Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of Eve show 1 (11.11.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of Eve show 1 (11.11.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE SHE-1 Ace of Eve Show 1


November 11 2017


We’re in Bethnal Green at the Resistance Gallery. It’s just across the road from York Hall, for all you Rev Pro fans out there. Commentary comes from Olly Hogben and Leah Owens. I appreciate EVE getting a women’s wrestler to do commentary. It helps with their feminist image. There aren’t a lot of women’s commentators so Leah is outside of her comfort zone but, as a wrestler, does know what she’s talking about.




Certified “punk feminists” for anyone who was interested in the branding EVE is going for. They have a grimy underground atmosphere that you would associate with a low-fi ECW.


Charlie Morgan vs. Nicole Matthews

Morgan has escaped Norwich and is one of the outstanding young talents in the UK today. Nicole is over from Canada. She’s had shots for WWN and was on the receiving end of an Asuka defeat during her NXT title run. This is a tidy match with both women being extremely capable. The match is a bit of a grind at times, with Nicole working some heat and the work being very reliant on Charlie’s sympathy rating, which is fortunately very high with this crowd. One of the keys to presenting your On Demand is to make it look like it’s fun to be there live and this does a decent job. It sounds noisy and fun. Even if the crowd is highly forgiving of timing issues within the contest. It’s a little clunky at times and there’s a lack of chemistry. When they’ve got stuff clearly planned out, like the stretch, it’s much smoother. Give them a few encounters and they’ll be able to do better than this, no doubt. Morgan gets the elevated DDT for the win after some nice teasing of the finish.

Final Rating: **3/4


Post Match: Sammii Jayne is out here to talk shit. She’s EVE’s current champion. She calls out her opponent; Laura DiMatteo. “Your chances of winning this match are like your personality…non-existent”. They tease fighting now but the match is happening later. Jamie Hayter considers blind-siding Laura, which in turn brings out Martina: The Session Moth as she’s due to wrestle Jamie. That was a bit strange.



Jamie Hayter vs. Martina the Session Moth

Jamie incenses the Moth by spilling her pre-match beverage. A clear-cut heel move in any venue. Martina uses the power of Stella Artois to give her strength and allow her to escape submission holds. Poor Jamie, who’s already covered in glitter gets beer in the face repeatedly. It’s like a hen do. Martina gets the Three-Quarter Facelock Bulldog (Stunner to anyone else) but Jamie rolls her up for the win. Crowd pleasing Martina losing adds to the seriousness of the tournament. As much as I love Martina her antics can become distracting in big match scenarios.

Final Rating: **1/2


Nina Samuels vs. Kay Lee Ray

Nina as a heel is peak Nina. I’ve seen her work as a babyface and there’s nothing to her. As a heel she’s sublimely dickish. Meanwhile KLR is way better as a babyface, despite ICW booking her as a heel forever. This is way slick compared to the first two matches with a blinding near falls sequence being particularly stunning. This includes the use of trademark holds, theft of them and countering the slower and more obvious moves. It’s really well done. Especially as KLR wears Nina down to get in spots that were blocked earlier. Create that space. There’s a downward spiral that goes badly wrong. Nina isn’t in position for it and when KLR eventually hits it Samuels doesn’t seem to recognise what it is while she bumps it. Eventually KLR gets the win and this was easily the match tournament match to this point. From Nina’s personality to the various counters to Nina being a jerk about losing. Good stuff throughout.


Final Rating: ***1/2


Jetta vs. Meiko Satomura

Jetta is so bored with the fans she catches narcolepsy and falls asleep in the ring. Satomura is the reason why I wanted to go to these shows. Meiko is one of the best wrestlers in the world. She constantly proves it, over and over again. Death Valley Driver puts Jetta away in a squash. Jetta must be hugely disappointed she didn’t get the chance to have a real match but squash or not she got to wrestle Meiko.


Final Rating: NR (Squash)


Viper vs. Emi Sakura

Now we’re into the business end of the show with Viper crushing poor Emi and her bailing to have a cry in the crowd. But wait, it’s mind games! This is predictably good with Emi bringing the Japanese strong style aggression and Viper able to match up to that thanks to her recent run in Stardom. They batter each other. There are three more shows after this!


The one side of the ring doesn’t have any space next to it. So it’s this side that Viper gets thrown into. She sits down on the edge of the ring and leans back against the wall. That’s a tight venue. Viper survives being dropped on her noggin a few times, including one where she a bumps a move that never happens but finishes with the Viper Driver. Viper looks absolutely fucked and collapses under the rope for a bit.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Post Match: Livvi Grace comes out for a chat. She’s a bit ticked off that she didn’t get a qualifying match for SHE-1. She asks her friend Rhia O’Reilly what the deal is. Rhia books Livvi vs. Millie McKenzie vs. Toni Storm for the January show. Then a bear comes out and strips.




I don’t get it.


Sammii Jayne vs. Laura Di Matteo

Match maker Rhia O’Reily shows her neutrality by chanting “fuck her up Laura” before the match. Laura hasn’t lost in EVE. Sammii’s title is not on the line here. Laura has come on leaps and bounds this year. One thing she’s changed for the worse though is her tope, which is now between middle and top ropes, thus slowing it right down. It looks a lot safer but that was the crown jewel of her offence. Sammii pulls off the slide under the ropes German suplex spot, which has been popularised in NJPW (Omega/Beretta) but started popping up in the Indies around September. Sammii has a strong reputation for her work in EVE but I’ve never really seen that elsewhere. This is definitely decent. It’s slightly awkward at times but Laura’s standard has improved. It’s a lot better than what she was going six months ago. Sammii gets distracted by arguing with Rhia O’Reilly and Laura gets her to tap out! Di Matteo has beaten the EVE champion!

Final Rating: ***



This show was ok. With four shows lined up over two days it would be advisable for wrestlers to not kill themselves on show one. I get that. So this served more as an introduction to the tournament. There were a couple of good matches but nothing you need to go out of your way for. KLR-Nina is a highlight, as is Viper-Sakura. If you’re cherry picking that should do it for this show.

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