OTT Scrappermania V (3.16.19) review

OTT Scrappermania V (3.16.19) review

OTT Scrappermania 5


March 16 2019


We’re in Dublin, Ireland at the National Stadium for OTT’s Scrappermania 5. I’ve dipped into bits and pieces of OTT over the past three years but it’s time I committed to hitting up OTT on the regular as they’re basically getting better reviews than anyone else. I’m starting off with Scrappermania V and the big Devlin vs. WALTER re-match.



Aussie Open vs. Rey Horus & Angelico vs. Besties in the World vs. Club Tropicana


A few years ago I was taking shots at OTT for relying on imports to sell their shows and having a weak Irish contingent. Where they’ve improved is twofold; bringing together worlds of imports but also benefitting from a stronger Irish scene. Here it’s Club Tropicana who bring a lighthearted approach to a match that is loaded with talent and guys who can do flips and big spots. Back in the day this would have been a total showstealer. Here it’s just a fun way to start the show. Club Tropicana do a good job of showing up and utilising daft stuff but doing it quickly to make it feel like it belongs. There’s a sense of national pride in Club Tropicana here as Captain Sexsea “fights for the Irish”. Dunky punts him in the sack though the Fidget Spinner finishes. No opening rice pudding here.

Final Rating: ***


The Rapture (Zack Gibson, Charlie Sterling & Sha Samuels) vs. More Than Hype

Gibson still isn’t popular in Ireland. Sterling comes out here wearing the Union Flag, which doesn’t endear him either.


Zack gets nuclear heat here. The booing is so loud they drown out the microphone. It’s wonderful.


They do a great job of setting up More Than Hype as plucky underdogs against the English oppressors. The size difference is key. The crowd chanting “the Queen’s a cunt and so are you” is beautiful Patriotism. Patriotism done right. Charlie Sterling looks like a bad CAW Pete Dunne. The creator got the height wrong but everything else is quite close. The match isn’t particularly good but LJ plants Charlie with a Canadian Destroyer and there’s a huge pop for the Hype lads picking up the win. I love the reaction here. There’s already an underlying theme on this show of Ireland overcoming. Come on Jordan!

Final Rating: **1/2


Justy, Sammy D & Team Prick vs. The Angel Cruzers & Hurricane Helms

The bit where Mini Mo gets thrown at the car is magic. The Angel Cruzers have been doing a great job with video packages and structured comedy matches. Hurricane is barely here. He runs through bits of spots and leaves the heart to Angel Cruz and Be Cool; both out to murder Justy. Some of the work in this leaves a lot to be desired but we’re mainly here for revenge. Peter gets destroyed. He’s bike-locked to the ring post and whipped with belts.


Rick isn’t so fortunate. He gets run over with a lawnmower. Justy is left alone and Angel pins him with a Swanton. This really wasn’t about the quality of the wrestling but I had a laugh watching this. We’re on back to back rice pudding after the opener.

Final Rating: **1/2


Dan Barry vs. David Starr

Dan Barry is back and he is over in Ireland. Speaking of over; they fucking hate David Starr. If I’m Joe Cabray I’m putting that title belt on Starr ASAP.


There are people who are genuinely angry at him for his entrance. He comes out to “The Foggy Dew”. There’s a sharp inhalation of breath.

The crowd alternate between enjoying Barry’s antics and chanting abuse at Starr. “You’re never beating WALTER”. Barry essentially controls the match with a headlock. By keeping it simple he’s able to frustrate Starr and make the match about how much of an asshole David is. I love the passion of the Irish fans, helping Dan Barry back to the ring after he’s thrown into the fifth row of chairs. Barry raises his game to deliver in the big spots and Starr holds up his end. Occasionally getting mad at the fans in a realistic fashion and being deliberately cocky after hitting big moves so they’re not popped. “This whole adopted son shit? It’s over”.


Barry won’t tap but the powerbomb over the knee finishes and Starr gets back on the winning trail. Really good match. Starr has done an outstanding job of maintaining his approach to wrestling despite switching heel.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Martina vs. Meiko Satomura

This is Martina’s “Proving Ground” match. Where she can show what she’s learned and how good she can be. She’s certainly made massive improvements in the past year. Especially between the first and second Stardom tour. She needs to prove she can live with Meiko Satomura, who’s the best wrestler in the world. Martina is always going to have issues because she’s not the most graceful of people but that shouldn’t stop her from delivering. There are some wrestling legends who weren’t graceful.


The typical home support is a little more balanced here as Satomura is good you have to cheer her. I’m sure Martina is aware that it doesn’t matter how good she is here, she’ll not be able to match Meiko but at the same time she’s determined to do her best as to not disappoint Satomura. The missile dropkick and the tope are both excellent and you can see Martina’s effort.


I do love that Martina lands everything she has in her arsenal and Meiko kicks out of it all, escapes the submissions and keeps on attacking. Martina wrestles one of her best matches and yet it’s just not enough. Sometimes you can’t win but you win anyway. Martina’s next level needs to come with improvements in her conditioning, which can only come with gym time and working for personal improvement. Her in-ring has come along but that’ll only take you so far. Death Valley Driver puts Martina away but she put up a great fight here. The crowd reaction proves it. Martina proved herself here.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Loser Leaves Town

OTT Tag Team Championship

The Kings of the North (c) vs. British Strong Style

This looked like a no brainer on paper. BSS had finished up their Indie dates. This was just a nice send off for them. Or is it?


