RVR Year End Awards: Best on Interviews

RVR Year End Awards: Best on Interviews

Hello and welcome to the Rear View Reviews 2017 Year End Awards spectacular. Before we get to handing stuff out here are a list of contributors:


Arnold Furious. Director of Content. Reviewer of the matches. @ArnoldFurious

Amanda Why. Interviewer Extraordinaire. Watcher of NXT. @manda_why

Ian Hamilton. Has seen more wrestling than you this year. @theianhamilton

Aqeel Khalid. Podcaster. Spewer of Lovely Takes. @AqeelKhalid

Chris Boyle. Website Organiser. Editor in Chief. @boyleybugs

  1. VK. Your Pal. Progressive. @vilinskikonjic

Jack Stevenson. Dragon Gate Guy. Rad as heck. @stevensonj95

Mark Ashford. Likes Live Shows. Sorry, “loikes”. @iloikewrestling


Not everyone contributed to every award, nor submitted a “top 3”. Points are given thusly; 3 points for first place on a ballot. 2 points for second. 1 point for third. I present a list of total points and everyone who got votes…


Best on Interviews:

  1. Trent Seven 8
  2. Zack Gibson 6
  3. Kevin Owens 6
  4. The Miz 4
  5. David Starr 3
  6. Tetsuya Naito 3
  7. Zack Sabre Jr 1
  8. Paul Heyman 1
  9. Kenny Omega 1


This is traditionally a category dominated by American wrestlers, usually ones under the employ of WWE so it’s somewhat refreshing to see not one but two Brits in the top three. Trent is a fantastic promo, often capable of swinging from serious to comedic and back again effortlessly while staying in character. His position as the mouthpiece of British Strong Style, Moustache Mountain and Fight Club Pro has allowed him a tonne of time talking to crowds this year. He never seems to stop. His pre-show comments are a major highlight of FCP shows and his banter during matches is also outstanding. Gibson has been leaning on the same promo for some time now, although if the booing subsides for long enough for you to actually listen to what he’s saying it’s become downright delectable. He caters his insults to the audiences he’s in front of and viciously tears audiences down. The pain of his promos is how they are rooted in truth and the fans are now booing so they don’t have to hear themselves be destroyed, rather than out of hate. He kept talking and he’s won. Owens makes up the top three. He is an American working for WWE but not a conventional Vince McMahon promo. Like Trent Seven he runs his mouth constantly. Whether it’s during promos or during matches. His ability to hook a hold and argue with the crowd at the same time is downright sensational.

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