for shows being cancelled 11
  2. PCW’s non-charity tribute show to Kris Travis 8
  3. WWE’s Association with Susan G Komen 4
  4. WWE’s suggestion that Ultimate Warrior was a saint 4
  5. CZW advertising Onita vs. Tremont as a singles match when they knew it wasn’t happening 2
  6. WWE having Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion 2
  7. ICW’s Blowjob Angle 1
  8. Canuck Pro! 1


WWE usually have this sewn up so it’s credit to the underbelly of BritWres for being scuzzier. While WWE were championing Susan G Komen and the Ultimate Warrior, the lads at PCW were running a tribute show to Kris Travis, who died of cancer, without contributing any of the profits to charity. When quizzed on the matter promoter Steven Fludder claimed they’d “done enough already”. Using a dead wrestlers name to sell tickets and not contributing to his chosen charity; scumbag move. Somehow they were even outdone in that respect by 5* Wrestling who ran the gamut of disgusting promotional tactics this year. From cancelling a tour because of the Manchester bombing (rather than poor ticket sales) to offering CM Punk a million dollars to take part in a tournament to ‘postponing’ said tournament (again due to poor ticket sales) rather than cancelling so they didn’t have to issue refunds. Daniel Hinckles has been proven this year to be a total scumbag and his scumbag promotion has somehow conned its way into a TV deal. Expect it to be an utter shambles.

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