Rear View Reviews 2018: Most Underrated

Rear View Reviews 2018: Most Underrated

Hi and welcome to the Rear View Reviews wrestling awards for 2018. Here are the voters and their Twitter handles;


Ian Hamilton (@theianhamilton), Rob Reid (@britwresround), Mike Kilby (@mikekilby), Manu Romero (@manuromerograps), Alex (@trinidadchainz), Chris Boyle (@boyleybugs), Mark Ashford (@iloikewrestling), Mort (@brothermort), Joao (@thekingofboom), Amanda Why (@manda_why), Aqeel (@aqeelkhalid) and myself @arnoldfurious

Welcome to most underrated, where hopefully you see a name that allows you to find a new talent to enjoy. Last year Luke Harper won, which Aqeel called the “most 2017 thing ever”. Harper didn’t get any votes this year and has enjoyed a tag title run so he’s probably in the good books somewhere. Tyler Breeze came in second last year and he’s back for more.


Most Underrated

  1. Oney Lorcan 8
  2. Tyler Breeze 5
  3. DJ Z 4
  4. Jay Lethal 3
  5. Avalanche 3
  6. Wild Boar 3
  7. Hangman Page 3
  8. Kyle O’Reilly 3
  9. Nick Gage 3
  10. Tomohiro Ishii 3
  11. Cara Noir 3
  12. A-Kid 3
  13. Marcel Barthel 2
  14. Zachary Wentz 2
  15. Nina Samuels 2
  16. Hunter Brothers 2
  17. El Phantasmo 2
  18. Mike Bird 2
  19. Donovan Dijak 1
  20. Elliot Sexton 1
  21. Rishi Ghosh 1
  22. PACO (AAW) 1
  23. Tony Nese 1
  24. Mark Haskins 1
  25. Josh Bodom 1
  26. Jack Sexsmith 1
  27. Chuck Mambo 1
  28. Andrade Almas 1


There are some terrific talents listed here. I honestly think Oney Lorcan has been massively overlooked for far too long. The former Biff Busick joined WWE in 2016 and has spent the following three full calendar years rotting in NXT. WWE did sign way too many people and Oney found himself down the pecking order compared to a lot of bigger names but he’s been there busting his ass every fucking day for those three years.


Some names you may be less familiar with lower down the pecking order. Cara Noir, the former Tom Dawkins, who adopted a Black Swan gimmick and got massively over via entrance and then stopped getting booked. A-Kid got on the map thanks to big media love, especially from five star Davey Meltzer, and the sudden rise of White Wolf Wrestling in Spain. He’s still relatively unknown but definitely deserves your attention. Elliot Sexton, the giant Aussie, is on New Japan’s radar and should be on yours. PACO is making a name for himself in AAW and there are a lot of other names that could have made it onto this list too.

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