Rear View Reviews Year End Awards 2018: Best TV Show

Rear View Reviews Year End Awards 2018: Best TV Show

Hi and welcome to the Rear View Reviews wrestling awards for 2018. Here are the voters and their Twitter handles;


Ian Hamilton (@theianhamilton), Rob Reid (@britwresround), Mike Kilby (@mikekilby), Manu Romero (@manuromerograps), Alex (@trinidadchainz), Chris Boyle (@boyleybugs), Mark Ashford (@iloikewrestling), Mort (@brothermort), Joao (@thekingofboom), Amanda Why (@manda_why), Aqeel (@aqeelkhalid) and myself @arnoldfurious


First up is Best Weekly TV Show. Last year NXT won by some considerable distance thanks to their change from squash matches to meaningful stuff. A few shows that dropped off from last year: CWF Mid-Atlantic (American indies have collapsed), WCPW Loaded doesn’t exist anymore and nobody voted for RAW.


Best Weekly TV Show

  1. wXw Shotgun 14
  2. 205 Live 11
  3. NXT 9
  4. Rev Pro World of Pro Wrestling 7
  5. MLW Fusion 6
  6. WWE Smackdown 5
  7. DDT Maji Manji 4
  8. ROH Wrestling 2
  9. NXT: UK 1
  10. GWF Three Count 1
  11. Lucha Underground 1
  12. Impact Wrestling 1
  13. Mae Young Classic 1


While this was a close race wXw Shotgun, another show that doesn’t exist anymore, won out. Perhaps there was a level of sentimentality there but Shotgun was a genuinely excellent show during 2018. It was used to build storylines and enhance talent, giving them a place to learn their craft on a working TV show. The benefits have been spectacular as everyone involved has become better rounded and more over. Look at the results of other awards involving wXw talent and the benefits of Shotgun are there for all to see.


Shotgun being abandoned was largely an issue connected to CMJ’s departure from the promotion in the autumn. He was the driving force, creatively, behind Shotgun and having him gone caused the door to the closed on one of wrestling’s most popular weekly episodic TV shows. Coming in a close second was 205 Live. A show that has benefited massively from Vince McMahon losing all interest in the cruisers this year. As soon as his boy Enzo Amore was fired the product got better and better, driven by Triple H’s love of in-ring talent. Many of the best TV matches in 2018 took place on 205 Live.

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