Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 36 review (1.5.19)

Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 36 review (1.5.19)

Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 36


January 5 2019


We’re in London at the Cockpit Theatre. Hosts are Andy Quildan, who’s rushed back from an appearance at the Tokyo Dome only yesterday, and Andy Boy Simmonz.


El Phantasmo vs. Sha Samuels


Sha comes out to his old music and then the Revolutionists theme. Sha is a strange wrestler to me. He’s mostly a throwback and works better as a comedy guy. Here he reminds me how boring I find him as a heel. He uses punches, which are illegal and even though they look ok it irks me. ELP is wildly unpredictable as a worker. Sometimes he’s really fun and sometimes he’s going through the motions.


The match takes a while to get going but one they start trading on the Movez it’s pretty good. The idea being that ELP throws out more exciting offence but Sha’s old school moves (like the spinebuster) are equally as exciting but because of how ELP throws himself into those bumps. Sha finds himself outwitted by ELP’s nifty offence and the double jump moonsault takes it. Tidy match after a scrappy start.

Final Rating: ***




The Great O-Kharn vs. Chuck Mambo

O-Kharn is 22-0. The streak is fully formed at this point. Undefeated, as Gideon Grey announces him, undefeated. UNDEFEATED! Mambo is here to do some light-hearted counters and stuff before eating the pin. Perhaps I’m over simplifying Chuck’s role a bit but he’s here because he has a lot of sympathy and a decent unorthodox moveset. As for Oka, there must be concerns that the bulk of his gimmick relates to his unbeaten streak when his character is so thin beneath it. He doesn’t strike me as being a dominating guy. Claw Slam puts Mambo away. Jury is still out on O-Kharn. He’s very lucky to have a phenomenal pitch man in Lord Gideon Grey.

Final Rating: **1/4


Queen of the Ring QF

Debbie Keitel vs. Zan Phoenix

Rev Pro’s women’s division has been a shambles for ages so I’m happy they’re trying to do something more substantial with it. Drafting in Debbie Keitel is a good start. She’s at the heart of a lovely up and coming Irish women’s scene. Zan Phoenix can only benefit from working against different talent. She’s horribly low impact and telegraphs everything. Her strikes are horrendous. Debbie, in an attempt to compensate, starts overselling to try and make Zan’s stuff look better. Zan’s main strength is that she’s technically decent on the mat. She needs to stick to that. Not everyone should do strikes and she certainly shouldn’t be lifting Meiko Satomura spots and making a bollocks of them. To say the execution in this match is patchy would be entirely fair. Debbie finishes with the Stroke to advance. Match wasn’t good but had a few moments. Keitel didn’t look particularly good in her debut but it wasn’t really her fault.

Final Rating: *1/2


Queen of the Ring QF

Kellyanne vs. Sammii Jayne


It took me a while to get into Sammii Jayne but she might be the most underrated women’s wrestler in Europe. Across the ring is Kellyanne, from Australia. She’s been wrestling for ten years and is over here to try and improve her work. Europe is increasingly where people go to get better. There’s been a wave of Australian talent coming across to get regular work. She certainly impresses here. She’s clearly a talent. Sammii, who I put over at the start, is a little off her game here. She’s fine at the selling and bumps but her offence looks a little clunky for whatever reason. Kellyanne is all round good. Good bumps, good selling, fluid work, good movement. She’s one to watch. Some of her transitions are beauties. Sammii knees her in the face for the win but Kellyanne is the real winner for getting her name out to a bigger audience. I’m immediately a fan.

Final Rating: **3/4


MK McKinnan vs. Chris Ridgeway

A lot of people forgot how good MK McKinnan was and his comeback has been impressive thus far. Ridgeway is a good match for him as they have similar strengths. Solid strikes, fast counters and technical proficiency.

Also they beat the shit out of each other, which is good. It’s a clear cut above everything else on the show before it.


