Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of EVE Show 2 (11.11.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of EVE Show 2 (11.11.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of EVE Show 2


November 11 2017


This was later in the same day after the first SHE-1 show. We kick things off with an irritable Sammii Jayne who’s out here to protest Rhia O’Reilly getting involved in the main event of show one. In all fairness, Sammii has a point. Regardless of her actions and provocations Rhia should have stayed out of the match. We’re in Bethnal Green at the Resistance Gallery. Hosts are Olly Hogpen & Leah Owens.


Sammii Jayne vs. Martina the Session Moth

Both these ladies lost their first match so this is sudden death. “Super Serious Mrs Wrestling”, aka the Champ Sammii Jayne versus birthday girl Martina.


Martina has had a big year, getting booked all over the place and getting her character over across almost all of BritWres. Sammii has also had a breakout year, getting booked outside of her native Scotland more consistently. Especially for EVE, where she’s been a stand-out. This isn’t an advertisement for her work but rather a contrast in approaches to wrestling. Her deadly serious approach versus Martina’s goofing around. It’s a time-tested match; the fun-loving babyface against a bastard heel.


It looks briefly as if Sammii is going to tap twice in the same day but it doesn’t happen and she pulls out the win. Which means Martina was blanked on her birthday! Rude. I dug the approach here, it worked consistently throughout.

Final Rating: ***


Jamie Hayter vs. Laura Di Matteo

There’s a strong heel/face alignment here too, although Laura is the determined babyface rather than a fun-loving one.


Hayter grinds away here to give Laura room for explosive contrast. Hayter is really solid. Her forearms are good and she looks confident. Despite being relatively small she bullies the slightly bigger Laura, making her the sympathetic babyface. Laura is a little too slow with her comebacks at times, leaving Jamie hanging. Otherwise this is a decent match. There are issues in a lot of these matches where one wrestler is left waiting for the other but it’s far less frequent than it has been in the past. I’m thrilled that the standard of women’s wrestling has improved so drastically over the past two years. Kudos to everyone involved for the increase in quality. Shows like this definitely help. As does the quality of the imports involved. Hayter gives Laura the Curb Stomp, after a dodgy ref bump, and Laura suffers her first defeat in EVE. I hope they do this again! Good wrestling.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Jetta vs. Emi Sakura

Jetta lost to Meiko in under a minute. Remember when Dave Meltzer thought Pollyanna was Emi Sakura? That’s all the analysis I have time for because Jetta again loses in a squash to the Ice Driver.

Final Rating: NR


Nina Samuels vs. Nicole Matthews

Both these ladies lost their first match so they must win here to remain in contention. Nina cuts a terrific promo, followed by a sassy response from a jetlagged Nicole. These two are bigger and hit harder than the standard in this tournament. Which means they can have a different kind of match. It’s bordering on strong style. Especially Nina’s big boot in the corner. The violence and intensity reflect the position both women find themselves in. Nina busts such a gut she finds herself getting honest crowd support. The selling is beautiful too. Nina looks so upset at being unable to put Nicole away. Paz is again guilty of a suspect referee bump, into the ropes knocking Nicole down. I love Nina’s desperation kick-outs here, where she has no energy to kick-out and literally just lifts her shoulder up. A stronger pinning combination would have put her away. It’s good storytelling. Nicole exposes a turnbuckle but gets thrown into it herself and the GTS finishes for Nina. Nicole, and her jetlag, are done. Nina earned this. Really hard work from both women.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Charlie Morgan vs. Kay Lee Ray


Charlie Morgan challenges KLR to a fight…outside. This brawl culminates in a German suplex on the apron from Charlie. The action continues all over the building, making sure all the fans get a close up look at the action.

There’s a wonderful moment right after this dive where Charlie gets thrown back in but she runs right across the ring, rebounds off the ropes, flips the bird and hits a tope. After exchanging dives and brawling all over the building the match actually begins! Charlie kicks out of the Gorybomb at ONE! This gets her kicked in the face and hit with a second Gorybomb but Charlie has the ropes! The sequences in this match are sensational. The timing and positioning all relating to the storytelling. It’s beautifully done. It’s not just one or two sequences either, it’s everything they do. I called Charlie Morgan out as one of the UK’s best talents a few months ago and she’s certainly living up to that tag. Nina Samuels, devious bitch that she is, runs in for the double DQ to ensure she can still catch both of them. Cunning! This could have been a belter without the run-in and maybe the crowd brawl was too long but this was a tremendous effort from both women.

Final Rating: ***3/4


Before the main event there’s another weird stripper segment. This one I skip.



Viper vs. Meiko Satomura


Stardom vs. Sendai Girls! Viper has a big size advantage and they tell a size story. Meiko willing to be subservient but her smile after Viper gives a few spinal taps shows how tough she is. When you’re as good as Meiko you can tell this story with a few facial expressions. This is significantly longer than Meiko’s first match. Viper looks fantastic. She’s able to meet Meiko’s aggression and crush her with sentons and cannonballs. Or with offence as simplistic as a slap. Everything tells the size difference story. Meiko doesn’t go easy on Viper with the strikes and she throws herself into a lot of kicks with grand style. The stomp to the top of the head (Scorpio Rising) puts Viper away and this was a belting main event. Hard-hitting from bell to bell and a wonderful demonstration of how far along Viper has come as a wrestler this year. Meiko is an all-time great. She continues to prove this, year in, year out. She was already a ten-year pro when she launched Sendai Girls in 2006 and her run in that promotion (choosing who to put over and when) has merely cemented her legacy as an all-time great. I wish there had been a bigger global scene for her to compete in over the years. Aside from a couple of matches in WCW and Chikara Pro KOT her exposure globally has been woefully limited. She deserves so much more.

Final Rating: ***3/4



This was better than the first show, with the matches having a greater sense of importance and the overall tournament booking becoming more apparent. Also the standard of the wrestling was higher and the last three matches were all strong. The tournament had the most buzz around day two so to have such a solid card for show two, ahead of shows three and four, is extremely pleasing. The show is only 90 minutes and comes recommended. One of the better all-women’s shows I’ve seen all year.

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