PWG Bask In His Glory review (5.25.18)

25th May, 2018

We are in sunny Reseda, California for maybe the last time for PWG, who knows if they will return again but for time being anyways they aren’t going to be in the Legion Hall anymore. Excalibur and Rick Knox on Commentary.

Andy Brown vs. Tyler Bateman

Right, so this is a strange opener for PWG on paper with two relative unknowns to PWG fans although it makes sense being two So Cal wrestlers that the crowd were familiar with as evidenced by this match and of course they were familiar with Tyler him being a seemingly regular and all anyway. Excalibur and Rick Knox do a very good job in this match at explaining who Andy Brown is and what to expect. I’ve said before Bateman is very good, as you’d expect from someone who’s wrestled 17 years now but I wouldn’t say he is much compelling as a singles star, his team with Brody King just for whatever reason works. Andy Brown didn’t quite impress here in his debut, granted Tyler had control over 90% of the match but the spots Andy had to show something, he didn’t. Not a bad match by any means but completely forgettable and reminded me a bit of David Starr vs Fred Yehi from Mystery Vortex. Star Rating (** ½)

Jake Atlas vs. Rey Horus

This had me very intrigued, Rey Horus has been just terrific in PWG and is Jake’s second match for PWG after being pretty impressive at Time Is A Flat Circle. Couldn’t have had a better first two minutes from Jake Atlas here, he had a brilliant exchange with Horus and then hit a flying Horus with a chair, it established him off the bat as a heel here and crowd brought into it. The flow of the match changed mid way, it went from hot back and forth, to a lull. This was in between a sequence of overhand slap exchanges and a weird outside of the ring chair shot from Horus, the lull didn’t last very long but it was a noticeable lull which didn’t need to happen. Then it gets to the move section where Jake got to show off some of his pretty good moves which include a really good reverse death valley driver as well as the move backwards roll into a back flip Dezmond Xavier does but with a cutter instead of a kick (I haven’t a clue what that is called). Finish was very good it was a lovely little exchange with Horus hitting his amazing satellite DDT for the win, couldn’t help but think how much better it would have been as a finish if they kept the heat they had at the start of the match though. Star Rating (***)

Bandido vs Robbie Eagles

Bandido, Hell yeah! what an amazing wrestler this man is, he is also super over in Reseda. Robbie Eagles is off the back of a very good match with Janela (I know, what the hell) and he actually showed some real substance, that justifies his booking (I know, what the hell). One re-occurring theme with Robbie Eagles matches is the mad bumps he takes, Bandido gave Eagles a dragon suplex in which Eagles slid on his head, it was sick, scary, it ruled and it was sick and then Bandido did his amazing pop up ace crusher to top it off. Bandido is just so great, this is all you really need to know but I will say more, these both rule is what else I will say, Robbie was absolutely brilliant in this match and the overhand slap exchange that happens in this match in which it is taken outside the ring and back into the ring, this spot was just magnificent and got the crowd hyped alongside me in that, “yes this is the wrestling I so desire” way, which I’m sure is very relate able. The finisher Bandido hit, has to be seen to be believed it is a kind of Argentine Cradle shock into a falcon arrow from the top rope, incredible stuff. Star Rating (**** 1/4)

Adam Brooks vs. Keith Lee

We begin this with a round of “ohhh bask in his glory”, which of course is Keith Lee’s catchphrase and the name of the show, this also being Keith Lee’s last PWG match, so this match has a big time feel to it already,. You could question Adam Brooks being his last opponent as it is strange on paper, there could be a number of better opponents however Excalibur explains that the match was requested by Keith due to his good friendship with Adam Brooks. I love Keith Lee and there are two real Keith Lee matches, his comedic playing to the crowd kinda matches and his dead serious killer matches. This really wasn’t one of either it was an anomaly, he played to the crowd at the begging then proceeded to wrestle seriously, problem with the serious part is that although Adam Brooks is good, he isn’t great and not all that compelling, and this is what the match lacked, anything compelling, it was 20 minutes long and outside of this being Keith’s last match nothing they did made me care. Star Rating (** ¾)

Keith Lee did a post match promo, it was pretty good Keith put over Adam brooks and Keith is hilarious and charming. Although his last match wasn’t anything to shout home about it made me realise how strange no Keith Lee on the indies will be, I will miss Keith Lee on the indies but I am so looking forward to him undoubtedly running NXT.

Jonah Rock vs Timothy Thatcher

Jonah is fresh off a unsuccessful title challenge last show and Thatcher is fresh off a loss to Riddle, so there isn’t a whole lot to really get excited about here besides the obvious talent on show here, talent that is loud and clear with Thatcher but Jonah really needs to bring it as although everyone can see it is there, he hasn’t quite exploded on the scene like he should have. I like how this started, rather than a technical exchange or two as you’d expect from the two they had a rather good crowd brawl, i’m not one for a crowd brawl at all but Thatcher’s intensity is brilliant and they beat the crap out of each other for a while. After they are done jumping into chairs, Thatcher brings Jonah in and what is interesting to note is the multitude of “you suck” chants that Jonah got chanted at him once he took control of the match, he could quite easily be a good heel here for PWG if not for one thing, so while i’m here and it is relevant, please get rid of those Roman Reigns move selection and taunts as a way to be a heel, they stink and you stink for doing it, be it Jonah, Banks, TK Cooper any of the Kiwi lads that seem to love doing it, you are very good without the Reigns taunts, it is very non-league of you so stop. Anyway match was pretty good, with WALTER being champ it means more Thatcher singles matches in PWG and I am all for that. Star Rating (*** ¼)

David Starr vs Matt Riddle

I’ve seen these two wrestle a very good match in CZW almost a year ago, Riddle and Starr are both so much better since then too, so was pretty excited going into this. So you know those every now and then Matt Riddle matches that are never bad but you almost forget you are watching it and can’t remember a thing of it until the end when there is a hot finishing few minutes? This was one of those, it was very paint by numbers for half of it and I sort of zoned out until they did their big back and forth exchange leading into the finish which was very good. This might be much better to someone who doesn’t watch Riddle matches as much as me. Star Rating (*** ½)

PWG Champion WALTER vs Sammy Guevara

This is the first defence for WALTER since beating Keith Lee in a 3-way last show and his challenger is Sammy Guevara who has been just brilliant in PWG and has more than earned this opportunity to main event, also Rick Knox is back refereeing after an injury to a huge reception. Matched started with a timid Sammy weaselling his way from WALTER, sneaking in and chopping him and leaving, this frustrating WALTER, it worked for about 3 minutes before he got a nasty chop from the big man. Sammy then began working on the knee which is surprising, it didn’t look right, Sammy never works a body part let alone that of WALTER’s, he would get a big move back in every now and then, be it a lariat or a chop but all roads led back to the knee, safe to say not the match I expected from the two but I appreciate what they were doing it didn’t meet the expectations of the crowd either. WALTER chops Sammy multiple times and finishes him off strongly with a big Lariat. There isn’t too much else to say about this match really, it did disappoint and as much as I like Sammy, it was too much Sammy and too little WALTER. After the match WALTER reaches out for a respectful handshake and Sammy refuses and flips him off. Star Rating (***)

Top to bottom good show, nothing I would class as bad, just a lot of “could be better” matches with one absolutely terrific Bandido match with a good send off to one of the best PWG performers over the last year, you aren’t going to leave this show like you would a BOLA but you’ll leave overall happy with the show and the product going forward.

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