OTT Defiant 2 review (10.14.18)

OTT Defiant 2 review (10.14.18)

OTT Defiant 2


October 14 2018


We’re in Dublin, Ireland at the Tivoli Theatre. OTT made this available for free on October 28th for 24 hours so I watched it. This the day after the big National Stadium show that I got the chance to review recently.


Kasey Owens & Lana Austin vs. Debbie Keitel & Amy Allonsy


What the actual fuck is that? Amy escorted to the ring by a “legit unicorn”. Debbie wastes no time in kicking Kasey’s ass.

Amy breaks out the dancing to counter that. It’s a fun opener. Debbie is the first wrestler on this show that’s part of that new wave of Irish women’s wrestlers. Amy is also Irish but she’s relatively new compared to Debbie. It’s shocking to me how quickly the Irish scene is growing and how many wrestlers are suddenly great. Both heels are relative veterans comparatively but the two Irish women are incredible given their experience levels. Amy, when she gets fired up, is so fantastic. Women’s wrestling in general has improved in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years but the Irish scene in particular has improved at a ridiculous rate. Given the relative inexperience the match is an excellent opener. It’s well paced and both character driven and filed with action. Kasey drills poor Amy with a forearm for the pin and Amy’s selling is terrific. This is my first time seeing her and she was superb.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Jetta vs. Katey Harvey vs. Emi Sakura

This is under elimination rules. Jetta, the Princess Diana of wrestling, dances with Foxy while singing “Nobody Does It Better”. Harvey is a veteran in Irish wrestling at this point. Having been around for 7 years. She now has a scene to be the star of!


Then you’ve got the International megastar in Emi Sakura. She’s been coming over to Europe for 7 years, on and off, but this is her first appearance in OTT. Her promo from Gatoh Move (“the smallest, cutest and hottest”) was wonderful:

Jetta plays a wonderful heel role here. Essentially picking her spots while the other two fight.

That doesn’t last. The match has a lovely dynamic with Jetta bringing the old school heeldom, Katey the home town fiery face and Emi the adorable veteran in between them. Jetta gets eliminated by Katey, leaving Harvey vs. Sakura for the win. The match changes pace at this point from cutesy to competitive. I’m sure Katey wanted to wrestle Emi in a serious environment and that’s what they do. Although Emi can’t help but dance her way out of a few holds. Emi ends up winning via La Majistral. This was fun and Emi Sakura danced her way into the hearts of the Irish fans.

Final Rating: ***


Kay Lee Ray vs. Jordynne Grace

Grace is only 22 years old but feels like she’s been around for longer. KLR is 26 years old but has a decade under her belt. The wrestling here is beautifully slick with transitions and counters.

As has been a theme tonight there is also a degree of banter. KLR refusing a test of strength after seeing Grace do push-ups with one arm.


Grace is very effective power-wise but her technique is very good too. She is a little raw but she reminds me of Jeff Cobb, which has to be a good person to be like as he’s such a big star on the US Indies right now. Kay Lee Ray is smooth and calculated and it’s easily the best match on what has already been a solid show. Grace wins with a bearhug, showing how just about any move can get over if it’s done right. Great little match.

Final Rating: ***3/4


Viper vs. Valkyrie


Viper is making her OTT debut. Valkyrie doesn’t even have a Cagematch profile yet, such is her inexperience but she’ll have one soon. She’s an absolute natural.  She even understands the need to make this realistic by working differently to usual. Hit and run offence and being unable to get anywhere on stuff like sunset flips. It’s all so well done too. Sometimes a move doesn’t connect how it’s supposed to and I suddenly remember how inexperienced she it but it’s a rarity. Viper does a good job of carrying her size advantage and she generally does a lot of power stuff and size stuff that I wish Nia Jax could bring to her game. Whether it’s just selling differently or blocking moves or that low crossbody. Valkyrie is such a gutsy wrestler that I can’t help but support her. I’ve not seen her wrestle much but she’s so talented. She doesn’t look out of her depth here at all.


Viper finds herself bleeding from the nose here, which creates a visual of a hurt monster losing her cool a little. I’ve never been a massive Viper fan but when she’s the aggressor against a younger less experienced opponent she’s at her best. Valkyrie killing her role as the underdog. I really enjoy the dynamic and a bloody pissed off Viper flat out murders Valkyrie for the win but she lost nothing in defeat. I love that Valkyrie, in defeat, tries to roll out of the ring and leave it for the winning Viper but gets dragged back in. Great wrestling here.

Final Rating: ***1/2


OTT Women’s Championship

Sammii Jayne (c) vs. Raven Creed


There is a clear heel/face alignment here, which helps set the scene. Jayne the devious heel. Raven the new kid on the block, dreaming the impossible dream. The crowd play a big part here riding Sammii for her blonde hair and Scotland being shit. Raven is from Cork so I feel a real affinity for her. Raven has been wrestling for four years but only made her OTT debut a little under a year ago. Sammii is hugely underrated. You can see why so many promotions have used her as their top women’s talent. It’s not just the presence either. She takes crazy bumps to get over babyface opponents where ever she does. Whether it’s Charlie Morgan in EVE or Raven Creed here. People look better because they’re wrestling Sammii Jayne. The atmosphere here gets better as the match progresses and the crowd respond to the heat strongly. Raven responds in kind by getting all fired up and that inspires the crowd some more. Sammii is just coming off an ankle injury and goes down selling, causing the crowd to chant “break her leg” in support because they know its bullshit. It adds to the drama and I love the following near fall leading right into an anklelock and Raven wins the title! The reaction to Raven winning is amazing! What a pop!



Final Rating: ***3/4



This was a rock solid show by anyone’s standards. It’s nice to be able to praise an all women’s show as good without adding the phrase “for a women’s show”. The standard has risen, especially in Ireland, and the scene is very healthy. It used to be that WWE would gobble up the top talent and the Indies would be a wasteland. The time’s they are a changin’. Watch this for the big title change and the great Grace/KLR match plus it’s a chance to get a look at some of the up and comers in the Irish scene if you’re not familiar.


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