MK tries really hard but Ridgeway has better muscle, technique and the way he counters an Enziguri right into an anklelock is beautiful. It looks a little bit scrappy too, which makes it even better. It’s a shame the match has such a flat finish with Gideon Grey distracting MK and Ridgeway rolling him up for a submission. Really strong match with an unfortunately flat ending. MK has looked very good recently and just needs to work on his physique to step it up a level. His technique has been very strong.

Final Rating: ***3/4


James Castle vs. Kurtis Chapman

Castle has recovered from a bit of a dodgy tag title run with Sha Samuels that everyone hated. He’s a much better wrestler now. This is a fine match but suffers from following a much better contest with much better wrestlers right beforehand. Kurtis, who’s still super lightweight, struggles to get any meaningful offence in unless he’s throwing his whole body into something like the double stomp. I find it hard to believe that someone so small can absorb punishment from a bigger stronger wrestler like Castle. He should be looking to outsmart or outmanoeuvre him instead. It doesn’t help that the finish is messy and Kurtis has to re-pin James before the three count. Very disappointing match up.

Final Rating: **1/4


Queen of the Ring QF

Laura DiMatteo vs. Chardonnay

Laura is new to Rev Pro and I’ve always thought it was odd they didn’t use her when their division is so paper thin.


Chardonnay is someone I’ve been touting for a few years and she’s now part of Queen’s Quest in Stardom. She’s got new gear and looks the business. She’s technically very good and knows her strengths. It helps that Laura is also technically sound and she uses a few old World of Sport holds, which is nice to see. The match has a few littles flubs like Laura slipping on the ropes and it doesn’t quite click. The effort involved makes up for any timing issues and they throw themselves into the spots to get the match over. Chardonnay takes the W and I’m sure both women will look back on this with a few regrets that it didn’t kill like it could. I came away impressed with both wrestlers for their efforts though.

Final Rating: **3/4


Queen of the Ring QF

Yuu vs. Zoe Lucas

Yuu is from TJPW and is currently enjoying a little run in Europe in an attempt to turn herself into a global star.


Stuck up bitch Zoe Lucas, incumbent women’s champion, isn’t putting her strap on the line here as she’s not a fighting champion. The Cockpit crowd amuse themselves by singing songs with “You” in the title. It’s a massive opportunity for those with a deep catalogue of tunes and decent singing chops. I’m not sure I get Zoe working heel and Rev Pro seem to have this thing where all their successful women just naturally turn heel. Yuu has a big power advantage and she has a low base for throws and such. Zoe’s character work slowly wins me over with her showing fire but also being irritatingly prim. Yuu plants Zoe with the Last Ride and advances, getting a win over the champ in the process. This was really good. Zoe’s character work and passable strikes against Yuu and her guts and throws. Nice stuff.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Josh Bodom vs. Shigehiro Irie

What a match up this is on paper! Hard-hitting Brit Bodom vs. hard-hitting Japanese babyface Irie.

Both these guys are technically very sound. Andy Q’s comments about Bodom being a potential world beater only he “let’s himself down”. That’s one way of putting it! Irie kills him with a Pounce, which gets the Cockpit all fired up. The trouble with the Cockpit is it’s a relatively quiet venue but when they do get into a match the noise is lovely. I mean, you can’t have a conversation during a match because the wrestlers can hear you talk. You have to whisper. Irie is a terrific wrestler and Bodom relishes the opportunity to introduce him to British Wrestling. They absolutely beat the shit out of each other.

The battling nature of the match goes out of the window towards the finish where Irie hurts his ankle and Bodom starts working it over. Then they do a Canadian Destroyer and Irie murders Bodom with a few Cannonballs. Beautiful. Another massive Irieline finishes Bodom and Irie picks up a big win in a cracking match up.

Final Rating: ****



Kudos to Rev Pro for getting this show up the morning after it happened! Incredible turnaround compared to rival companies. Very solid show from Rev Pro too. Bodom/Irie was a great main event. MK/Riddy was very good too and a hearty thumbs up to Yuu/Lucas for what they did. Looking forward to the year ahead from Rev Pro, British Wrestling’s last great independent hope.





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