Rear View Reviews Awards 2018: Most Overrated

Rear View Reviews Awards 2018: Most Overrated

Hi and welcome to the Rear View Reviews wrestling awards for 2018. Here are the voters and their Twitter handles;


Ian Hamilton (@theianhamilton), Rob Reid (@britwresround), Mike Kilby (@mikekilby), Manu Romero (@manuromerograps), Alex (@trinidadchainz), Chris Boyle (@boyleybugs), Mark Ashford (@iloikewrestling), Mort (@brothermort), Joao (@thekingofboom), Amanda Why (@manda_why), Aqeel (@aqeelkhalid) and myself @arnoldfurious

Most Overrated

  1. Sami Callihan 8
  2. Adam Cole 6
  3. Bobby Lashley 5
  4. Taichi 4
  5. Pete Dunne 3
  6. Penta 3
  7. Rusev 3
  8. James Drake 3
  9. PCO 3
  10. Brock Lesnar 3
  11. Kenny Omega 2
  12. Bobby Gunns 2
  13. Curtis Murray 2
  14. Brian Cage 2
  15. Kento Miyahara 2
  16. Laura DiMatteo 2
  17. Zack Gibson 1
  18. Hiroshi Tanahashi 1
  19. Tessa Blanchard 1
  20. MAO 1
  21. Chris Ridgeway 1
  22. Baron Corbin 1


A mass of people I don’t agree with at all here but the voters have spoken. The “winner” is Sami Callihan. I completely agree with that. Sami has been all over the Indies and hasn’t delivered in the ring. He’s become an active turn-off for a lot of people who follow the Indies closely. The American scene has suffered from having to rely on the likes of Callihan to be one of the stars of their promotion with so many other top talent in WWE’s feeder system. Most US Indies have struggled for identity because of this and it’s, at least partially, Callihan’s fault.


Adam Cole, although I do dislike him, seems a little harsh after his 2018. The Ricochet feud in particular but in general the Undisputed Era have been a big success. Some people still don’t like him though. Speaking of which the nominations for Pete Dunne and Hiroshi Tanahashi genuinely had me scratching my head and Kento Miyahara too. Not to mention MAO. These are certainly opinions people! I wash my hands of them.

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