Pro Wrestling Magyarorszag PWM Slam Episode 9 review

Pro Wrestling Magyarorszag PWM Slam Episode 9 review

Pro Wrestling Magyarorszag


PWM Slam Episode 9




This is the PWM description of this episode. So I actually have no idea what to expect here. Nor can I find an actual listing of this ‘TV show’. Commentary on this is in English. We’re in Budapest at the Ujpesti Kulturalis Kozpont.


You know I like venues and talking about them so here are some initial things about PWM’s building. It’s a new venue for them. The set up in fairly professional. There are a few lighting issues but the screens are a nice touch and the VOD is watermarked. The ceiling appears to be quite low over the ring and it’s a small, intimate venue with seating on all four sides. I personally prefer a standing area on at least one side of the ring, especially in a small building.


Tommy Golden vs. Kurt Simmons

So Tommy is from Austrian promotion EWA, who are running an invasion angle. His cagematch rating, albeit from one vote, is 2.0. His opponent Kurt Simmons is a Swiss gentleman with a rock star gimmick. The first technical snafu is the cameraman not noticing the wrestlers had moved and, keeping in mind the cam is handheld, cutting their heads off in the shot. Did he fall asleep? They do some standing switches which are ok but frankly anyone can do that. I could do it. Then it’s armdrags and WOOF are they terrible. Simmons starts with the chops and boy are they bad.


It’s at this point I realise they switched opponents at the start and that explains why the commentator is referring the one wrestler as “Falcon” because it’s actually Chris Falcon. Ok, let’s start over…


Kurt Simmons vs. Chris Falcon

So Falcon is an improvement over Simmons. He hits harder and doesn’t do a bad job of working the crowd with a heel persona. The one positive I have here is the commentary isn’t bad, albeit basic. He’s just describing the action. The crowd is good too, getting all fired up by the Hungary vs. Austria storyline. Simmons, who starts badly, gets worse. His back elbows and clotheslines are dreadful. He has no follow through on his moves at all. It’s all ultra safe. He gets a victory roll and pins Falcon. The Austrian was competent here. Simmons wasn’t.

Final Rating: ½*


Tommy Golden vs. Kurt Simmons

Right, now this match is happening. Golden is a larger guy, giving the babyface Simmons a bigger hill to climb having already wrestled once. Why am I being given back to back Kurt Simmons matches? This match is thankfully short and Golden wins with a Stunner.


Final Rating: DUD


The hashtag on this is #MagyarPankracio. Magyar is Hungary. Pankracio is wrestling. Pretty straightforward right?


Alex Tamatou vs. Shane Baker


Shane Baker is Hungarian and seems popular with the ladies at ringside. His shoot name is Solyom Szilard. It’s another example of European’s anglicising their names. Tamatou is part of the Austrian invasion. He looks like a young Brian Kendrick. He does not wrestle like a young Brian Kendrick. His strikes are particularly bad. The trouble with being this green and wrestling in front of a crowd is you’re doing it for the experience. I feel like we’re seeing stuff we’re not supposed to see. There is some ambition here and they manage a swinging neckbreaker that isn’t a disaster. But Tamatou’s follow up is a running stomp that looks absolutely god-awful. Then he does a nice twisting counter out of a hip toss. It’s a real mixed bag. What’s really weird is Tamatou is an invading star and Baker is the local hero but they’re both wearing the same gear. Talk about sending mixed messages. The camerawork is horrible here too. How hard is it to get two people in shot? Imagine how bad the camerawork would be if it was a multi-man? Imagine how bad a multi-man featuring these guys would be? Baker picks up the win with an RKO and the crowd erupt, somehow thinking that Baker has overcome some mighty foe. I’ll give props where they’re due; the EWA invasion angle has certainly got the nationalistic crowd going.

Final Rating: ¾*



I’d question the value of putting this out at all and I understand why some promotions choose to not publish VOD. The worry being that it just exposes their young trainees. There’s also a secondary issue where there’s not a lot of organised training in Hungary and the result is a lot of talents not being ring ready despite having years under their belt in pro-wrestling. PWM do occasionally use outside talent and that’s the only way we’ll see any improvement. Bring in outside talent and have them do seminars and have matches with the most promising young talent in the area. Wesna has been on a show this year. Avalanche has wrestled for them a few times. There is some potential here. It’s clearly a scene with promise that’s been starved of action but this is very much the second best promotion in Hungary and it shows. We’ve rushed into this one because of another podcast falling through but it’s the first real disappointment of a European deep dive. There’s not a lot to get excited about. A glance at the other Hungarian promotion; Hungarian Championship Wrestling should tell you what the real horse to bet on in Hungary is.



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