Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of EVE Show 3 (11.12.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of EVE Show 3 (11.12.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of EVE Show 3


November 12 2017


We’re in Bethnal Green, London at the ResGal. Commentary comes from Olly Hogben and Leah Owens. They’ve been pretty good over the first two shows. As we’re into the last day the crowd has increased.


Jamie Hayter [4] vs. Sammii Jayne [2]

This is heel vs. heel. Sammii is the EVE champion but she tapped out against Laura Di Matteo and the fans are not letting her forget it. If Hayter wins the Block is over. This is patchy. Sometimes stuff lands that looks really good and every now and again something whiffs pretty badly. Like Hayter doing a roundhouse that misses by about a foot. It’s tough to get into a heel/heel match and it’s best positioned at the start of the show. Sammi wins with One Winged Angel and that guarantees a play off match in this Block.

Final Rating: **1/2


Martina [0] vs. Laura Di Matteo [2]

The Session Moth had her birthday yesterday and is struggling with a brutal hangover. Instead of dancing to the ring, she strolls in wearing a hoodie and sunglasses.


The hushed Martina chants are beautiful. Laura encourages hushed chanting and Emily Read announces her quietly.


Martina nods off and everyone quietly behaves themselves to protect Martina’s fragile mental state. The referee almost counts Martina out and I love the way she gets shushed into counting more quietly. I’m pleased to announce I spend this whole match chuckling.


Martina passes out in a headlock and Laura pins her for the win. Laura was great here, especially with the chanting and throwing up the X when Martina is down. “Did I win?” – Martina.

Final Rating: ****+


BLOCK C Final Standings:

Jamie Hayter 4

Sammii Jayne 4

Laura Di Matteo 4

Martina 0


This means a three-way play-off at the start of show four to determine the Block C winner.


Nicole Matthews [0] vs. Kay Lee Ray [3]

Nicole, who was babyface against Nina Samuels, gets a mixed reaction here. This is tournament booking where Matthews is clearly positioned as the spoiler. Her tournament has boiled down to giggles so she does the failed nip up and it’s goofy. Nicole announces she’s willing to take a bribe. “I’d rather just beat you” – KLR. I don’t entirely ‘get’ Nicole Matthews. Her gimmick is all over the place. Why would you offer to lie down and then just kick out? At least reverse the fall. The beauty of the last match is, goofy though it was, it stuck to its own internal logic. Nicole Matthews’ match doesn’t have any internal logic to stick to. Once the silly stuff is out of the way they have a decent match up. They probably should have just launched right into this. Although her eventually managing to hit the nip up is a nice call back spot. Kay Lee takes too long coming off the top and Nicole beats her with the Roll of the Dice. Spoiler in action.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Jetta [0] vs. Viper [2]

Jetta has lost twice in about a minute combined. Somebody yells “twenty seconds” at her and Jetta replies with “31.7 seconds and it’s about ten times longer than you last”. She really is the Shit Talk Queen. She gets announced as “British Wrestling Legend”, which draws chuckles and “why are you laughing?” from Jetta. She demands that Erin Angel comes down here to watch the match. Given her track record Jetta gets a count-down from the crowd, who expect her to lose rapidly. Instead it’s a competitive match with Jetta throwing everything she has at Viper. It does descend farce into as she can’t reach with the superkick after tuning up the band.


Jetta tries an assortment of nonsense including the People’s Elbow (“wrestling gods, give me an elbow pad”). Jetta surprisingly kicks out an assortment of abuse and fires up!


It’s a timely reminder that Jetta, although she does a lot of comedy, is actually a good wrestler and has been for a while. Viper ends up crushing her regardless but I’m pleased Jetta had an actual match after getting squashed twice.

Final Rating: **3/4


Charlie Morgan [3] vs. Nina Samuels [2]

Nina didn’t work out her run-in properly. Ideally she should have attacked Charlie, guaranteeing herself at least a draw with Morgan. If KLR had won the other match she’s already be out at this point. It didn’t make any sense, unless Nicole won and how would Nina know that was going to happen? Nina shoots on the Love the Graps boys pre-match by saying they got it wrong. “Podcast twats” she calls them. This match has the element of storytelling attached as they have a past and a strong face/heel alignment.


They have excellent chemistry too. Nina Samuels has totally won me over during these shows with her bitch heel act. As a heel she’s better positioned. It helps she’s up against a sympathetic and plucky young babyface in Charlie. Like with Morgan/Ray there’s a lengthy crowd brawl. The crowd brawl seems to be a Morgan speciality. Nina works a lot of heat and the crowd is very loud so it must be working. It’s a lengthy match, maybe the longest of the entire tournament and I become very aware they’re preventing me from seeing Satomura vs. Sakura. They sneak in a ref bump, which saves Charlie. It’s a bit odd to have the heel get the clean win and a ref bump stop it. KLR saves Charlie from chair abuse and Morgan hits the implant DDT with second referee (Heather Honeybadger) counting the pin. This was fine but it went too long and the finish didn’t work for me. The heel shouldn’t be getting a visual pin over a face and not winning for valid reasons. Nina was screwed!


Final Rating: ***


BLOCK A Final Standings:

Charlie Morgan 5

Kay Lee Ray 3

Nina Samuels 2

Nicole Matthews 2


Emi Sakura [2] vs. Meiko Satomura [4]

This has only ever happened once. This is number two! The standard is significantly higher than any other match this weekend. The crowd are highly responsive to this and it’s a fast-paced battle. Considering the hype I was expecting something blowaway but that doesn’t happen. In particular it’s disappointing that a Mexican Surfboard collapses in mid-move and they re-do the spot.


The work is mostly clinical and it’s great to have a match of this calibre in a cosy venue. Satomura doesn’t work a ‘small venue’ match either. She absolutely leathers Emi with the kicks. The explosive nature of the striking is very satisfying and as they continue to beat each other up the hype of the match finally comes through. It definitely grows into a brutal hard-hitting contest. Satomura edges it, in terms of her dynamic move set but they both excel. If this was an introduction to both you’d come away impressed, no doubt. Meiko keeps hitting shit until Emi gives up to a sleeper. Satomura avenges her loss to Emi from seven years ago. This started out a bit slow but came through strong. Satomura looks overjoyed at winning and she should be thrilled with how this match came together.


Final Rating: ****1/4


BLOCK B Final Standings:

Meiko Satomura 6

Viper 4

Emi Sakura 2

Jetta 0



This was the show I got EVE’s On Demand for. The hype for the all-Japanese main event was high. It didn’t quite deliver to that level but it was excellent. The undercard was decent too, especially the hushed comedy of Laura vs. hungover Martina. All good matches, great main event. Another strong showing from EVE. The joy of seeing women’s shows in 2017 that are good up and down the card is wonderful. It’s been a long time coming for women’s wrestling and we’re finally hitting that golden age.





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