RCW Ringside Edition TV Episode 2

RCW Ringside Edition TV Episode 2

We’re going back to HighSpots – and a look at Ringside Championship Wrestling’s TV!

This show’s only 30 minutes long, but this Missouri-based group is so low-level they’re not even acknowledged on Cagematch! We open up with a brief message from Bobby Eaton, and then it’s a recap of last week, which I’d dare wager was “earlier in the show”…

It’s hastily-edited as we see Eric Wayne winning a match to get to the finals of the Cherry Valley Invitational tournament, before Jeremy Moore cheated to win his semi-final.

Cue a title sequence, plagued by empty blue seats, and segments that go for too long, before RCW’s Brian Thompson welcomes us to the show. He’s happy to be on local TV, and after a shout-out to Bobby Eaton, he keeps talking. Yeah, what is it that US indys have against short opening segments?

Thomson throws to an in-ring interview by Tom Simon, who’s got “All That” Alan Steel with him. Some really unusual transitions come here, as Steel tells the crowd that he’s putting his issue with Derrick King to bed… however, Simon’s got a surprise, and after another roll-in transition it’s…a guy in a baseball cap?

Oh, it’s a guy called Rich Rude, who’s apparently Steel’s “Genetic Perfection Manager”. Well then. The crowd barely goes mild. Simon wraps up the segment, then remembers he had to give Rude the mic… so we have ANOTHER promo.

Now we get a slick 3D intro… for the production company behind this? Then an advert asking people if they want to bring a sold RCW show to their town.

Finally, a match! But first, the ring announcer runs through basic heel shtick for the champion, Jeremy Moore.

Jeremy Moore vs. Eric Wayne
Moore’s apparently the NWA:Mid South champion at this time… his opponent grabs the mic and gets some cheap pops, noting that Moore’s belt is bigger than him. I don’t get why we need a pre-match promo, and the crowd’s barely reacting. All… 50 of them?

This is the Cherry Valley Invitational finals back from 2016 apparently, and for some reason Wayne heads outside to put on a fan’s baseball cap. I’m getting mighty impatient, particularly since I’ve sat through 16 minutes of stuff and we’re now just being teased with a match.

The crowd reckon Moore’s a chicken, then cheer Wayne who grabs Moore’s title belt and poses with it. GET ON WITH IT! Wayne apparently wants this to be a title match, and commentary tells us that they have no authority to even make this a title match. Finally we start with Wayne catching a kick from Moore, before sweeping it away as Moore rolls to the outside for a breather.

The ring announcer tells us that five minutes have passed. Larry Zbyszko would be proud of all this stalling!

Wayne grabs a headlock, then drops Moore with a shoulder tackle before he “accidentally” escapes the ring and crotches himself in the ringpost. The crowd will Wayne on to do it again, so he slides Moore back into the post, before threatening to stomp on Wayne’s family jewels. We even get a “shall I?”!

For some reason the ref looks at the crowd as Wayne drops an elbow down there, before he then tickles Moore’s thigh. Moore fights back with punches in the corner, before yanking Wayne off the turnbuckles… and lands awkwardly in taking that bump. The offence keeps going as Moore hits a back elbow as we’ve passed the ten minute mark, so that’s the cue for Moore to jaw with the crowd, giving a distraction for another Wayne comeback.

Wayne nearly chops the ringpost, but Moore throws him into it anyway. For some reason, Wayne gets a mask from the crowd, and he fires up… except Moore kicks the mask straight off him, and the power’s gone. An apron spot follows as a back suplex dumps Moore onto the apron, before Wayne throws a chair into the ring… which the ref gets rid of, so he misses an eye rake.

Moore punches away on Wayne some more, then lands some elbows for a near-fall, before a rear chinlock’s fought out of. Wayne’s instantly taken back to the mat with the same move, before a few atomic drops shake Moore, ahead of a fireman’s carry… which Moore escapes, before tripping Wayne as he tries to score a cheap win… and that’s the cue for a guy called Danny Dollar to run out and knock Moore’s feet off the ropes! He then takes Moore outside and chases him to the back… and so our prestigious tournament’s won via DQ by Moore. LAME. -*

So, our 30 minute TV show has a whole load of talking, a match from over a year ago (this originally aired in May 2017, with a match from I’m guessing March 2016), which wasn’t very good to begin with. Yeah, this isn’t coming close to making my regular rotation. Skip!

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