RVR Year End Awards: Best Wrestling Manoeuvre

RVR Year End Awards: Best Wrestling Manoeuvre

Hello and welcome to the Rear View Reviews 2017 Year End Awards spectacular. Before we get to handing stuff out here are a list of contributors:


Arnold Furious. Director of Content. Reviewer of the matches. @ArnoldFurious

Amanda Why. Interviewer Extraordinaire. Watcher of NXT. @manda_why

Ian Hamilton. Has seen more wrestling than you this year. @theianhamilton

Aqeel Khalid. Podcaster. Spewer of Lovely Takes. @AqeelKhalid

Chris Boyle. Website Organiser. Editor in Chief. @boyleybugs

VK. Your Pal. Progressive. @vilinskikonjic

Jack Stevenson. Dragon Gate Guy. Rad as heck. @stevensonj95

Mark Ashford. Likes Live Shows. Sorry, “loikes”. @iloikewrestling


Not everyone contributed to every award, nor submitted a “top 3”. Points are given thusly; 3 points for first place on a ballot. 2 points for second. 1 point for third. I present a list of total points and everyone who got votes…


Best Wrestling Manoeuvre:

  1. Mark Davis’ Pull Up Piledriver (Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck) 8
  2. Kairi Sane’s InSane Elbow 6
  3. Kenny Omega’s One Winged Angel 4
  4. Ember Moon’s Eclipse 3
  5. David Starr’s Brainbuster over the knee 3
  6. Big R Shimizu’s Shot Put Slam 3
  7. Chris Brookes’ Death By Roll Up 3
  8. Pete Dunne’s Bitter End 2
  9. Asuka’s Asukalock 1
  10. Brock Lesnar’s F5 1
  11. Oney Lorcan’s slaps 1
  12. AJ Styles’ Styles Clash 1


It take a very special move to out-do Kairi Sane’s elbow drop and that would be Mark Davis’ pull up piledriver.

It is a thing of beauty. There’s nothing else to say.

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