Rear View Reviews Awards 2018: Tag Team of the Year

Rear View Reviews Awards 2018: Tag Team of the Year

Hi and welcome to the Rear View Reviews wrestling awards for 2018. Here are the voters and their Twitter handles;


Ian Hamilton (@theianhamilton), Rob Reid (@britwresround), Mike Kilby (@mikekilby), Manu Romero (@manuromerograps), Alex (@trinidadchainz), Chris Boyle (@boyleybugs), Mark Ashford (@iloikewrestling), Mort (@brothermort), Joao (@thekingofboom), Amanda Why (@manda_why), Aqeel (@aqeelkhalid) and myself @arnoldfurious

Last year the Usos won this best tag team award, followed by Ringkampf and War Machine. All those teams continued to have solid 2018’s but the field was expanded beyond them in 2018.


Tag Team of the Year

  1. Aussie Open 17
  2. Ringkampf 13
  3. Undisputed Era 7
  4. The Usos 6
  5. Young Bucks 5
  6. Violent Giants 5
  7. War Raiders 3
  8. Golden Lovers 3
  9. CCK 3
  10. Moustache Mountain 2
  11. LAX 2


As the votes poured in for tag team of the year I was a little surprised that Aussie Open and Ringkampf were so dominant. It’s been a year of strong tag team wrestling and all the teams that got votes had really good years. Maybe the European bias is due to so many of the voters being based in Europe that we saw such influence on the voting.


Aussie Open had a terrific year, culminating in tag title wins in multiple promotions but most notably Progress at their biggest show of the year. The jump in class from the Aussies seems mainly down to improvement from Kyle Fletcher, no longer just a guy who gets beat up and hot tags Davis in, but Mark himself has slimmed down with a better diet. Now they’re closer to equal than ever before and both guys have learned so much from the European scene.


Ringkampf have had less success with belts, dropping the wXw ones in March, and WALTER’s solo career has limited any real run they could have had. It’s testament to the strength of year that WALTER has had that Ringkampf placed so highly.

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