Pro Wrestling EVE She-1 Ace of EVE Finals (11.12.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE She-1 Ace of EVE Finals (11.12.17) review

Pro Wrestling EVE: She-1 Ace of EVE Finals


November 12 2017


We’re behind the Dundee Arms, London’s most famous wrestling pub, at the Resistance Gallery. I don’t give a tonne of props to wrestling companies for setting the scene but I love that EVE use L7’s “Fast & Frightening” as their theme music. L7 are fucking great. Ollie Hogben & Leah Owens are on commentary.


Block C Play-Off

Jamie Hayter vs. Laura Di Matteo vs. Sammi Jayne

Block A and Block B finished decisively but Block C finished with three wrestlers tied for the win so they have a play-off. Winner joins the finalists later in the show.


Laura goes right after Hayter after Jamie mouths off pre-match, describing Laura as having a “ratty little face”. Laura is the clear-cut babyface against two devious heels. The heels work together so when Laura catches Hayter in a Twister Sammi makes the save. I generally don’t care for triple threats but they do a decent job of keeping the selling together so everything makes sense. Established, world-famous wrestlers struggle with this so kudos to these three for doing logical stuff. I’m kinda shocked so few people are talking about Jamie Hayter. I’ve had my eyes opened to her abilities during this tournament. Jayne gets the win by virtue of getting a sunset flip bomb out of the corner, managing to pin both opponents and rapidly advancing to the final. I dug this. I was expecting a mess but everything made sense.

Final Rating: ***1/2



Nina Samuels vs. Martina

The crowd chant “you’re not in the final” at Nina. “I know, I was fucking there” responds Samuels. Good stuff. Martina is hung over so everyone speaks in hushed tones.


“Get a fucking grip love” yells Nina, while slapping her. “Wait, I remember you, you ruined my birthday”. Martina feels ill during the match and has to bail to vom, which would have worked if they hadn’t cut an angle where you can see she’s not being sick. Martina then unleashes an assortment of Attitude Era abuse including the Stunner, the Rock Bottom and the Top Rope Walk of Doom!


The latter she needs some help with and gets the referee to assist. The match is played strictly for laughs with comedy selling and borrowed spots. This culminates in Martina mashing a cake in Nina’s face. Nina sneaky pins Martina using the ropes. This was…something. Martina, having gone 0-4 this weekend, tells us the “sessions are over”. The storyline progression for Martina over the course of the weekend, if it goes somewhere, has been excellent. The celebrations and then hangover getting in her way of success, causing her to totally re-evaluate her life. If that isn’t fruitful run-on booking then what is?

Final Rating: *1/2


Kay Lee Ray & Nicole Matthews vs. Emi Sakura & Viper


KLR decides she’d rather tag with a dog called Bubba.


Nicole takes this opportunity to sell some merch. Viper wants the fan ejected for buying it! Nicole not knowing who Emi Sakura is – wonderful heel work. Also not wanting to heel on Viper because she’s scared of her. Then the pay-off of Emi beating the shit out of her, yelling her name in mid dropkick. The comedy is this is beautiful. From Viper and KLR doing lightweight catfight strikes to Nicole yelling at everyone and trying to switch partners. Nicole hadn’t done a lot for me during the weekend but she’s great here. KLR manages to hot tag Viper in at one point with Nicole trying to cut it off. Viper then forgets what’s going on and hits her finish on Emi. Madness at every turn!


Everyone ends up bonding over a hatred of Nicole Matthews and pile on for the pin. Wait, KLR and Emi were legal so Emi & Viper win…although Kay Lee Ray wasn’t actually pinned. Rob Reid would hate this!

Final Rating: ***


Video Control announces the big surprise for York Hall. Aja Kong will be there…against Viper!


Jetta & Erin Angel vs. Kasey & Leah Owens

Erin is Jetta’s…assistant? They’ve been having issues though with Jetta treating her like shit so Erin is on the verge of revolt. Erin has a lot more fan support. It’s like Jinny & Elizabeth only not quite so nuanced. I dig the “Fight Owens Fight” chant.


Jetta hates poses. She’s also the token heel while everyone else gets along. It’s a decent enough match but people are anxious for the final at this point. It’s a good idea to have the Owens sisters in this spot as they’ve not wrestled on the other shows. Kasey has gotten really good over the past year. This isn’t a match to showcase her improvements, as she’s gotten better in singles but there are flashes of cool stuff. The shock finish sees Erin Angel pick up the big win and hug Jetta. Jetta hates hugs too.


Final Rating: **3/4


Video Control gives us another weird stripper. This one setting off mouse traps on her tongue and knocking nails up her nose. It gets uncomfortably disgusting to the point where I have to skip over it.


SHE-1 Ace of EVE Final

Charlie Morgan vs. Sammii Jayne vs. Meiko Satomura

Sammii murders Charlie by putting her through a table before the match. The table is very clearly pre-cut. You can see the cut as Sammii slides it into the ring. Then some sublime heel work from Sammii as she steals Charlie’s gear and wears it, while doing her pose, while Morgan lies behind her in the remains of a table.


Charlie gets carted out of the ring, leaving us one on one with Morgan struggling with a broken collarbone. Satomura has that tournament pedigree, not to mention that she’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. There are only 12 minutes left on the show, which is bizarre time planning.


Meiko is a class apart from Jayne, which is no offence to Sammi but Satomura is that good. Her timing is exemplary. Charlie Morgan, to the surprise of nobody, makes her way back into the match with roaring crowd support and solid selling of the shoulder.

This results in a dive off the gantry and carnage. Dann Read gets knocked silly, taking the brunt of the blow. His wife has to role him out of the ring. Charlie gets her revenge by planting Sammi with the Implant DDT to win SHE-1. Meiko wasn’t even in the ring when this happened. The storytelling was really well done and there was huge emotion but the match was highly truncated. Under ten minutes. It was a nice culmination of a big weekend of wrestling though.


Final Rating: ***



If you’re just looking at the snowflakes on this one you’re not seeing the full story. This was the culmination of four shows worth of hard work on storyline and character. It all made sense and came to a delightful conclusion. Charlie Morgan comes out of this smelling like roses. I already had her pegged as a star in the making but this proves it. My favourite thing about EVE is the way that matches matter and results matter and it logically moves from one thing to the next. The characters intertwine and all have relationships with each other, both negative and positive and while that might ruin tag team matches in the traditional sense I love how it all played out. I think I might have to get to the ResGal next year. I’m definitely going to York Hall because Aja Kong. And because of Charlie Morgan. She’s a fucking star, lads.

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