PWG Smokey And The Bandido review (10.9.18)

PWG Smokey And The Bandido review (10.9.18)

9th October 2018

This the first show for PWG after a fantastic BOLA tournament, there is a very good card for this show and a lot of interesting shake ups potentially occurring with this show.

Darby Allin vs Trevor Lee
Trevor starts off by declaring he came second in BOLA due to losing to the winner Jeff Cobb and this after being a replacement and also being a replacement here for Joey Janela, he also claims this show is a B-Show. God, Trevor Lee is just everything I want, he is so great, this promo was outstanding. They worked such a smooth match here, it wasn’t much of a stunt match for half of it, despite some of the bumps Allin took including one mad flapjack over the rope bump, instead Darby was the good EVOLVE match Darby here and he and Trevor had brilliant chemistry, then about three quarters into the match Trevor tied Darby’s hands together and it became that other good Darby, the stunt one as previously mentioned. This was a match of two halves and they both ruled. Star Rating *** ¾

Flamita vs Puma King vs Rey Horus
This was about to be flippy as the day is long and I was very hyped for this. It was clear from the get go that this was going to be an exhibition match of sorts with no real direction to it. Rey and Flamita are PWG regulars that more than likely aren’t being pushed, only real one with direction here is Puma King who is new but really over already, so much so that he doesn’t feel new. This was very sloppy and didn’t really bring anything new to the table originally and reminded me of the Lucha matches you’d see on a Wrestle con show or something of that variety but it picked up more towards the end and got really cool, but was a case of finding its flow when too late. Star Rating ***

Hechicero vs Zack Sabre Jr
This is Hechicero’s PWG debut, this match was even more out the blue and awesome than normal with PWG, how random but genius is this match. This match wasn’t outstanding nor did the crowd view it as that, they were into the match and Hechicero got a good reaction throughout but it wasn’t quite a banger as such nevertheless I did really enjoy this match though. The entire match felt very cool, this because of Hechicero and they did do some great stuff in this match, it definitely isn’t one that you can take your eyes off easily and I think they achieved their goal here, Maybe to me not a great match but there is no denying overall it was very good. Star Rating *** ½

Bandido vs Rey Fenix
The shows namesake Bandido is in this match fresh of a performance of a lifetime in the BOLA final, the whole tournament he was outstanding but the Final in particular. Here he faces Fenix who is honestly one of the best in the world. This was absolutely brilliant, these two are actual geniuses, Fenix gets a lot of flack for sloppiness and botches (I think it just adds to why I like him) but he is so smart and like Fenix, this match was so smart. 

They had what I view as two stages to this, the first being the normal “PWG Lucha” but mixed in with a lot of technical work, mainly Bandido working on Fenix’s right foot. The second stage was the balls to the wall crazy moves, the really lovely sequences and an again mixed with an absolutely beautiful twist. This being the Hug spot they did where they cut from the 90mph slap fest to hugging, this sent the crowd in a frenzy. Fenix straight away big booted Bandido which got some boos, but the crowd were never really going to turn on Fenix. So they went back to the crazy moves but this time there were some absolutely brilliant near falls. The match was bonkers, so great and what I also loved about it, is that they stuck to work they did earlier, I.e. Fenix’s foot came into play and Fenix’s heelish tactics were present throughout. Star Rating **** ½

Brody King vs Timothy Thatcher
This was quite the styles clash, Brody is a hit and heavy kind of wrestler (choosing to ignore his bad big man lucha) and Tim Thatcher is, well, Tim Thatcher (Awesome) not that Brody isn’t awesome, he can be but he really does need the opponent and setting, he can’t make magic by himself like a lot of great wrestlers can. This match was a strange one, during the match it didn’t feel that good but by the end I thought it was pretty good, I think because of the mishap that occurred with Brody accidentally lariating Tim Thatcher’s nose and busting it, so a solid 2-3 mins of hot action happened at the end made me come away with the impression of “oh that was actually decent” Overall not much to say about this. Star Rating ***


PWG Tag Team Champions The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs LaX (Ortiz & Santana)
PWG Tag Team Titles on the line here as two of the hottest teams in wrestling face off for the first time and also the first time for LaX in PWG, well overdue. I really wasn’t a fan of the first half of this match, it was a real slog but boy oh boy did it pick up. LaX are actually the best tag team in independent wrestling, they just know how to make a tag match turn suddenly into the hottest thing in the world on a flick of a switch, because it went from bad to so good in such a quick period of time. Rascalz continue to be the most reliable team around, never not fun and full of awe inspiring moves. The finish to this was a little shaky to say the least with some frankly awful timing and the beginning left a lot to be desired but the middle portion was so good that it can be forgiven at least for me but I do recognise that these two absolutely could have a show stealing match if they tried again. Star Rating *** 1/2 

PWG Champion WALTER vs Jeff Cobb
BOLA winner Jeff Cobb is here after a fantastic tournament to challenge for the PWG World Title. They worked a mighty slow pace here which surprised me and even when it got faster, which was really just the closing stretch it still felt a bit slow, honestly the match overall was a little disappointing but it definitely did a good job of telling the story of Cobb just about surviving the dominant champion, Jeff was very good in his role here, he is way more diverse than given credit for. The finish was brilliantly done, it was very much a shocker, after WALTER couldn’t put Cobb away with a power bomb into a frog splash combo, Cobb attempted a cravate roll up, that didn’t work, so he did the exact same move but with a leg capture and got the 1,2,3 and queue an eruption from the crowd that PWG is famous for and here you have it, a new World Champion, Jeff Cobb. A very good match with a good ending and sign off to the crowd from Cobb, leaving a clear direction of where PWG is to head in the future now that we are past BOLA. Star Rating *** ½


Despite only one really outstanding match, nothing on this show was bad and as Trevor Lee stated earlier it wasn’t bad whatsoever, but pretty good for a “b-show”, you got fair few new directions with a new world champion and two successful debuts, nothing to complain about here. A thumbs up.

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