“There’s not supposed to be here. Contractual obligations. But we’re OTT and we don’t play by the rules”.


The early part of this match involves a lot of dives. Dunkan even comes off the balcony. When they do get into the ring it’s all a bit messy. Trent in particular looks out of sorts and several of his spots don’t come off. He’s not particularly aided by the Kings of the North who struggle with some of the bigger spots. The match is at its best with Bonesaw and Pete Dunne. The biting finger/glove removal spot is great. Tyler Bate looks super energised too. The two man airplane spin requires staggering leg strength. Corvin kicking out of all three BSS finishers is ridiculous but Trent gives him the Burning Hammer and BSS win the tag titles! Enormous pop here for everyone who thought they’d come along to applaud BSS off to their WWE deals and instead are looking at new tag champs! OTT lads, there’s no promotion like it.

Final Rating: ***1/4


OTT Women’s Championship

Raven Creed (c) vs. Debbie Keitel

This division has come a long way since OTT started up.


They hit it fast here, perhaps aware there’s not a lot of time available. Debbie is a jerk and spits in Raven’s face. Plus she has help on the floor with Valkyrie.


Debbie has a crazy look in her eye, which she needs because Raven’s character is batshit. Valkyrie saving Debbie and then abandoning her and screaming “save yourself” when Raven comes out after her is great character work. Raven retains in short order. This was an unfortunate necessity. The match needed to be short but sweet with so many bouts on the card.

Final Rating: **1/4


Scotty Davis vs. Jushin Liger

Davis is so young and yet is an absolute prodigy. He makes wrestling look so very easy. Finally he has a dream match after several of his other matches got cancelled. This was originally Will Ospreay but Liger is a pretty decent swap. The bit where Scotty winks at comms is wonderful. I love the confidence.


Liger is under a year away from retiring so this might be one of his final European trips. It’s a massive boost for Scotty to get to work Liger in his final year in the biz. We all know how good Scotty is and how good he’s going to be in a few years time but what a great learning experience this is. He must feel like a million dollars when he beats Liger down. There are chemistry issues in this, which stem from a lack of trust and understanding. You can see they’ve never been in the ring together before. There are a couple of blown spots, including the finish, and Scotty picks up the pin leaving some of the fans shocked.

Final Rating: ***


OTT Championship

WALTER (c) vs. Jordan Devlin

Here it is. Devlin’s second pop at WALTER after getting creamed first time out. WALTER is the final boss. Devlin has his hands taped and is taking the boxing metaphor to another level.


The crowd support seems even more intense this time because the crowd know WALTER is the firm favourite. Also WALTER doesn’t give a fuck about the title and steps on it. He’s just here to ruin everyone else’s good time. Devlin knows he can’t mess around this time and he slugs WALTER in the jaw as an opening gambit and the tope isn’t far behind. WALTER adopts a remarkable tactic; he takes out Devlin’s hand. Something that usually happens to him. WALTER taking over and throwing Devlin around is horrifying. The power of the big Austrian. There’s nothing like it in the Indies. All the big power guys don’t have WALTER’s stamina, technical skill and striking ability. WALTER stomping Devlin under the Irish flag gets unreal heat and he knows it. He talked to me about patriotism and how the Irish were particularly patriotic. He draws on that here. Devlin does wonderful work here in countering with a degree of desperation but also clinical precision and he also switches arms after WALTER works his right hand. It’s a focused, intelligent performance from a guy who knows his audience. Apart from when he, in all seriousness, thinks about hitting a Spanish Fly. No mate. I love him resorting to a headbutt because everything else is gone. That’s when you need moves like headbutts. Not just as a throwaway. I love that even though this is Devlin’s match WALTER continually shuts him down. It’s better to overcome than to dominate when you’re facing a monster. Otherwise they’re not a monster. Normally I don’t like the small guy bringing a load of miracle kick-outs but the crowd are willing Jordan’s shoulders up on every one. He survives everything that killed him before; the Gojira Clutch, the Fire Thunder Driver.


With WALTER irritated at not being able to win he goes to walk but Foxy refuses to count him out. “Get the fuck back in there now”. Stonecold Joey Cabray cuts WALTER off (Cabray and Zaki should be a tag team). When he tries to chicken out through the crowd the locker room drives WALTER back into the ring. A United Ireland! By the time Devlin is refusing to sell WALTER’s chops he’s already won. It’s over. Punch combo sets up the Package Piledriver and Devlin gets his title back for Ireland! I admit I wasn’t as high on the first match as the majority of people. I think this better. Tactically it’s a better put together match and emotionally I felt it delivered. You need the first match to get to this match but this is the match. This is the match!

Final Rating: ****3/4



As WALTER is offering up a handshake to the new champion you can see in the background the new threat to the belt; David Starr.



What a delightful night of Irish wrestling this was. Oh my word. I’ve been watching bits and pieces of OTT but the rave reviews they’ve been getting have drawn me fully in now. I’m eager to see where they go from here. It’s been a wild ride with the Devlin-WALTER-Starr triangle. Now one point of the triangle is down and we’re into the business end of it all.





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