Rev Pro High Stakes (15.2.19) live review

Rev Pro High Stakes


February 15 2019


Hey, I’m aware this is somewhat late because I got back from London and then had to immediately go to work. I figured the review could wait and Rev Pro promptly got the show online before I got to it. Well played, sirs.




I started off for sunny London on a chilly February morning with clear skies and a series of cancelled, overcrowded trains. My journey involved me having to move from one train to another and getting wedged into the corner seat while another 30 people stood around in despair. Not the best of days for National Rail. Normally I get into London quite early and enjoy a pleasant stroll across the capital but the train delay, combined with the fact I can now do that walk in my sleep, made me jump on the tube. I was rewarded twofold for this decision. Firstly there was a busker playing an accordion in Oxford Circus, which echoed through the corridors of the station and gave the whole place a weird otherworldly vibe. Secondly my Central tube to Bethnal Green had a couple on it, opposite me. The girl was carrying a Victoria’s Secret bag that she kept peeking into and the man was doing his best to conceal a semi. They got off at Bank and were probably shagging by the time I got into Bethnal Green.


For this trip I had to switch hotels. My normal haunt the RE in Shoreditch was closed for refurbishment, or has been sold, whatever. So I plumped for the East London Hotel on Cambridge Road. It was about £30 more than the Travelodge but was spitting distance from the tube and York Hall, which makes it just about the best hotel location I’ve ever encountered. It was also modern as fuck. Rob joined me there later and commented that it was “a bit posh”. There was a light behind the mirror and the switch was in the mirror. Mind. Blown. Anyway, for the cost you’d be hard pushed to find something better. It’s also right next door to Mother Kelly’s and my favourite Venezuelan place in London. So pre-show drinks involved excellent stout rather than pints of Five Points IPA at the Dundee Arms. I mean, we went to the Dundee anyway because you have to right?


Josh Bodom def. Angelico
Team Whitewolf def. The Besties
Zoe Lucas def. Bea Priestley
CCK def. Aussie Open
El Phantasmo def. MJF
MK McKinnan def. Kip Sabian
PAC vs. Will Ospreay ended in a time limit draw


Firstly the card seemed to be cursed. Sammii Jayne dropped out with an injury. Zack Sabre Jr was mysteriously unavailable and on the day of the show Chris Ridgeway developed travel issues and missed his bout with MK. The resultant cobbled together vibe didn’t always pay off. Neither did the bigger pre-planned matches. The supposed showstealer of CCK vs. Aussie Open massively underachieved. A rambling 28+ minute contest didn’t connect at all well and was one of the most crushing disappointments of the show. Also a lot of the crowd were mad about the new time announcements (“five minutes have passed” “BOOO”). They figured it would almost certainly result in the main event going to a time limit draw, which is exactly what happened.


Some positives though. MJF showed up in a big way. His bout with ELP almost stole the show and is easily my favourite MJF singles match to date. The Besties vs. Whitewolf was also really good. A-Kid and Carlos Romo have done a splendid job of making themselves one of the most consistent tag teams in Europe so far this year. The main event was a mixed bag but when it delivered it delivered huge. The sequences where PAC and Ospreay would try to out-do each other and flip out of attempted moves was borderline magical. There are not many wrestlers who can effortlessly live up to Ospreay’s flying but PAC did it without ever getting out of second gear.


Ultimately the show will probably be remembered as a bit of a misfire. The late reshuffling of the card was unfortunate but putting MK vs. Sabian on second last left it in the death spot and nobody cared. The women’s match was not good and the disappointment of CCK vs. Aussie Open not delivering was on a lot of lips after the show in the customary trip to the Dundee Arms. I do have one note that I can’t fit into this review. At one point Shauna (of famous booing fame) said “CCCake” and I can’t remember the relevance of it. It must have been funny enough for me to make a note of.


The Sting:
I walked out of the building dead on the 30 minute time limit and was halfway through a Five Points IPA before anyone else arrived in the Dundee Arms. I don’t get the hanging around waiting bit. We’re all just going to the pub so let’s go! We ended up drinking to last orders and getting pizza from my pizza place. At least that tradition remains even if my hotel is different. Speaking of which, the room was two floors underground, which is super weird but when you’re next to a train line it’s probably for the best. I got up at 7am and trudged off to work. A five hour commute is not ideal. I popped into the local Sainsbury’s for a can of Monster and it was nice to breathe in that East London atmosphere of a guy threatening to glass someone at 7.30am on a Saturday. Like where do you even go from there? I imagine he had to kill someone and dispose of the body in the Thames before lunch. Then I went to work halfway across the country and now I’m at home! And that’s everything that happened to me today. Yay wrestling.

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