PWG Hand Of Doom review (1.18.19)

PWG Hand Of Doom review (1.18.19)

18th January 2019

We are here at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, California for the first PWG show of the year, now the card for this show might not look standout with no big imports and a pretty obvious direction for some of the talent here with NXT and AEW picking up a few of these boys. As always we at the behest of Excalibur on commentary.

Brody King vs Jungle Boy

This is my first time seeing Jungle Boy (real name Jack Perry) son of the late Luke Perry a man who I admire a lot, very bittersweet feeling going into this match, Luke was in attendance and was reportedly very supportive of his son wrestling.

I say it is my first time watching Jungle Boy, it is and I literally hadn’t heard of him despite being very in tune to US Indies, or atleast I thought so. I hadn’t heard of him up untill around this time when he debuted here and got signed up to AEW, same thing occured with Marko Stunt around All in time, strange, or not maybe I just need to more attention. I really liked this match, it actually exceeded my expectations so much, it was very strange in the sense that Jungle Boy was over as rover despite really not doing much, it may be unpopular and I’m not a huge fan but this was all Brody King barring a few spots. For whatever reason the crowd just loved Jungle Boy, I don’t get it at all but it made for a fantastic atmosphere.

Brody King won this after two nasty looking piledrivers and this show is off to a great start, not saying Jungle Boy has made a fan of me, because he really hasn’t but if he can get an atmosphere like this for his matches againt then count me in. Star Rating *** ¾

DJ Z vs Puma King

So this is a match I immediately said I wanted after there exchange in the yearly 10 man BOLA tag, I even mentioned in my review, also to add to my “credibility” here, I also praised Puma King quite a bit before he debuted in PWG, I shall link said proof down below.

I so much prefer flippy type matches like this between two very good wrestlers sometimes rather than two of the Best in the world type high flying wrestlers, because it is more simpler, and by that i don’t mean it is less complex because if anything it is more but is done at a bit of a slower pace and you can actually take in some of what is happening. Safe to say it is a good watch. Literally seconds after I wrote this part they did a exchange of Sami Callihan’s dreaded run around the entire ring and do a move spot.  

Never mind they went right back to the really fun wrestling afterwards. Puma King wins via his very wacky submission which I lazily won’t attempt to describe. A very fun match that isn’t worth necesarrily going out your way to watch but solid and as I described a lot of fun and a easier watch, also DJ Z heads to WWE very soon so will miss him as a newfound regular in PWG. Star Rating *** ¼

Laredo Kid & Rey Horus vs LaX (Ortiz & Santana)

This is exciting, Laredo Kid is making his debut for PWG and he is one of those widely known good wrestlers that hasn’t quite done anything big in the US as of yet. This match, to simplify it, was bad. This was as formulaic as the day is long with LaX once again under delivering and seemingly coasting on the same old moves with the same old disjointed sequences and unrealistic outcomes, just gets tiresome. I am absolutely fine with it in matches and love it sometimes but LaX are just really the flag bearer for this at the moment, which is a shame because they late last year were having outstanding matches with multiple different opponents, LaX are better than this. Laredo Kid was good though I must say. Star Rating ** ¼

Jonathan Gresham vs Robbie Eagles

Jonathan Gresham making his PWG debut finally, it is well overdue for someone with the 2018 that he had. Robbie Eagles had a terrific year also, especially in PWG and his matches are now ones that I look forward to. This went just under 15 minutes and it flew by, really great stuff with it not going long enough, I didn’t want this to end as quickly as it did, brilliant stuff on all ends here and I hope these two meet at some point again. Robbie Eagles beat Jon Gresham with the Ron Miller special to which he got the tap out, Gresham had sold the leg very well during the match, hopefully this means Robbie moves up and up in PWG, he deserves it. Star Rating *** ¾

PWG Tag Team Champions The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs Best Friends (Beretta & Chuckie T)

This is for the PWG Tag Team Titles, as I write this during the intros I feel with Rascalz being a main stay in PWG and Best Friends AEW bound there probably isn’t to be much drama in this match and I feel like this could be a play by numbers, comedic but fun spot filled match, nothing outrageous. I was right and the match did about 5 minutes of the comedy best hits, which I am thankful for as they got it out the way early and The Rascalz become very ‘tongue n cheek’ heels in this match for a little bit afterwards which was strange as they then abandoned it. They finally got to the “good” stuff about 15 minutes in with both teams having a very good competitive bout but was a little too late and the match finished 3 mintues after it started getting good. The Rascalz won with what in theory is a cool finish with The Rascalz hitting the backwards flip over Chuckie T onto Beretta but it was far too contrived to come off well. Star Rating *** ¼

ACH vs Bandido

This is ACH’s last PWG appearance before he heads off to NXT, he was a last minute replacement for Flip Gordon who got injured before the show and wow is that a fortunate misfortune if i’ve ever seen one. Bandido was the absolute MVP of PWG last year and one of the best wrestlers all of last year and nothing but up for him this year he is an absolute heart throb as Exaclibur exclaims on commentary. I was really hoping for so much more from this match than what I got instead it was just boring and not very fun to put it simply. Really dissapointing, a lot of Stone Cold ACH teasing and a lot of nonsense. I say this but the crowd were really into the last moments and if you watched the last moments just as that, then you might have thought a good much must have preceeded it but alas it didn’t. ACH should fit NXT like a glove. Star Rating ** ½

PWG World Champion Jeff Cobb vs Trevor Lee

PWG Title is on the line against the new NXT Signing Trevor Lee. The two had a sub 20 second match at BOLA with Cobb winning straight away, they did a callback to this right away with Cobb cutting short a Lee promo and almost hitting a giant German suplex only for Lee to reverse into a small package for a near fall to being, great way to kick off although we all were robbed of a great pre match Trevor Lee promo. Like the semi main I was really hoping for a lot more from this, it being Trevor’s last match in PWG, don’t get me wrong, it was good but really was missing something. I feel the fact that everyone knew under no circumstances was Trevor Lee going to win, it took some of the edge to the match and there were a lot of the referee tropes starting with Trevor Lee punting the referee in the face from a apron kick leading to a segment of “will Trevor use the chair “ right up until he low blowed the second referee. Third referee in now and we got some near falls that should’ve got good reactions but didn’t quite, the referee stuff took the crowd out for the moment.

The structure of this match was not the best, the ending sequences were very good with Trevor hitting a Orihara moonsault and the Ricohcet over the turnbuckle dive leading to the crowd actually reacting. Finish was Trevor Lee kicking out of tour of the islands at one to huge reaction before getting hit with another for the win. This finish for the crowd, absolutely brilliant as they went mad but the one fall finish is so over used and just lazy in my opinion. Jeff Cobb Retains in what was a pretty good match that should have and could have, with a better structure especially. Best of luck to Trevor Lee, for a long while PWG was the only place for me at least where you could get a genuinely great Trevor Lee match. Star Rating *** ½

Trevor Lee cuts a really lovely emotional promo where the fans shower him the with the love he deserves.

Hand of Doom was a solid show to begin the year, a few goodbyes and a few intros. Some better than others. One very bad match and one pretty disappointing match is a bummer but I can live with that. More positives to be taken than negatives as far as I am concerned.

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