Rear View Reviews Awards 2018: Most Charismatic

Rear View Reviews Awards 2018: Most Charismatic

Hi and welcome to the Rear View Reviews wrestling awards for 2018. Here are the voters and their Twitter handles;


Ian Hamilton (@theianhamilton), Rob Reid (@britwresround), Mike Kilby (@mikekilby), Manu Romero (@manuromerograps), Alex (@trinidadchainz), Chris Boyle (@boyleybugs), Mark Ashford (@iloikewrestling), Mort (@brothermort), Joao (@thekingofboom), Amanda Why (@manda_why), Aqeel (@aqeelkhalid) and myself @arnoldfurious

This is another award that Trent Seven won, relatively easily, in 2017. And again he’s not in the races for 2018. As with last year there were a lot of different ideas on what charisma really is and how it can be represented in pro wrestling.


Most Charismatic

  1. Bobby Gunns 10
  2. Becky Lynch 8
  3. Penta 7
  4. Tetsuya Naito 6
  5. Ilja Dragunov 4
  6. Matt Riddle 4
  7. Maki Itoh 3
  8. Katsuhiko Nakajima 3
  9. Velveteen Dream 3
  10. Minoru Suzuki 3
  11. WALTER 2
  12. Absolute Andy 2
  13. LA Park 2
  14. Jiro Kuroshio 2
  15. Nick Gage 2
  16. David Starr 2
  17. Andrade Cien Almas 1
  18. Chuck Taylor 1


What a year it’s been for Bobby Gunns! He’s always had a cool look, grinding his hips and smoking his cigs but in 2018 he gained that intense crowd support that saw him become more important. The crowd support starting taking off when, at AMBITION in March, the crowd started doing the “GUNNS, BOBBY GUNNS” chant and it’s been all upwards from there. The reaction to Gunns at the WTTL and final episode of Shotgun were incredible and it’s stemmed from his cool entrance and natural charisma.


Coming in second was Becky Lynch. She’s had a stunning second half of the year, stemming from that appearance on RAW. Her promos have been electric, her presence has been above everything you’d expect from a big, big star and she’s charismatic as hell. I can’t think of anyone’s entrance popping me as hard as Becky when she walked out to take on RAW’s women after attacking Rousey in the locker room*.


*Well, Ilja Dragunov’s amazing return at 16 Carat this year but that was a CMJ masterpiece.

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