PWG BOLA Night Three review (9.16.18)

PWG BOLA Night Three review (9.16.18)

16th September 2018

The final night of the 2018 BOLA is upon us, here at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, California. As always your host is Excalibur and a lot of wrestling is to follow.

Brody King vs Trevor Lee (2nd Round)
Trevor cut an outrageously great promo beforehand, he is honestly one of the best american guys on the independents, he doesn’t get to showcase it as much in Impact or AAW as much as he does in PWG but he really does stand out here. This started off excellent, for five minutes they had this match sorted, but then it came to a screeching halt, no particular spot or anything made it come to a halt, it just did and the match honestly sucked midway on wards, Not the best start to night three. Trevor Wins via moonsault fall away slam to a running Brody King. Star Rating ***

Jeff Cobb vs Rey Horus (2nd Round)
So this really should have been better than it was, the crowd being completely dead for entirety didn’t help, but there was no sense of effort, no real energy in this match, they knew what they were to accomplish, a quick match where Cobb could be strong and go over and that is what they got. Cobb advances via tour of the Islands. Star Rating ** ½

Robbie Eagles vs Shingo Takagi (2nd Round)
This was an interesting match up (the two would meet in a BUSHI/Shingo vs Eagles/Ishimori Tag league match a month later, a great match), so these two are going at it pre-NJPW. This was a very good match, It was obvious Shingo was advancing and Eagles got some offence in but for most part it was Shingo picking Eagles apart, mostly his knee and looked to be on a quick route to semi final when he hit Eagles with a Made in Japan only for Eagles to kick out and then kick out of an amazing pumping bomber, to which the crowd went crazy. Eagles then took control of the match hitting a super hurricanrana from the top rope and then a 450 splash but couldn’t quit get to Shingo in time due to his bad knee. There were some beautiful exchanges that followed this with Shingo getting the win via a powerbomb turned into a STF with an arm capture. Great bloody match. Star Rating ****

CIMA vs Joey Janela (2nd Round)
This was bad. Really bad, I hated this. I love CIMA to death and Janela can be good but this was everything I hate about Janela matches, he really exposed himself in this match. Janela wins via superkick to advance. Star Rating * ½

Jonah Rock vs WALTER (2nd Round)
This match was going really good, it had a story to it of WALTER being dominant of Rock and Rock in return trying to cheapen the match via low blow etc, but then Rock starting doing what all Kiwi wrestlers around this time seemed to be doing and that is imitating Roman Reigns’ offence. I really do not get it, it is so non-league it is ridiculous and turned this match from really good into a laughing stock and just threw it by the wayside. WALTER advances. Star Rating **

Bandido vs Flamita (2nd Round)
Tag partners of MexiBlood, these two face off here and there rivalry is similar to that of Dijak vs Keith Lee’s in a way, this being that it is a touring match that has landed here in PWG and just like those matches they always have fantastic matches, this was no exception. What separates this match from the other Bandido vs Flamita’s, to me and as obvious as it sounds, they added new things. This sounds like a lazy analysis but that is quite literally what they did, it was like the other matches they had but only in the sense that it was great, everything from the stare down spot at the beginning to the near falls were fresh. Bloody great match. Star Rating ****

PWG Tag Team Champions The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs The Lucha Brothers (Penta el 0m & Rey Fenix)
This is for the PWG Tag Titles and The Rascalz have come dressed up with their own Lucha Brothers masks. The opening of this was next level great. Xavier and Penta do one hell of a copying act to begin with, it was fantastic, the big roar of laughter came when Xavier and Penta were done and went to tag in their partners but because of the confusion they got the corners confused, it is a very simplistic spot but my god did I laugh and you can hear the pure belly laughs from the crowd, beautiful stuff fellas. Once the comedy stopped it just went into high gear and there was no stopping them, fantastic action, everything about this is why I love Penta and Fenix, the match was great and crazy but most importantly, it was fun. Star Rating ****

Jeff Cobb vs Trevor Lee (Semi Final)
This was absolutely perfect. Cobb beats Lee after an insane German suplex and a tour of the islands in 14 seconds.

Bandido vs Joey Janela (Semi Final)
I wish Joey Janela would do less of the Janela-isms and just do what he does best,which is crazy moves because he honestly is great at that but unfortunately he just drags down every match he is in because he has to be Joey Janela, but besides this, I loved this as they went crazy and Bandido blew my mind with his float over German suplex through a chair. One thing i’ll note that they did very well was building up Janela’s super kick throughout the weekend as it played into some really good near falls in this match. I was honestly shocked at how amazing this was and I just wish Janela would be like this more often. Bandido was outstanding, there were some many “fucking hell” spots in this match that I lost count. MOTN so far. Bandido advances. Star Rating **** ¼

Shingo Takagi vs WALTER (Semi Final)
This was absolutely excellent, I am amazed at how great these two are, the chemistry in this match was off the charts, not one slip up. Shingo is so diverse, one minute he can have an excellent match with a junior heavyweight the next minute he can be going toe-to-toe with a heavyweight like WALTER and not look out of place in either. What I particularly liked about this match was the build up, crowd were how they were in the Thatcher/WALTER match, that being relatively subdued but ooing and aahing at every spot, but as time moved along and the speed picked up the crowd were on everything like a flash. The finish was excellent seeing Shingo who had struggled to really get the upper hand in the match, hit WALTER with a pumping bomber and get a shock pin to the crowd, Excalibur and mines jubilation. Star Rating **** ¼

Team DJ Z(Adam Brooks, David Starr, DJ Z, T-Hawk & Timothy Thatcher) vs Team PCO (Dan Barry, Darby Allin, Jody Fleisch, PCO & Puma King)
This started off really fun with some nice DJ Z and Puma King interactions and followed the same formula these BOLA ten man tags do, a big comedy spot but instead of slow motion or thumbs in asses, we had a Dan Barry has a gun spot where he threatened everyone with a gun and then proceeded to have his gun stolen by Adam Brooks, who then shot PCO in a shocking turn of events. Tim Thatcher didn’t partake in this part of the match.  This was fun in all the ways they normal are but didn’t quite reach great level like some in the past. Star Rating ** ½

Bandido vs Jeff Cobb vs Shingo Takagi (Final)
So the final is upon us and the crowd are fully behind Bandido, especially once he eliminated Shingo super early. Not going to lie I was very disappointed with Shingo being eliminated so early, but when I think about it, it was for the better. Cobb and Bandido have excellent chemistry, they pull of one ridiculous spot where Cobb catches Bandido into a piledriver/powerbomb/ganso bomb and then hits a tour of the islands and when Bandido kicked out, boy did the crowd go crazy. The near falls in this match were off the charts due to how well presented each move the two were doing was, it looked legitimately like it could end the match.

The structure was perfect, Shingo in the final due to him being the MVP of the tournament but everyone knew he wouldn’t win so the quicker he was dispatched the better so the crowd could invest in the two mainstays. This was the best BOLA final I’ve seen, an absolute terrific match with an all time performance from Bandido. Cobb beats Bandido via avalanche Tour of the islands into another tour of the islands. Star Rating **** ½

BOLA Night three was absolutely fantastic, so many great matches and got better as the night got on, as for the tournament as a whole, also fantastic. The line up was much different to usual and people might have had some doubts including me with the PCO’s and Marko Stunt’s but everyone really got it done and the Globe Theatre was a fantastic venue. Up the Bandido, up the Jeff Cobb, up the WALTER, up the Shingo, up the Robbie Eagles, up the PCO, up the Puma King and so on so forth.

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